Best Skates: Roller-Inline-Fitness-Ice-Aggressive Skating Review

Having glanced through this post, being a first-timer, you might be forced to stop and bug yourself about how complicated skating is. Well, it's not; If you know what works and where!

The exciting experience of Skating

There is nothing like feeling that excitement of learning to Skate for the first time and ride across the ground, feeling like skipping gravity rules. 

When I started getting interested in skating, I remember how I was drawn to watch Skaters in public areas doing their technical tricks and amaze everyone. I have been a big fan of that kind of aggressive sports referred to by the X-Games.

And oh, man! How exciting was watching professional skaters on TV flying through the air and performing the most difficult tricks you could ever see! Since then, I got to buy my first skates and started to practice skating as a hobby.

Skating is an exciting activity to practice, and it worth the effort it takes to learn; and through this article, we will discuss:

● The types of skating to practice

● How to start learning the basics of each type

● Well researched pieces of information (how to choose the best of them, and the best-rated skates on the market.)

So, let’s get this started!

Inline Skating

Inline skating does not represent one type of skating. It is a sport that includes several different activities and a variety of ski sports that differ in performance yet pretty much sharing a similar tool with a slight difference in each type.

Inline Skating can also be referred to as "rollerskating” or "rollerblading" due to the well known leading manufacturer Rollerblade.

Historical brief of Inline Skates

Historically, the first attempts to create inline skates began in 1760; however, the first patent granted for modern in-line skates was in 1953.

After that, developments and renewal continued on the inline skates until it reached the form we are familiar with designed with two to five wheels arranged in one line by a metal or plastic frame on the skates' underside.

Aggressive inline skating

It is the branch of inline skating that focuses on doing complicated tricks and jumping long gaps.

It is the most difficult and dangerous inline skating type to learn, in which skaters can get seriously injured.

Yet despite this fact, and perhaps precisely because of these aspects of danger, Aggressive skating is considered a popular type of inline skating among teens and youth because of the excitement it contains, the attention it draws, and the talents it shows in performing dangerous and difficult tricks.

Choosing the best aggressive inline skates

You can identify Aggressive skates by the gap between their wheels known as “the H-Block,” which is used to perform grind tricks on handrails and sharp surfaces; however, some pieces are used differently from others according to the skating style.

  • Skates wheels

In general, aggressive inline skates should be small (between 54-64mm) to make it easier for you to do stunts well, and its hardness should be (between 86-95A) to enable you to do slides without sticking to the surface.

  • The bearings

Due to the nature of the aggressive skating style, you’ll have to regularly change your bearings to ensure your skates’ better performance.

In this regard, the number of turns the bearings provide to your wheels is measured by an ABEC ratio that measures tolerances with a scale of 1-9. The higher the ABEC, the better your bearings in rolling.

However, more important than the ABEC rating is the quality of the bearings themselves; you should go for reliable bearings manufactured by well-known brands and not just care about their tolerances.

  • Frames

There are different types of frames that you can choose from depending on your style.

  • Anti-rocker is the standard setup for aggressive inline skates; it is designed with two big wheels and another two small grind wheels to increase your control when you perform grinds.
  • The Flat comes with four wheels, equal in size, and provides you with more excellent maneuverability.
  • The Freestyle frame comes with only two wheels to enable you to grind on wider surfaces.

Best-rated aggressive inline skates

#1. Roces M12 UFS, Men's Roller Blades

Majestic 12 aggressive inline skates are recreated models by Roces skates manufacturer, which were released for the first time during the start-up period of Aggressive and street skating in the 1990s.

Many old school skaters have tried and favored this model, proving the model’s capacity to deliver what every skater needs for aggressive skating.

Benefits of having this pair of Roces M12 skates

● The Roces M12 UFS skates enable you to train and practice grinding smoothly, thanks to the two central grind wheels made of 97% recycled PVC.

● The shell and cuff made of high-grade polyurethane provide you with a perfect basis for aggressive skate tricks.

● The aluminum buckle and the aggressive lacing offer you secure and solid stability while skating.

● The removable liner padded with 100% recycled polyurethane gives you a feel of comfort on your feet.

● The skates wheels are durable and offer a long time of use before you need to replace them.

Pros of the pair:

● Excellent quality. 

