How to Choose the Best Inline Skates

Inline skating is a very popular way to exercise and with good reason. It burns calories, works on your balance as well as your stamina, and it is a way to enjoy being outdoors. In fact, according to The Inline Skating Resource Center inline skating is nearly as good for your body as jogging. Though running burns more calories, skating produces less impact, which is good for your joints.

It is also fun to race and do tricks on the skates, so you need to find a pair of inline skates that match your skate style. I created this guide to help you find the perfect inline skates. Let's start out by looking at some of the considerations that you will want to make before making a purchase.

  •  Comfortable Frame and Lining

Hard outer shells are becoming less popular, but they do not decrease the comfort level of the skate by much. If you have weak ankles like I do, then I'd recommend getting an inline skate with a hard frame so that you have adequate ankle support.

Admittedly, soft frames are more comfortable, but if you are going to use the skates often, the material can wear faster than a harder frame would. The most important level of comfort that you need to be concerned with is the lining of the skate. If the skate is uncomfortable, they will be difficult to wear for extended periods of time.

  •  Good Ventilation

When your foot is secured in the skate, there may not be a lot of ventilation. This can make your foot get hot and sweaty. Damps skin can cause foot irritation and odor, so make sure that the skate you choose has adequate ventilation. I suggest getting an inline skate with a very breathable lining.

  •  Consider the Wheel Type

The size of the wheels that you want will vary based on the type of skating that you do the most. An aggressive speed skater will want small wheels, while a hockey player will want larger ones that maneuver better. Larger wheels help you maintain your center of gravity easier, so it is the most common option amongst professional skaters.

When it comes to wheels, you also want to consider the durometer or the firmness of it. The durometer depends on whether you are going to be skating indoors or out. Typically, a softer wheel is designed for outdoor use so that the wheels absorb some of the bumps in the pavement. Indoor wheels are harder since the surfaces should be smooth and easy to skate on.

  •  Consider the Type of Closure

Some inline skates close with laces and buckles, while others use several buckles that you will need to adjust when you want to skate. The main reason that you would choose a specific type of closure is that you want to get out on the rink faster, but it also involves how secure the closure is. has a full breakdown of the different closure types that are available.

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