Sometimes, finding the best product for the outdoors can be tough. There are a lot of activities that you can do outside like skate, skateboard, or riding a scooter, so finding products that will help you learn is very important. Here at My 5 Reviews, we are dedicated to helping you find the best product for your adventures into the great outdoors. Our experts review various products and tell you exactly what the pros and cons of each product are. This way, you can be informed and also know exactly what each option features.

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Each of the reviews on our site will tell you what you need to know about the product. Our editors are very experienced in judging whether a product is best for beginners, is durable enough to last for years, or has unique features that make it a worthwhile buy. We only pick from the best of the best, which is why we go very in depth about what each product has to offer and if the product has any shortcomings that you should be aware of.

We also provide info about what kind of surface you can use a skateboard, scooter, or skate on. For us, it's very important to help you be as informed as possible, so expect an exacting level of attention to the smallest details in our reviews. In fact, we'll even give you information on the brands behind some of our reviewed products.

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Today, many people are finding new ways to commute and just get from point A to point B. These new ways include many motorized vehicles that make getting where you're going an easy prospect. One of the top new ways of commuting is using an electric scooter. These scooters are fast, easy to transport, and are far better for the environment than mass transit. Inside, we'll show you some of the best electric scooters available so that you can commute with style when the need arises.