● Wear parts (wheels and grind plates) are replaceable.

● Comfortable in use, and fits your feet perfectly.

● They are offering good value for the price.

Cons of the pair:

● Most of the complaints are about unfitting sizes and replacing pairs with other larger ones.

#2. Rollerblade NJ Pro Unisex Adult Street Inline Skate

This skate is designed by the well-known brand Rollerblade, founded in 1980, and strongly contributed to promoting the skating sport.

The NJ Pro is specially designed for park and urban skating to provide you with the ultimate experience of aggressive skating.

Benefits of having this pair of rollerblade skates

● NJ Pro skates come with easily removable and replaceable components, offering you the ability to adjust them according to your own needs and style.

● Its UFS compliant blank frame gives you more strength and super lock groove for sweet spots for rails and obstacles.

● Its shock-absorbing liner gives you a more comfortable and flexible experience when performing grinds, jumps, and riding in places that are not prepared for skating.

● The 58mm / 90A wheels with proprietary urethane formula, SG7 bearings & 2x42mm anti-rockers offer you vibration reduction and better shock absorption.

Pros of the pair

● NJ Pro skates come with removable components allowing you to easily adjust and replace them.

● 58mm / 90A hydrogen wheels are made with a proprietary urethane formula to reduce vibration, and SG7 bearings & 2x42mm anti-rockers.

● Its design is distinctive and attractive.

Cons of the pair

● Some users complained about the wheels’ quality and that you may need to replace them in a short time.

● There were also some complaints about size, and that it didn’t fit well.

#3. Rollerblade Unisex – Adult's Nj Team Inline Skates

Rollerblade's NJ Team Skates are specially designed for park and road skating to ensure you a comfortable ride and powerful performance.

Benefits of having this pair of rollerblade Unisex skates

● NJ Team Skates comes with fully removable components (shaft, buckle, grin inserts, and frame), offering you the ability to customize the pair according to your needs.

● Its shock absorber liner, and 2 Anti Rockers 42 mm, provides you with a comfortable experience while using,

Pros of the pair

● comes with a removable (shaft, buckle, grin inserts, and frame).

● You can adjust it easily according to your preferences.

● No complaints about size or quality.

● They are offering good value for the price.

Cons of the pair

● One of the comments mentioned his need to replace the wheels over time, but other than that, there are no negative comments about the product.

Frequently asked questions about aggressive inline skating:

How dangerous is inline skating?

Aggressive inline skating is dangerous; precisely, the wrist is the most part that can be affected when practicing aggressive skating.

In general, most of the injuries are of a muscular and structural nature, including sprains and fractures.

Head injuries are not at the same rate as those injuries, but they are still likely to occur.

How do you start aggressive inline skating?

After learning the basics, 

you can start learning simple tricks like jumping of gaps and skating backward; over time, you can start mixing them and gradually making them more complex. 

The most important element to make sure of here is that your skates provide a good amount of ankle support.

This keeps your foot safe and provides you with a more significant amount of stability and control over your direction and movements while skating.

In this video, you can learn about “10 Tips for beginners” in aggressive skating:

Fitness skating

Away from complicated tricks and large gaps jumping, other people practice skating for the mere reason of maintaining good shape and body fitness, which Is a very effective way to burn calories and reduce wear on bones and tear on joints.

Choosing the best fitness skates

Essentially fitness skates have larger wheels and faster bearings for faster speed and direction control on the ground.

It has no gaps between the wheels, and it often comes in four connected wheels combined by an aluminum or hardened plastic blade.

  • Wheels size

The size of fitness inline skates wheels varies according to the running distance.

You have to use wheels with a large diameter between 90-100mm for long distances as they are offering you more speed with less effort.

For shorter distances, wheels with a smaller diameter between 80-84mm are the best as they give you a greater ability to turn easily and maneuver.

  • Wheels durometer

The hardness or smoothness of the wheels is measured with a scale denoted by the letter A. The higher the A number, the stiffer the wheels are.

The durometer of the wheel mainly affects its lifespan, as well as its impact on speed, the ability to absorb shock, and its grip on the ground.

And generally, 78-85A is best suited for fitness inline skates.

