ISLE SUP Review-PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Whether it’s online shopping or offline shopping we set our priority factors when we decide to purchase something. If you already decided to purchase an inflatable paddle board for hanging out with your friends, and looking for a board that maintains less weight without sacrificing the performance and durability, then I will suggest you this isle sup board. The board weighs only 23lbs. which is lighter than the usual paddleboards on the market.  Check out our isle sup review, hope you will find it helpful. More reviews about standup paddleboards.

About ISLE

PEAK Paddle Boards PEAK Inflatable

Surf, Paddle, Explore are the three words that define the mission and vision of ISLE as a water-based sports band. The company has been in business since 2004 and was established and enriched on San Diego, California water.  The company itself adores the nature and love to manufacture surfs and sups for the people who love enjoying the nature floating on the water. Check details Review of ISLE 11′ Airtech inflatable paddle board.

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PEAK Paddle Boards PEAK Inflatable
An elegant, high-quality PEAK Paddle Boards of the price.


  • Made of military-grade durable materials.
  • 300 lbs weight capacity.
  • Available in Various colors.
  • Smooth traction pad.
  • Lighter weight.
  • Comes with a strong and comfortable backpack.


  • This isle sup is made with single layer PVC sheet though it’s okay for this price.
  • The aluminum paddle weighs much more than carbon fiber paddle.
  • Not for speedy riding.
  • Inflating/ Deflating

Technical specifications of Isle sup

Parameter:  Measurement

Length:  10-Feet 6-inches

Width:  31-inches

Thickness:  6 –inches

Weight:  23lbs

Weight capacity: Up to 300 pounds


People love isle sups and surf because of their attractive features. Dig down to the isle sup review to know the features that made this isle sup board among the best.

1. Rock-solid Build Quality

  • Building Materials

The performance of a sup board largely depends on the build quality and the isle never compromised in this section. The manufacturer used the highest quality military grade PVC and drop stitch material to guarantee a stiff and a rigid structure of this isle inflatable sup board.  These premium materials will also safeguard the board when any incidents of dropping, hitting with rock happen.

  • Rigid Construction

This isle i-sup board has more rigidity compared with the usual 4-inches thick boards on the market.  The 6” thickness constructed with military grade PVC gives this board strong rigidity to be balanced and stable on the water. And because of this strength, the board is able to carry up to 300lbs. weight at once.,  300lbs. weight capacity is pretty enough to go with your favorite pet and food for a day-long riding.

  • Traction Pad

Almost two third of the surface panel is covered with a smooth traction pad.  The pad is made of EVA rubber material that provides amazing grip to the feet. The pad is smooth enough to make the rider stable even in soaking condition; it also maintains a great deal of comfort while paddling whether standing or kneeling. This comfy pad will make yoga more enjoyable and your pet also will be safe.

  • D-ring and Bungee System

The isle sup cruiser features total 7 D-rings where 6 rings are mounted on the bungee cord and another additional ring is mounted just beside the air valve. The user can use the bungee cord area for keeping his clothes, foods, and backpack.  Bungee cord area is constructed with rubber ribbon that will fix the user’s belongings with the board strongly.  Additional D-ring is used as a means of safety leashing.   The rider can tie up his ankle with the board using the provided ankle leash.

  • Fins

The isle paddle board features one center fin to increase tracking under certain conditions. The fin is removable and doesn’t require any tools to pop it off or fit it into the board.

  • Air Valve

The tail panel of the board surface holds a high-quality air valve which is used for inflating and deflating the board. The air valve is strong enough to resist any leakage during the ride.

  • Carrying Handle

One of the best things about this isle board is, it has two carry handles, one handle located in the middle of the traction pad and other in the nose end. Both handles are strongly attached to the board exterior.  Both handles have different use middle handle is used to carry the inflated board and nose end handle is used to drag the board. Remember that dragging in water or sand is tolerable, but dragging on a hard exterior may incur damage.

2. Performance

This isle sup paddle board is a mid-sized board with the body dimension of 10’6” x 31” x 6”. With overall shape and dimension, the board gives above average performance across the various water conditions.  With 31’’ width and 6’’ and 300 lbs weight limit the board can carry more than one person at once. This dimension also facilitates extra stability and balance for the riders, so both skilled riders and the beginners can go with this board. But, if you want speedy riding you should rather choose other boards.  The strong balancing of this board allows the rider doing yoga seating on the board. He can also go fishing with this wide surface board.

3. Durability

PVC materials and solid body dimension made this board one of the most durable boards on the market. Dropping on a rock or hitting with the edge of lakes will not incur any dings or damages that normally happen with a solid board. Though the board is among the most durable boards you should be as safe as possible, because the PVC material used on this board is just single layer instead of three layers, which makes the board lighter.

4. How to inflate

Inflating the isle inflatable sup board is very easy.  Adjust the pump with the air valve then keep pumping. Normally it takes 5-7 minutes to inflate the board properly.  The pump that comes with the isle board is adequate but takes few extra minutes to inflate. However, for initial use, the pump is ok later if you get an effective dual-action pump or an electric inflator for yourself the pumping will be much easier.

5. How to deflate

To deflate the cruiser you just have to push in a little pin inside the air valve. Deflation takes no time. Wait until the board fully deflated, once you have done roll on the board and store it inside your backpack.

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6. Best For

The isle sup board is 10’6’’ long, 33’’ wide, 6’’ thick, and covered with comfy traction pad so anyone who is looking for a regular paddle board with upper than above performance and average speed, this peak board can be a great deal for them.

If you are a regular traveler or will have to carry your sup a long distance then it can be a great option for you, the board weigh only 23lbs and comes with a secure backpack.

Also, the board can be a good choice for the riders who care about design and color; it has an attractive design and color combination.

7. Frequently Asked Question

Question-1: Would a 10-12 lbs dog be able to ride on this as well? Is it safe? Answer: Yes, the board is durable enough for a pup to ride along and it’s safe too.

Question-2: Can you use battery inflators?

Answer: Yes you can, the adapter you would need is the Halkey Roberts attachment. Just be sure not to inflate your board over 15 PSI.

Question-3: How do you install the fin?

Answer: It’s very simple; you just unlock the locks and simply pulled out.

8. Extra Gears

The isle paddleboard comes with necessary gears that include Adjustable paddle, an air pump with an integrated pressure gauge, a backpack, a coil leash, and a repair kit.

Adjustable aluminum paddle comes in three separate parts which are flexible to travel with. The paddle’s adjustable height is 65” to 86” which is good enough for the people with any height.

The package includes a decent, though not great pump.

The backpack is awesome. It’s strong and comfortable. The backpack has waist guard that will support you while carrying the bag for a long time. Design of the backpack also looks good.

Isle paddle board also includes a long ankle leash and a repairing kit. The long leash attaches you all the time you are on the board so no worry of getting lost. Repair kit contains basic repair stuffs only.

Final Verdict

Considering the price, performance, build quality, durability, 23lbs weight, and stability this isle paddle board is undoubtedly a treat for the recreational riders and the beginners from the manufacturer.

Throughout this entire isle sup review, we have got just a drawback of this isle sup board. Actually, that is not a drawback at all unless you want to go for speedy riding with your board. Hope your next holiday will be pleasurable with your favorite pet on isle inflatable paddle board. Check Details:

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