Best Hockey Skates for the Money [2023 Guides & Reviews]

When you are looking at hockey skates to accompany you on the ice when you play, there are going to be a myriad of options that are available for you to consider. In this guide, which is designed to help you find the best hockey skates, we will take a look at seven different products, and help you find the best option for your skating needs. check out ice skate this article.

Benefits of Buying Hockey Skates

What are the benefits of purchasing hockey skates for your game? There are quite a few benefits that you are going to get from having this type of skate, some of the most noticeable ones include:

  • How well the skate fits your foot – When you first invest in a new skate, you are going to want to look for a version that is designed to fit your foot without hurting it. This will give you the leeway that you need when in the toe area of the boot. Most of the boots that are designed for skating on the ice are going to rub your foot less, which means that they will be more comfortable for you in the long run.
  • Easier to maneuver – Moving in hockey skates tends to be easier than moving in other skates, which means that you will need to move more while you are on the ice. Typically, hockey skates run smaller than shoes, so it makes sense that they will need to be easier to manage when you are wearing them.
  • Give your foot more protection – Many of the hockey skates that you will encounter are going to have padding that is designed for your protection. This is a great option that can be considered for anyone who hits their foot with the puck, the hockey stick, or anything else.

When to Buy New Hockey Skates

When you are ready to purchase new hockey equipment, you will need to check your skate to see if it fits you well. One of the reasons that you may need to get a new hockey skate is that they that are snug on your feet.

If you are a smaller individual whose feet have not stopped growing, it may be time for you to get larger skates that will fit you better. This could be because of the size of your feet, or it could be the arches or the wide of your feet have changed.

hockey skates contractions

There are all kinds of test that you can take advantage of when you need to find a good fit.

For individuals who are new to their ice skates, the fit of the skate will determine all that you need to know before you get new skates. Stiff skates will give you a lot of restriction in the motion when you skate.

Restricting your motions when you are playing hockey will limit your natural ankle support that you are learning to develop. When you try on your new skates, you are going to want to have a pair of socks with you that you would typically wear to play hockey.

5 Things hockey players should know about skates before buying!

The socks that you are wearing when you try the skates on will change the way that the skate fits your foot.

Best Hockey Skates

1) Botas – Draft 281 – Men’s Ice Hockey Skates

The first product that we are going to look at is from a company called Botas. They have been creating hockey sports foot ware for more than 60 years, and each one is designed with a classic Czech Design that is both durable and offers a sense of nostalgia to wearers.

This set of skates is designed as a draft model that is going to work well for any male player. The base of the skate is black with both silver and gold decorations, and they lace up with silver laces that are designed to look attractive. It is available from a child size 1 to an adult size 14, so no matter what size your feet are, you will be able to find your specific size needs.

When you look at the size of the skate, you are going to find that it is ideally ergonomic. The Outside is designed to help protect your feet from the elements, while the top of the skate and the heel are made out of a carbon resilient material that is going to be comfortable and easy to use. There is even a plastic toe that is used to protect you from impact. Ankle padding is available in two different options; each one will provide a different level of stiffness and resistance as you wear it.

There is no warrant with this pair of skates, but it is a durable option that most adults and kids will enjoy. There is a warranty on the ultra steel blades that you will find on the products, but they are only limited warranty, so if you are looking for full coverage, these skates may not be right for you to consider.

When it comes to the quality of these skates, many guests give the skates four out of five stars. The skates from this company are typically designed to have larger sizes, which fits most with comfort and satisfaction.

2) American Ice Force 2.0 Hockey Skate

The next hockey skates that we are going to look at come from the American Athletic Conference. Originating in 1939, it is an indoor and outdoor skating option that is designed for hockey. Also, this is an option that is designed for beginners and intermediate skaters.

This skate is available in adult-sized five through 13, which makes it easy to find the right size for your needs. In all, the skates weigh about six pounds, it has a lightweight injection molding that will make it more comfortable for you to wear. It has copper rivets to give you additional heel support, and the liner is designed to give you more of a customized feel.

The padding inside of the skates is designed to give you all of the comfort that you need to make it on the ice. It supports your ankles and adds even more support when it comes to the stainless steel blade. If you need an even more customized fit, the lining is designed with injection molding that will offer the support that you need as a beginner.

The design of the skates is ideal, especially if you are looking for something with a sleek aesthetic. In all, the skates get a four out of a five-star rating, they fit well, and they are in line with most US shoe sizes that you will find on the market, which makes them easy to decide which size you will need.