  • The boots

As for Boots, there are two types of them to choose from:

● Either soft-boots

● or hard-boot

And it’s left to your choice according to your preference. A hard-boot gives you more support and control over your skates, while a soft-boot provides you with more comfort and good ventilation.

Best-rated fitness skates

#1. Rollerblade Zetrablade Men's Adult Fitness Inline Skate

Zetrablade skates are an excellent choice for casual skaters. They provide the necessary support for better balance and a more excellent opportunity for increasing skater’s performance efficiency.

Benefits of having this pair of zetrablade Men skates

● Fitness skating gives you the ability to improve body coordination, agility & dynamic balance.

● Practicing your skate rides regularly increases the strength of your postural, abdominal, and back extensor muscles.

● Continuous practicing for skating increases your heart rate and helps your lungs function better.

● You can achieve weight loss and burn your calories when skating at 10mph or faster.

Pros of the pair

● You can upgrade the wheels to higher-performance wheels.

● The design is good.

● Suitable for casual skiers and beginners.

Cons of the pair

● Most complaints are about the wheels’ quality and replacing them within a short time.

● There are also complaints about the buckle made of thin plastic that can be easily damaged.

#2. Rollerblade Zetrablade Women's Adult Fitness Inline Skate

Zetrablade skates for women designed for casual and novice skaters. They provide the necessary support for better balance and greater opportunity to increase skating performance efficiency.

Benefits of having this pair of rollerblade zetrablade women skates

● Fitness skating gives you the ability to improve body coordination, agility & dynamic balance.

● Practicing your skate rides regularly, Increases the Strength of your postural, abdominal, and back extensor muscles.

● Continuous practicing for skating increases your heart rate and helps your lungs function better.

● You can achieve weight loss and burn your calories when skating at 10mph or faster.

Pros of the pair

● You can upgrade wheels to higher-performance wheels.

● The design is good.

● Suitable for casual skiers and beginners.

Cons of the pair

● Most of the complaints are about the size; you may have to replace your pairs with a bigger or even smaller size.

● Some users complained about the belt and that it is made of thin plastic.

#3. Bladerunner by Rollerblade Phoenix Boys Adjustable Fitness Inline Skate

Bladerunner by Rollerblade is specially designed for boys with the ability to adjust to four additional sizes. Its lightweight design makes it suitable for use by children, and its lining provides effective cushioning.

Benefits of having this pair of bladerunner skates

● Phoenix skate gives you four expandable sizes to accommodate growing kid's feet of this age.

● It provides your kid with the perfect support to promote stability and balance on the ground.

● The pair lining is well padded to give your kid a comfortable and fun skating experience.

● Its speed is adequate, neither too slow nor too fast, to facilitate balance, turning, and control for beginners.

Pros of the pair

● The capability of adjusting the skates to fit 4 kids sizes is a huge advantage for the pair.

● Reasonable price.

Cons of the pair

● Although the size is adjustable, most complaints are about the pair’s standard size that it comes smaller than expected.

● Fewer complaints were about the pair quality that it should have been more durable.

Frequently asked questions about Fitness skating:

Can you lose weight by inline skating?

It has been proven that skating regularly at 10mph is equivalent to burning 6 calories per minute (360cal per hour).

Not only that, but it also converts fat into muscles, and the faster you can skate depending on your body muscles, the greater your burning rate will be. Isn’t that amazing and rewarding!

Will rollerblading tone my stomach?

Initially, to get stomach abs, you must burn away the layers of fats on it, which can be done faster through constantly rollerblading. Still, you’ll need to practice exercises like bicycle sit-ups, sit-ups, and crunches in particular.

Does rollerblading make your legs bigger?

Indeed, you can get strong good shape leg muscles through skating, especially when practicing skating up against hills, but this is only for decent strong good looking fit legs; if you are looking for muscle mass, you’ll need to practice weight lifting.

learning inline skating

Although inline skating includes multiple activities, the basics are the same in all of them.

When you start learning to skate for the first time, you may think that balancing on the blades is the most challenging part of the process.

While in fact, just standing on the blades isn't that hard because they are long enough to give you stability on the ground and preventing you from falling on your back;

instead, taking your first steps is what might be challenging as you’ll need to use a different technique to move than the one you used to in normal walking.

