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Longboard vs Skateboard vs Penny board : WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES?

Skateboards have been the go-to outdoor boards for recreational, sporting and fun activities until the longboards and penny boards evolved. Apart from the three, there are also the lesser known skateboards with varying specifications. Some of them are the 6-wheel freeboards; the foldable stow boards; the all-terrain mountain board; the wheel-less snow skates and the […]

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Where to buy a skateboard for beginners?

Skateboards for Beginners:Where to Get Started Skateboarding has become very popular today because of its small carbon footprint, its relative ease, and its inexpensiveness. In fact, many people are using skateboarding as an easy and emission-free way to get to and from work. That being said, it’s also an activity that many people aren’t sure how […]

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How to choose roller skates for beginners?

If you are a beginner to roller skating, you might be confused when purchasing a pair of skates. The big question is, where do you get the information about skates if you are beginning skater? Roller-skating is popular all over the world, but when using the right tools, it’s easy to stand out from the […]

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how to choose ice skates for beginners?

Being an activity practiced as a professional or recreational sport, Ice skating is a fun with a lot of benefits. Although there are many good benefits gained from skating, introducing your beginner or kids to ice skating is fun but also a dangerous because child safety is a main concern. It is however a rewarding […]

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How to control a hoverboard?

Introduction  So finally you have decided to learn how to ride a hoverboard, also are looking for a guide that will guide you to be a successful rider, and am I right? I guess so. Learning hover-boarding is much easier than learning cycling or skating. You just have to pick up a few simple steps to […]

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