SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review

SereneLife inflatable stand up paddleboard is made only for you, you and yourself!  If you are tired seeing wide dimensional boards on the web, and looking for a very personal sized cruise with less weight, stop your searching right now, you are on the right page. This SereneLife board is 10 feet long, 30 inches wide and weighs only 19lbs.  This dimension is perfect for the rider who loves to ride alone and travel frequently to the remote area. check out our best paddleboards reviews.

SereneLife inflatable Comparison Table:

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Technical specification of SereneLife inflatable Cruiser:

Name     Measurement

Length     10 feet

Wide     30 inches

Thickness     6 inches

Weight     19 lbs

Weight capacity     275lbs


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Here is the details review of ScreenLife paddle board, hope you will get how the board can be a great choice for personal paddle-boarding.

Build Quality

Design of SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

a. Building Materials

The complete paddle board is constructed with reinforced engineered PVC materials. These PVC materials make this board water and corrosion resistant, as a result, the board will not be damaged by any normal dropping or hitting.

b. Rigid Construction

Reinforced engineered PVC materials along with 6” firm thickness give this board a solid rigidity. Because of the solid rigidity, the board remains stable and balanced during the riding. The rigid construction especially facilitates the learners and beginners, as they need better stability and balance than skilled riders.

c. Traction Pad

Almost two-third part of the upper panel is covered with a non-slip deck. The deck provides grip to the feet and knees even when it goes wet by the splash. Keeping body balance and solidity while standing on the traction deck, is much easier. If you ride with your puppy the deck will be a good place for it as well.

d. D-ring and Bungee System

The board features total 9 D-rings, where 4-D-rings are mounted along with the bungee cords. Additional 5 D-rings are mounted with two different parts of the cruiser, 4 rings are placed on the edges of traction pad, and the other one is placed beside the air valve.

Under the bungee cord, you can stock your clothes, foods, backpack, water bottle, etc. If you want to tie up a sup seat with your board, use the edges rings. The ring that placed beside air valve is used for ankle leashing. You can be attached to your board all the time by leashing up your ankle with this ring, in case you fall in the water.

e. Fins

Fins ensure better tracking for the riders. The triple bottom panel fin navigation system will help you improve the overall speed, steering, and maneuverability.   Among the three fins, the center fin is detachable. You can easily attach and detach the fin without using any tool. It is easy to attach and detach when the board is fully inflated.

f. Air Valve

The manufacturer used high-quality Halkey-Roberts air valve in this paddle board. The air valve is placed at the tail end of the board. The valve always remains closed except the pumping time.

g. Carrying Handle

SereneLife paddle board features one carrying handle in the middle of the traction pad. The handle is firmly attached to the board. It is used to carry the board only in the inflated condition.


With the personalized body dimension and 275lbs weight capacity, the board provides great performance for the rider. Rigid construction and 3 fins tracking system of this board will ensure both stable and speedy riding for you.  The 30-inches surface of the board is wide enough to do more than just riding, you can do yoga, fishing, and traveling with your pet. The board will give you solid performance in lakes, ocean, ponds or even slow-moving rivers.

performance SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


The durability of the board is perfect considering the price tag.  The solid construction is able to protect the board from usual shocks drops and hitting. Not that out of the blue type quality, still the reinforced engineered PVC will give the rider tension free riding in regular day to day use.

simple of SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Inflating/ Deflating

How to inflate

Inflation of this SereneLife paddle board is very easy. You just have to connect the manual air pump with the air valve and keep pumping. Stop pumping when the board becomes fully inflated.

How to Deflate

Deflation is even easier than inflation. You just need to open the valve and push in a little pin inside it. Wait for the full deflation. Rolling from the nose end helps the board to become fully deflated.

More details here how to use paddleboards?

short and casually shaped SereneLife


a.    Standard single person design.

b.    Superior speed.

c.    Weigh only 19 lbs.

d.    Hassle-Free Setup for Quick Water Fun.

e.    275lbs weight limit which is best for personal riding.


a.    Small bungee cord area.

b.    Not for two persons, especially adults.

Best For

The SereneLife inflatable board is best for very personal riding. The people who are adventurous and love hanging out frequently with friends to the remote areas hillside lakes; this can be a right pick also for them.  As the board is lightweight, you can walk a long distance, while carrying the board on your back.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question-1: Can first timers stand up on this easily?

Answer: Yes, you can. Though at the beginning it might feel a bit wobbly, by the time you will be all right.

Question-2: Are all three fins removable?

Answer: No, only the center fin is removable, other two are fixed.

Question-3: What is the recommended PSI?

Answer: The PSI depends on the person’s weight, you will get the details in the instruction manual.

Extra Gears

Every SereneLife paddle board comes with essential gears that include a paddle, ankle cuff, air pump, backpack, and a repair kit.

The paddle is adjustable; you can adjust the height of it as you need. Even, the paddle is convenient when you ride seating on the board.

SereneLife board comes with a manual air pump. This 2-way pump is decent and allows for faster inflation.

The SereneLife offers an ankle cuff with the board. You can stay attached with the board using this cuff.

To store all of belongings and travel carrying your board the manufacturer provide a convenient storage bag. Other than carrying, the bag keeps all the things arranged inside it.

Final Verdict

Serenelife manufactured this paddle board focusing on the core requirements of a person, who loves paddle-boarding.

Anyone searching for a very custom sized board, this will be a great performer, durable, and lightweight.

This board comes at an affordable price.  So, if you really feel the need of a personal board just get your SereneLife inflatable stand up paddle board today and hit the water. hopefully, you like our SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Review?

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