3) Jackson Ultima Softec Sport Ice Skates for Men

The next set of skates is designed for a company called Jackson Ultima, which has been creating innovative hockey equipment since 1962. The focus for the company is lightweight, easy to perform in skates that have all of the technology that you look for on the ice.

This is a skate that comes in youth to adult sizes that measures up to a size 13. It also comes in a blue color that is more ideal for girls and female skaters who wear up to a size 10 in skates. These skates are designed to be less weighty than most, so it only makes sense that they weigh less than six pounds when they are on your feet.

The padding inside of the skates is foam, which will make it even more comfortable on the ice. The blade is a stainless steel model that will not only keep the skate weighing less; it will ensure that it comes with more mobility and the ability to skate with ease on ice.

When it comes to warranty for theses skates, there is not a full coverage option that you are going to need to consider. It comes with a limited warranty option that you are going to love.

In general, these skates start with a star rating of about four 1/2 stars out of five. It starts with a true fit that is not able to be adjusted for wider feet. They are somewhat comfortable for a beginner to try out, especially if you have additional padding.

4) Bladerunner Ice by Rollerblade Zephyr Women’s Adult Ice Skates

The next model that we are going to look at is the Bladerunner Ice. The company has been creating wheeled as well as bladed models for you to consider for their entire time on the market. They use innovative creations to give you the design that is going to fit your feet the best.

When it comes to the look of the skate, it has comfort in mind whether you are looking for new innovative designs that work well for beginners as well as more skilled skaters. In all, the fit is designed to be support to your feet and give you the ability to move with ease on the ice.

The padding on the lining is designed to give you all of the flexibility that you need when you are skating, and there is even the lateral support that you are going to need when you are in skating position. Also, the Thinsulate is designed to give you the extra warmth that you need

The closure is snug, and the lightweight form factor of the skate is going to be all that you need to keep your balance on the ice. This will also help you to keep your feet warm, while you are skating as well.

When it comes to a star rating, these skates get a four out of five. The skates are comfortable to wear, and they offer a lot of support as you are skating on the ice.

5) American Athletic Shoe Senior Cougar Soft Boot Hockey Skates

American Athletic Shoe is well-known for its commitment to quality skates for both figure skating and other sports like ice hockey. In fact, they pride themselves on crafting footwear that matches just about every interest. These distinctly ice hockey-style skates are a great example of their commitment to quality footwear.

These skates are designed to be standard shoe-sized, so if you’re not sure how the skate sizing works, these are a great pair to consider. They also have a soft boot design, which is great for flexibility on the ice. Despite their flex, they are very durable, and they are designed to keep the feet warm, even when you’re skating in unusually cold rinks. This is done via thick foam padding that also protects the feet from injury.

Altogether, these are also lightweight skates; they weigh about three pounds each, so speeding along on the ice shouldn’t be too fatiguing. Ice skates should fit snugly, and these are designed to lace easily and have Velcro clasps to secure them to the feet. The stitching is also very fine and strong, and the threads used are all premium, high strength nylon.

The blade at the base is made of carbon steel, so strength is no issue, and the sides are designed to provide thorough ankle stability, which is useful for roles like a goalie. These skates are designed for men, but in a pinch, women can use them as well.

More than 45 percent of the reviewers on Amazon consider these five-star products and more than 18 percent more at four-star reviews. When it comes to the overall reviews, users like R.T felt that these are great skates for the price, especially considering the high-quality materials.

6) Jackson Ultima Artiste Series Womens

If you’re looking for an almost professional-grade pair of skates, the Jackson Ultima Artistes may just be what you’re looking for. These skates are reminiscent of Olympic-quality skates, and they protect the feet and are accurate to the millimeter. These are manufactured by Jackson Ultima, which is a company that was started by legendary figure skater Don Jackson.

One of the first things you’ll notice about these is the pristine stitching; these are designed with quality in mind, and Jackson Ultima clearly ensured that these were handmade and constructed using top-tier materials. When you’re skating, you need flexibility to be at your best, and Jackson Ultima included a flex notch, which makes moving in the skates more fluid.

Insofar as comfortability, these are designed with a soft interior that is also warm, so skating for hours at chilly rinks is made easier. This lining is also made of microfibers, which not only feels great on the feet but is designed for top-notch durability.

The blade is crafted of chrome, and this well-designed component is attached with screws to ensure a stable level of functionality. The outsole is made of PVC, which is very simple to clean and is easily maintained during the skates’ years of use.

