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Having glanced through this post, being a first timer, you might be forced to stop and bug yourself about how complicated skating is. Well, it's not ; If you know what works and where. In this article, I have provided comprehensive content on the three major Best skates - Roller skates, inline skates and ice skates, which include guides on how to get the best of them, use them, as well as reviews on the best Skates products on Amazon.

Inline Skating

Inline skating is a game that continues to enjoy worldwide patronage. It is a fairly new form of skating that is primarily carried out with inline roller skates. They have 2 to 5 roller blades assembled in a straight line, under a boot. Interesting, right?

inline skates

Inline skating is conducted on streets, skate parks, off-roads, urban areas and specially prepared lanes. Inline skating differs from other forms of skating because you can achieve greater speed and manoeuvrability. more information in wiki

Ice Skating

Ice skating is the movement of an individual on ice with the aid of ice skates. Ice skating can be carried out for a number of reasons including exercising, for leisure, in moving from one place to another, as well as for competitive sports. Ice skating is usually conducted on built up ice lands, which could be both indoor as well as outdoor.

ice skates

The earliest accounts of Ice skating took place in Southern Finland, as recently as 3,000 years ago. check more in wiki.

Roller Skating

Roller skating is one of the older versions of the skating world. Its practice has inspired activity in the other kinds of skating in the world today. Roller skating is travelling on ice surfaces with the aid of roller skates.

Roller skating gained prominence in The United states of America, between 1935 and 1960. Another period was in the 1970s, with roller skating staging a comeback in the 1990s. I can state the following important timelines for roller-skating: source Wiki

Roller skates

• 1743: The first time roller skating was first used to entertain in a London stage performance

• 1760: This is the year that the first roller skate invention was formally documented. The feat was credited to John Joseph Merlin.

• 1818: Roller skating took place during a ballet performance in France

• 1819: The year that a patent was issued to an inventor/designer, M. Petitbled of France.

Figure Skating

Figure Skating bears its origins from times in the pre-historic past. Recorded accounts have it that Figure skating has been around from 3000 BC. Improvements to the skates and sports by the Dutch and it became an international sporting event in 1891, at the European Championships in Germany.

Figure skating was given a big boost by a Swede, Ulrich Salchow. Not only did he win the World Championships several times, he created the design for serrated edges in the skates. This feature enabled skaters to produce enough traction in the ice, to launch long jumps. more details here.


Skating is becoming increasingly a game that individuals enjoy, whether for leisure or for formal pursuits like skating at the Olympics. Whatever purpose you intend to put your skates to, I strongly recommend that you get the basic training involved in the proper use of skates.

Consider also the skates themselves and do as I would: ask questions. These questions include inquiries about the surface you intend to skate on, the types of blades used in the production of the blades, the wheel size and hardness/softness, as well as other important factors.

Skating also involves staying for a long period on your feet. I will recommend that you go for comfortable shoes. The rule of thumb in this article above is that you must be comfortable in whatever skates you decide to use. Your toes must have ample room to wriggle completely the boots must be firm enough to support your ankles.

I insist that you are not a complete skater until you have worn the correct protective gear. Such gear includes helmets, knee pads/protector, elbow joint protection as well as other protective gear.

In order to enhance you skating experience, I would suggest that you join associations, clubs and online forums. This will serve to give you access to relevant skating tips and methods, product reviews and endorsements, teaching classes and workshops as well as other relevant matters as pertains to Skating.

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