Types of Hoverboards-What Are Different Kinds Of Hoverboards?

As a means to get around, hoverboards are some of the best devices everywhere; you can use them to commute, get around town, or just for a bit of exploring. But did you know that there are multiple types?

When on the market for a new device, you'll have the choice between all-terrain, standard, Segway scooter-style, skateboard-style, or even hovershoes. In our guide, we're going to show you five of the best of each type so that you know what's available on the market.

Hoverboard Types- All Different of hoverboard

Before we get into products, we need to understand a little about all types of hoverboards. Here are the five varieties that we'll be looking at:

# Medium-Wheel Hoverboards

This is probably the type that you're most familiar with since you find these everywhere. The medium-wheel hoverboard is designed for quick travel and will get you where you're going – barring If you're going to be going over rough terrain.

 These have extra features like music playback, Bluetooth, and even follow modes. They can power along at a reasonably fast speed and even work well on inclines.

Hover-1 product is designed for fast riding; it has a max speed of seven miles per hour, and it'll maintain that for several miles over even terrain. It's also capable of managing large adults; its maximum capacity is 265 pounds. 

Overall, this Hover-1 product has a maximum range of about 8.4 miles, which means that this is a beneficial product for those looking for an alternative, COVID-free means of avoiding mass transit during commutes.

As you ride to and fro, this product can also broadcast music via its onboard speakers. Because these speakers use Bluetooth, you can pipe tracks directly from your smartphone so that you can listen while you ride. 

While connected via Bluetooth, you can also monitor things like the board's battery life, your current speed, your effort vs. the motor, and you can even use plan specific routes so that you get where you're going more efficiently.

The board understands that not everyone is a top-tier rider right from the start; it has three learning modes that include beginner, intermediate, and expert selections that change up the level of self-balancing for your ride.

During your trip, you can use GPS to determine where you're going, and there's also trip recording so that you know where you've traveled over specific periods.

Not every trip is made during the daylight, which is why you'll need illumination when traveling through darker areas or at night. The Titan feature onboard LED lights that will light your way as you ride.

These are positioned throughout the body of the hoverboard so that pedestrians, other riders, and cars will know where you are when coming or going.

Pros Of Hover-1 Titan Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter

  • The board rides very smoothly.
  • It comes in four different color options.
  • There are multiple app features and Bluetooth connectivity.

Cons Of Hover-1 Titan Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard Scooter

  • The body of the hoverboard feels flimsy.
  • The paint chips very quickly.

Broad-Wheel Hoverboards (All-Terrain)

All-terrain models aren't designed necessarily for commutes unless you're going to be going over gravel or loose soil on your way to work. These have some of the features of standard models like music playback, but you'll notice that the wheels are at least 10 inches in width, and they also have more grooves that enable them to go over uneven terrain. Check out how to control hoverboard?

This model of hoverboard has all the features you need for off-road riding. First, it has wide-set wheels that help you maintain a grip on whatever surface you're traveling over.

This is critical for the stability of your ride. Second, the wheels themselves have deep grooves that help them dig into soft soil and channel dirt outwards. This also allows the tires to grip more confidently.

At max speed, these go about five miles per hour, which is a decent speed for even standard variations of the hoverboard. Each wheel is also covered by a tire guard so that you aren't splashed by dirt or water as you use the hoverboard.


Speaking of which, this board even doesn't falter when the environment is a little wet; it has an IP54 certification, which not only protects the board from dust and debris, but also from the excess moisture that might occur when you barrel through a puddle.

This Gyroor product is also app-supported. You use the downloadable app to control the speed, the LED headlights, or enable or disable the self-balancing mode. In total, the board will allow you to travel for about nine miles on a single charge, which is more than enough for most modern-day commutes.

Pros Of Gyroor Hoverboard Off Road All Terrain Warrior Hoverboards

  • The board has a rigid aluminum body.
  • It's relatively lightweight.
  • It's dust and waterproof.

Cons Of Gyroor Hoverboard Off Road All Terrain Warrior Hoverboards

  • It's not the fastest board with a top speed of about five miles per hour.
  • It only has a two- to three-hour battery life.

# Small-Wheel Hoverboards

Segway is one of the pioneers in mobility technology, and most of their products fall into this category. While they have standard hoverboards in their catalog of products, you'll find that they also have multiple models that mimic the design of their original product.

This means that they have a single, central mid-shaft and two wheels. These are great for helping you maintain balance, and they also feel very sturdy to ride.