These are designed specifically for adult-sized feet, and they are designed with size 4.5 in mind. The blades are great for jumps and other figure skating techniques, but these are great for hockey as well. When it comes to reviews, about 75 percent are five-star, and the consensus from users like Wickedly Green is that these are truly high-quality skates.

7) Riedell 615 Soar / Kids Beginner

The final product in the guide is a pair of pink-colored beginner skates from Riedell. Riedell is a shoe company that was founded in the 1940s, and as a manufacturer of skates, there are few as iconic as this company. Not only does Riedell produce figure and hockey sakes, but they make standard skates as well.

These are available for girls in a 615 sizing, but if you want these for boys, just add 1.5. One of the features that you may like about these skates is the fact that they are cushioned and comfortable. Not only do they feel great, but they are made by hand, so factory defects are uncommon. Riedell opted to use foam padding throughout, so there’ll be little to no discomfort – even after a day’s wear.

These are also designed to fit a wide variety of feet, so if you have a younger girl with smaller feet, you shouldn’t have too much of an issue. The blades on the base of these are made of chrome-plated carbon steel, so you can also expect durability. In fact, with such a sturdy material, expect them to last for years.

These will also keep the feet very warm thanks to the velvet lining, and since it has such a good build quality, you can expect whole-foot protection. These close using Velcro clasps at the top of each shoe, so you can expect a good fit for skating.

Of the reviews of this product, most agree that these are top-notch. In fact, out of the existing reviews, over 75 percent are positive five out of five-star reviews. For example, user Stephany stated that she saw improvement in her daughter’s skating with these Riedell skates.

What Size Hockey Skates Should I Buy?

When you are looking for new hockey skates to purchase, there are going to be quite a few options that you will need to consider when you are looking for the size that you need.

To start, you are not going to need the same size of hockey skate that you wear in shoes because the skates will run a bit on the large side when it comes to your needs. In all actuality, a poorly fitting skate will cause you to have pain when you skate, cause blisters, and even make skating more frustrating than it needs to be. So, which size should you wear?

Hockey Skate Sizing Guides

Most Hockey skates are designed to be about one to two sizes smaller than the size of the shoe that you wear, so if you wear a 10 in shoes, you are going to need a eight in skates.

In general, you are going to need more than the size of the skate to make sure that it fits properly. You will also need the width of the skate, the arch and the depth that you need, as well as your weight and ability to skate. Based on these unit measurements, you are going to need to determine that brand that is going to fit you best based on the design of the skate. Some common tests have become popular, which are:

  • The pencil test – This is a test that is designed to keep you at bay before you tighten the laces on the skates that you are putting on. You will place a pencil along the base of the tongue about three eyelets down. If the pencil lays flat without moving, the depth of your skate is good.
  • The finger test – This is a test that will let you know if the ankle fit of the skate is right for your needs. Start by lacing up the skates like you are going to play, and lean forward. Reach back into the heel of your skate to see if there is much of a gap between the skate and your heel. If there is more than a single finger’s length in the gap, that is too much to train your ankles the way that you need them to be.

How Tight Should Hockey Skates Fit?

When you are trying on a new pair of skates before you make a purchase, you are going to want to make sure that it fits the way that you need it to before you make the purchase.

A snugger fit is going to be ideal for most skates for hockey, but if you are still having issues skating and finding pain in your feet when you are done skating, you are going to want to make sure that the skate fits. One way to tell if your skate is fitting your feet properly is to test where your toes lie in the skates.

  • The toe brush test – This is a test that you perform while you are standing upright with your laces laced up. In this stance, the front of your toes should lightly touch the toe cap on the inside of the skate. If you shift to a hockey stance, your heel should lock in place while your toe moves away from the wall slightly.
  • The stiffness of the skate – Some of the boots on the skates that you are going to try on are designed with a good bit of stiffness on them, while others have much less. Stiffer boots are typically designed for players who have more experience with the game. The stiffer the boot is, the more movement that you are going to get. Newer hockey players are not going to need the stiffest option available to them.

When you are getting your boot size fitted, you are going to want to consider how well baking the skate will work for your needs. This is when the associate that is helping you is putting the skate into an oven to warm it up a bit before you try it on.

hockey skate fitting guides

Once you put the skate on your foot, you will want to allow it time to cool as it forms to your foot. This type of fit gives you a custom experience that really locks your foot in place in the skate.

Final Thoughts

When you are looking for the best hockey skates, there are going to be quite a few options that are available to you. So, regardless of which option seems to work best for your needs, all of the options that we have reviewed above will be great choices to consider. If you are looking for new hockey skates, then take a look at the guide and find which option works best for your needs.

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