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Longboard vs Skateboard vs Penny board : WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES?

Skateboards have been the go-to outdoor boards for recreational, sporting and fun activities until the longboards and penny boards evolved. Apart from the three, there are also the lesser known skateboards with varying specifications. Some of them are the 6-wheel freeboards; the foldable stow boards; the all-terrain mountain board; the wheel-less snow skates and the […]

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The Best Skateboard Under 50 Dollars

Skateboarding is a great way to get around town, enjoy time at the park, and simply enjoy doing ollies and other tricks, but not everyone wants to spend a lot on a new board, especially if the board is for a beginner. There are a lot of great skateboards on the market that you can purchase without […]

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Top 5 Longboard under 50 Dollars

If you’d sooner ride down the streets of your neighbourhood rather than taking your board to the park to perfect your ollies, you should most likely look into purchasing a longboard. There are quite a few longboard options on the market, which you can see in our longboard guide; however, sometimes you need to find a […]

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