While this board is one of the more expensive options for hoverboarders, it's also a device that has some of the best overall features. First, this beast of a machine will travel for up to 22 miles on a single charge, and it will do this at a speedy clip of 12.5 miles per hour.

Segway Ninebot S-Plus makes this one of the best commuter hoverboards. Charging takes a few hours, and it's straightforward to charge it up while you work so that you can have a full 22 miles of travel time ready for you by the end of the workday.

One of the more convenient features is the auto-follow mode. With this mode, you can simply walk, and the Segway will follow you. This is useful when you're with others and don't want to carry the admittedly heavy machine around with you. Don't want it to just follow you? You can also use the app to remote control the S-Plus as you walk.

Control is straightforward with the S-Plus; you can lean in the direction that you want to go, and the central shaft, which is called a kneebar, can be used for tighter turns and corners. The wheels also provide a very smooth ride; they have an excellent design for paved surfaces, and they can be used in some rougher terrain environments.

Pros Of Segway Ninebot S-Plus

  • The adjustable knee bar makes control simple.
  • The wheels are pneumatic and provide a smooth ride on most surfaces.
  • The app has extensive features.

Cons Of Segway Ninebot S-Plus

  • This is a fairly expensive product.
  • The kneebar can sometimes get in the way.

# One-Wheel Hoverboards

This type of hoverboard is a bit rarer than the other types, but they work well for riders that are used to riding along on a skateboard or snowboard.

Unlike other types of hoverboards, these have a central wheel along the center of the device, and they can be easier to maneuver. When you need to turn, it's relatively easy to shift your weight and turn, and you can lean forward to stop on a dime.

For generations, skateboards have been a trendy alternative to mass transit, and now, an increasing number of hoverboards are starting to take some design lessons from these non-motorized conveyances.

The Surfwheel controls much like a skateboard but only has a single wheel that's set in the middle of the board. Controlling the device is similar to snowboarding since you won't need your leg as a means to propel the board. This is very convenient, and you lean in whatever direction you want to control the board.

For speed, this is also a device that's very respectable; at its maximum, it'll help you travel at about 12 miles per hour. The maximum weight capacity of the board is about 220 pounds, but the manufacturer states that the best weight for a rider is about 180 pounds or less.

Unlike some of the other products in this guide, this is a board that's strictly for paved roads; it's a single wheel isn't really designed for loose dirt or gravel. Still, the treads and wide-set design of this central wheel will deliver a smoother ride for those traveling around the city and through town.

Pros Of HX Edition One-Wheeled

  • This board is easy to control.
  • The top surface is rough so that it's easier to grip.
  • There is LED lighting throughout the body of the board.

Cons Of HX Edition One-Wheeled

  • You're limited to paved road-riding.
  • This isn't really a board for larger riders.

# Individual Foot Hoverboards (Hovershoes)

Despite how the name might sound, hovershoes aren't worn like actual shoes. Instead, you rest your foot atop of their curved top surfaces and use each foot to steer and stop when needed.

Since each foot has its own wheel/balancing system, it's elementary to do some awe-inspiring tricks with these hover devices. In fact, using these almost feels like using motorized skates.

One of the best features of hovershoes is their speed; despite working similarly to standard skates, these per-foot hoverboards will deliver speeds more than seven miles per hour.

These Segway skates are also solid. Each skate can accommodate riders that weigh up to 220 pounds. This is very impressive, considering that each only weighs about seven pounds.

Like most hoverboard products, each skate is equipped with self-balancing technology, so beginners and experts alike will have a comfortable, stumble-free ride. The top ends of the skates are also curved and fit the foot so that it's tough to become accidentally dislodged during a ride.

You'll be able to ride these for about 45 mines at a time, which is perfect for most commuters. You'll be able to ride through puddles since these are rated IP54 for their resistance to dust and moisture. These also have RGB lighting throughout the body of the Ninebot Drifts so that you're always visible, even under darker conditions.

Pros Of Segway Ninebot Drift W1

  • These are very trick-friendly.
  • At a top speed of 7.5 mph, these are useful for a commute.
  • You can store these in a bag.

Cons Of Segway Ninebot Drift W1

  • There's no Bluetooth speaker.
  • It's easy to misplace them since they are so small.

Final Thoughts

All types of hoverboards will provide hours of fun and will also add convenience to your daily life. We hope that the products we featured here will help you find the type of hoverboard that's best for your individual needs. Each works well in a variety of circumstances and has a good mixture of both range and speed. check different sizes boards here.

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