In this video, you can learn how to start inline skating as a beginner :

Roller Skating

The second primary type of skating, after inline skating, is roller skating, which uses four-wheeled skates arranged horizontally in a quad style where every two wheels are next to the other.

Roller skating has an extended history, and it is branching out into three different sports: roller hockey, jam skating, and roller derby.

Historical brief roller Skating

Throughout history, the use of roller skates varied between recreational activity and sport.

It started as a hobby spread widely between the mid-thirties and early sixties of the last century, where it was the first time people became acquainted with roller skating and began to practice it as a hobby.

It became so popular that roller skates were a candidate to be adopted as official alternative transportation to save fuel during the Second World War.

The second period where roller skating popularity exploded was in the 1970s when polyurethane wheels were manufactured for the first time, and disco music-oriented roller rinks were created, which was a peak period for rolling skating popularity.

Eventually, roller skating has gone from being a mere hobby to a competitive sport that includes roller hockey, jam skating, and roller derby.

  • Roller hockey

Roller hockey is played on a dry surface using Roller skates and a ball instead of the puck. Generally, it can be played with inline or quad skates; however, the two precise types played with quad skates are the traditional "Roller hockey” and "Skater hockey.”

Most professional roller hockey games occur in open or closed sports courts on dry surfaces of either plastic interlocking tiles or asphalt, and generally, roller hockey is an international game played in nearly 60 countries around the world.

  • Jam skating

Jam skating is essentially the traditional roller disco, influenced by breakdancing, artistic skating, gymnastics, and modern dance. It had reached its peak in the early 1990s and is still going well among the skaters' community. 

It Is considered as a distinct freestyle form of skating that combines dancing, gymnastics, and roller skating together in one activity. It can also be referred to by toe-dancing, spot-skating, shuffle skating, and many other different names.

  • Roller derby

It is a team game played by two teams. Each team is built up of five members. Each team has to overlap the opposing team by hindering the opposing jammer while simultaneously assisting their own jammer through offense and defense.

Learning roller skating

In this video, you can learn about 4 tips you can use as a beginner roller skater.

Choosing the best roller quad skates

There are two types of quad skates to choose from; you have the high top skates distinguished by their classic look and preferred by artistic skaters and rhythm skaters to add better stability when using. And you have the speed skates, which offer more maneuverability for movement in the ankle area, making them more suitable for jam skating and roller derby styles.

And generally, each skate’s specifications differ according to the use for which it’s intended.

  • Skate wheels

As a first-time buyer, you need to pay attention to the wheel hardness durometer scale, which goes from 0-100A. The higher the number, the harder the wheels.

On the higher end of the scale, harder wheels provide a longer lifespan, they are less shock-absorbent and may not be suitable for long-distance rides.

While on the other end of the scale, softer wheels may not have the same extended lifespan; however, they provide better grip and shock absorption, therefore more comfortable in long trips and transportation.

  • Boots hardness

The hardness of roller skate boots is varying. You have the hard-boots best suited for fitness and longer rides as they provide the necessary support and stability for such uses.

And you also have soft-boots that are best suited for dancing and disco uses as they weigh less and better ventilated. So you’ll have to determine the suitable pairs for you based on your usage.

  • Skate size

Most buyers face size problems when buying their skates online; therefore, it is highly recommended that you read customer reviews and see how the size runs with other users before buying yours.

Best-rated roller skates:

#1. Chicago Women's Classic Roller Skates

Chicago Skates was founded in 1905 by Ware Brothers to be the leading brand in the skating industry for over a hundred years.

This high-top model comes with an attractive design and an excellent value for its price.

Benefits of having this pair of chicago skates

● The rollers offer you a large front brake suitable for quick starts and sudden stops.

● Its athletic design is attractive and provides you with a comfortable experience while riding.

● Its 60mm large wheels have double adjustable chassis and trucks to adjust them according to your use.

Pros of the pair:

● Good quality

● Attractive design

● Comfortable in use.

● They are offering good value for the price.

Cons of the pair:

● Most complaints are about sizing that it runs large.

● Few complaints about the wheels; They are not the best, and you may need to replace them for a better skating experience.

● Fewer complaints about the toe stop that it had fallen off.

#2. Chicago Men's Classic Roller Skates

Chicago Skates was founded in 1905 by Ware Brothers to be the leading brand in the skating industry for over a hundred years.

