Best Skateboard Cameras-For Filming 2023

Choosing a camera to capture skateboarding moments can be a daunting task. There’s literarily a world of options to select from. You wonder, “Which brand is good?” before drive on it you may check our skateboard features here.

“Which one is best for me?”

If you didn’t have many choices to select from, sure, you probably would be able to decide with your eyes shut. 

But with hundreds- a conservative estimate- of options to choose from, you must not only open your eyes, but you must also open your mind, brain, and every other thing that goes into making a quality decision.

Now, what can we do to help? Or better still, what have we done to help with choosing a skateboard camera? check more details here.

We choose to streamline your choices from hundreds of potential skateboard cameras to a small set of cameras. We’ve carefully researched the best skateboard cameras and provide you with a list of 5 skateboard cameras that would be perfect for you. you may learn how you can shoot with a good DSLR camera.

Now that all you have to do choose from one of 5 cameras, you should be able to maneuver past the analysis’s paralysis rut. And if you somehow still wind up in there, you shouldn’t be stuck in there for long. Are you ready to meet the selection?

Let’s dig in!

What Cameras do Skateboard Filmer’s Use?

1. The GoPro Hero 7 Cam

The Hero 7 cam is a perfect blend of performance and convenience. This camera certainly has greater capabilities than its tiny look suggests. It’s so tiny that a fully-grown adult can bury it within a clenched fist. 

The Hero 7 cam boasts of a 4k video capacity- recording at 30frames per second, a 10MP camera for capturing unforgettable skateboarding moments, and is waterproof.

This skateboarding camera can be voice-operated with voice commands like, “Go Pro, take a photo or “GoPro. start recording”.

It also has an intuitive user interface that makes operating the camera super easy. Tiny, rugged, and high performing: this camera is every skateboarder’s delight.


  • 10 MP with WDR
  • 4k30 video
  • Standard Video Stabilization
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Built-In Wi-Fi
  • SD Port
  • Up to 180 hours working time for a fully charged battery

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2. CamPark Action Camera

The CamPark is similar to hero 7 in that it also portable and suitable for a varied number of sport action recordings.

It is waterproof for depths of up to 100ft. and so you can use it to capture memories not only above ground but underwater.

With its super action 4k camera, and a 14MP camera you can expect your adventure to be captured in a lifelike fashion.

Sharing your videos and pictures couldn’t be easier with the CamPark Action camera.

You could either choose to send them to your mobile
a device using the Wi-Fi or view them on TV using its HDMI output port.


  • 16 Mega Pixels
  • 4k30 video, 1080p, 720p
  • Removable 900mAh Li-ion batter
  • Built-In Wi-Fi compatible with Android/iOS
  • Up to 90 minutes of working time for a fully charged battery

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3. DJI Action Camera

This camera is notable for its huge stability. Regardless of how heavy the action gets you can expect shake-free footage.

Like the two cameras we’ve considered earlier, it is also miniature and lightweight. Another distinctive feature is it’s dual-screen.

It combines a front-facing and rear-facing screen to enable capture awesome moments effortlessly and accurately.

The DJI Action camera has a 12-megapixel camera with a wide-angle 145ᵒ that allows you to shoot 4k High-resolution videos.

You may choose to strap it to your helmet or use it as a handheld device for adventures, big and small, the DJI Action camera fits the bill.


  • Front and rear-facing screen
  • 12 Megapixels camera
  • 4k 30 video, 1080p
  • Built-In Wi-Fi compatible with Android/iOS
  • Up to 90 minutes of working time for a fully charged battery

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It ensures that you keep those awesome skateboarding memories lingering for long with its smooth 4k video capacity.

This camera is super rugged and waterproof which means that it can go places your smartphone wouldn’t image stabilization features…. 30frames per seconds

4. The Replay Mini

The replay mini is another very portable and lightweight skateboarding camera.

It’s just about the size of a Chapstick and it comes with a lot of attributes including a ton of excellent mounting features.

The Replay Mine records in 1080p giving you pro-quality photos and videos. It also promises a low light functionality that is not a common feature in most portable cameras.


  • 12 Mega Pixels
  • 4k30 video, 1080p
  • 650mAh Li-ion battery
  • Can record up to 130 minutes of video

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5. The Vixia High Definition Camcorder

Sometimes you may find that these portable cameras don’t cut it. To create a more immersive experience, we recommend the Vixia High def.

the camera as one camera that lives up to the demands. This camera enables you to capture in still photo and HD video quality.

It offers an unmatched combination of a 10x HD Video Lens, a DIGIC DV II processor, and a 2.96-megapixel CMOS image sensor all packaged in this sophisticated HDV camcorder.

It also features a built-in video light which means it can shoot perfectly both in bright and low light conditions. As you might have guessed, it takes care of stability too.

It does this with its super range optical image stabilizer. The camera in the hands of a skillful videographer can be used to create a look and feel similar to what you find in Hollywood movies. It’s that good!


  • 12 Mega Pixels
  • 4k30 video, 1080p
  • 650mAh Li-ion battery
  • Can record up to 130 minutes of video

So hey, there you have it, a simplified selection of 5 skateboarding cameras the thousands in the market.

But before we say goodbye, we’d like to answer a question that we asked all too often by newbie skateboard filmers.

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Beginner Camera Setups for Filming Skateboarding


Are Skateboarding Cameras

This is a slightly tough question to respond to. Tough because, cheap is a relative term- it means different to different people.

We reckon the important thing is to realize that with deliberate forethought and careful planning, your budget and your camera choice can be made to meet halfway.

are skateboard camera cheap

Put simply, there’s a camera for every budget. However, making the highest quality films may invariably require you to pay a premium for the cameras that will get the job done.

Finally, don’t’ snooze. Don’t leave yourself wiggle
room. Decide upon one as soon as possible and play away! Now, it’s time to say

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