This Rink Skate model comes with a controlled high top and high-quality laces for optimum safety. it offers you a comfortable and secure skating experience. It is suitable for gliding, all-around rink, and social skating.

Benefits of having this pair of chicago men's skates

● The model is suitable for gliding, all-around rink, and social skating.

● It provides you with a comfortable and secure skating experience through its controlled high top and well-made laces.

● The high top profile boot provides you with the required ankle support while skating. 

● The pair is suitable for indoor and outdoor skating because of its aluminum base plate and adjustable truck, making it easy to control.

Pros of the pair:

● Well designed & constructed.

● They are offering good value for the price.

● Almost No complaints about the size.

Cons of the pair:

● Wheels and bearings are expected to be replaced for higher quality.

#3. Roller Derby Str Seven

The STR Seven was designed by Roller Derby Skates for beginners and those willing to return to skating after a long hiatus to help them enjoy the practice of this sport and live its excitement.

This model is made for use in the roller rinks or outside on paved sidewalks and trails.

Benefits of having this pair of roller derby skates

● This pair can help you improve your balance and lift your fitness while having fun.

● Its low top design gives you the ability to perform movements better.

● Offers you a comfortable experience thanks to its Synthetic Faux-leather and Quick-dry comfort lining.

● Its reinforced nylon plate with metal trucks give you the ability to turn and maneuver with ease.

Pros of the pair:

● Offers good value for the price.

● Attractive design.

● Lightweight.

● Almost no complaints about the size.

Cons of the pair:

● Few complaints about Wheels and bearings are expected to be replaced for higher quality.

Frequently asked questions about roller skating:

How healthy is roller skating?

Roller-skating is considered as a great cardio-strengthening and muscle-strengthening exercise.

It improves joints condition and burns calories, as you can burn approximately 600 calories per hour of riding.

Is roller-skating bad for your knees?

Compared to other sports such as jogging and running, roller skating is less harmful to joint pain, and so is an excellent alternative for those who want to exercise while having chronic joint pain.

How long does it take to learn roller skating?

The learning period may vary from person to person. Still, in general, 20 hours of skating is sufficient to acclimate to your skates, as you can divide it into several rides you practice within a week or two.

Ice Skating

You might think that Ice Skating is similar to inline skating, but from my personal experience for both of them, I assure you that it is an entirely different experience!

When you are on ice for the first time, you will discover how little friction is between you and the icy surface, as if you are floating on it. It’s an entirely different experience, and you have to give it a try.

Historical brief ice skating

Ice skating has a long history. Some studies indicate that it extends over 4,000 years, as it is believed that it was initially used as a means of travel during long winter trips across the icy lands.

It is also believed that the first organized ski club was established in the eighteenth century.

In the beginning, skiing was restricted to members of the upper classes of society, and by the middle of the nineteenth century, it was considered a popular aristocratic sport, and its practice was an expression of sophistication and luxury.

By 1879, the first National Skating Association had been established, consisting of landowners and high-ranking officials in the society.

Since then, professional championships began to be organized periodically, and skiing became an officially recognized sport.

Types of Ice skating

Like other sorts of skating, ice skating has its own types too, including;

  • Figure skating

Figure skating It is the type that is performed individually, in pairs, or in groups, including ice dancing, freestyle, and team skating, and It was included for the first time within the Olympic Games in 1908.

  • Speed skating

Speed skating is based on speed and racing, where competitors race for specific distances on a short or long track, and It is one of the Olympic Games that are contested every four years.

  • Ice hockey

Ice hockey is a team sport usually played on a rink, and two teams of skaters compete to score as many goals as possible using sticks to shoot a vulcanized rubber puck into their opponent's net.

Learning ice skating

As with any other sport, learning ice skating takes time to learn, you will need to practice a few times a week until you can skate around easily. But in general, specialists estimate a maximum of two months to pass the first stages of training and begin to adapt to skiing well.

In this video, you can have hints about ice skating basics and how to start learning to ski:

Choosing the best Ice skates

Ice skates are manufactured in different types depending on the use of each of them, and as a beginner, you should go for the ones that offer you stability and support for your foot.

Hockey skates and Hybrid ice skates are the two best picks for beginners because of their good foot support and the ability to control them more easily.

Whereas if you have a good background in skating and want to do jumps, spins, and other serious tricks, you might go with figure skates, which are best suited for this type of skating.

  • Skates size

One of the most important aspects that affect your skating performance is the size of your skates.

A slight loosening in one of your feet will make you feel uncomfortable while skating and will make it difficult to exercise.

Therefore, it is so important to ensure that your skates fit your feet’ size to have a comfortable and safe skating experience.

Most buyers face size problems when buying their skates online; therefore, it is highly recommended that you read customer reviews and see how the size runs with other users before buying yours.

If you can try out the skates before buying them, make sure to loosen the laces so you can easily slip your foot in the boot and press your toes as far forward as you can to ensure the size fits you well.

  • Skates flexibility

The skates should give you a degree of flexibility so that you can skate comfortably. When trying out your skates, wear the pair and stand on your feet while bending your knees to make sure you can do so easily without being hampered by the skates.

  • Skates quality

Check the skates' solidity to ensure they offer you the necessary support to your ankles and are of the required quality.

Best-rated ice skates

#1. American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate

The Force 2.0 model was designed by American Athletic to provide strength and agility to skaters, this particular model is made of nylon to be the lightest weight in its class, and it is a perfect choice for beginner and intermediate skaters.

Benefits of having this pair of american ice force skates

The pair inner liner is made of breathable padding offering you a comfortable experience while using them.

The stainless steel blades enhance your speed and your flexibility while skating.

Its copper rivets provide you with perfect heel support.

The pair is perfect for practicing pond hockey and general indoor and outdoor skating.

Pros of the pair

● Offering good value for the price.

● Good quality.

Cons of the pair

● Complains about the size.

● Was not comfortable for some users.

#2. 5th Element Stealth Ice Hockey Skates

5th Element skates are designed for playing in leagues and general outdoor skates. It’s a perfect choice for beginners and intermediate skaters.

Benefits of having this pair of 5th element skates

The boot comes with built-in heel support and provides you with the needed ankle support.

The moisture-resistant liner offering you foot comfort while skating, and the reinforced outsole provides you with stability on Ice.

The pair is perfect for you to start practicing Ice skating as a beginner.

Pros of the pair

● Size is fitting as expected.

● Offering good value for the price.

● Good quality.

Cons of the pair

● Was not comfortable for some users.

#3. Jackson Ultima Finesse Women/Girls Figure Skate

Jackson Ultima is a specialized company in figure skate boots, blades, and complete skates. It was founded in 1966 by brothers Don and Bill Jackson as a family business and continued making skates to our recent time.

Benefits of having this pair of jackson ultima skates

The boots are lightweight and perfectly match the figure skating style.

The pair enhances Heat Moldability through its advanced microfibers.

 The Ultima blades enable you to be confident in your style and deliver a quality performance.

Pros of the pair

●  Size is fitting as expected for most users.

●  Comfortable in use.

●  Comes with instructions to ensure your foot’s correct size (to get half a size smaller than US Woman shoe size. If you have a wide foot, get the same as your US Woman shoe size).

Cons of the pair

●  Complaints about laces have been bent out too wide.

●  Complaints that the hooks were faulty.

Frequently asked questions about ice skating:

Is ice skating hard?

Well, everything is difficult at first, yet with continuous training, it gradually becomes easier. Most people who ask this question are afraid of slipping on the ground and not being able to stand on the skis properly; to be honest with you, it will not be easy unless you go through it and pass it yourself.

How dangerous is ice skating?

The Ice skating main dangers are slipping and falling on the ice and consequent injuries, such as fractures and sprains.

Can you teach yourself to ice skate?

Yes, you can teach yourself to ski; you can also do this at any age. You can begin by renting your own skis and start to teach yourself in any public rink.

Skate safely

In conclusion, skating is one of the most joyful and popular sports around the world. Whether on land or ice, Skaters can practice their hobby wherever and however they like, thanks to the many types of skating existing, yet the most essential thing with it is to stay safe and learn how to enjoy your time as safely as possible:

  • Make sure to wear your safety gear as long as you are skating.
  • Find places that are suitable or specially designed for the purpose of skating.
  • And if you are still new to the sport, don't get impulsive and slow down until you reach the point where you can skate safely.

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