SCSK8 Longboard Skateboard Review

SCSK8 is an impressive-looking skateboard! As a long-time longboard rider, I love the shape and tail of this particular product.

SCSK8 is a relatively new company, and they are well-known for a tendency to make very affordable and very impressive boards.

This particular board has good construction, solid design work and is pretty fast when you want to go out for a ride.

SCSK8 Natural Blank and Stained Assembled Complete Longboard Skateboard

Aesthetic Beauty

This board has a unique aesthetic design. First, its pintail directional shaping makes it look very fast, which it is.

It comes in seven unique designs; each will cover a different aesthetic preference. Each board has its design along its base.

The designs include Royal Blue, which features a stylized face on the base, a natural blank board that features a wood grain, a blue stained board with beautiful whorls, a jet black version, and a green version that shows the details the maple.

The available boards also include a model with a hand design called Orange Sunset and Mini Surf, which displays plenty of surf-friendly images.

SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Assembled

Level of Durability

Some of the best boards on the market utilize a maple or Canadian maple construction in order to provide a great degree of durability.

This SCSK8 board uses seven plies of maple to provide a truly strong and durable performance.

In fact, a person who is 220 pounds can easily ride this board without too much bending or softness.

The trucks are seven inches and are made of aluminum, which means that they are both lightweight and strong.

Since this board isn't really designed for tricks, you can easily expect it to last through several years of usage.

What it's Built for

Few longboards are more cruise-worthy than this SCSK8 product. The first thing that you might notice is its directional-style build.

This board also sports a pintail that demonstrates its aerodynamic design.

Unfortunately, this shape isn't good for tricks, so bring another board if you want to hit the skate park. Personally,

I find that it's beneficial to have both a long and shortboard to use for traveling or commuting.

This is also a high-speed board due to its shape and wheel setup, so if you enjoy hitting the downhill from time to time, I'd recommend this board.

Level of Maneuverability

As a directional board, you might notice that the control scheme of this board is very similar to a surfboard.

Since it doesn't have a kicktail, you'll have to shift slightly to make turns. That being said, it's also very intuitive to maneuver this board around corners or to make stops when you need to.

This is also a very smooth riding longboard, making it the perfect ride for going to school or going to work.

There is a tendency for the trucks and wheels to wobble a bit at high speeds, but you can quickly replace these components for a smoother high-velocity performance.


  • This is a reasonably fast-moving board that a beginner border can use to get used to longboards.
  • This board is very inexpensive; in fact, you might be pleasantly surprised at how cheap this board is, especially when considering its quality.
  • It has a pretty good weight capacity. The company says its top-end is 220 pounds, but heavier riders can use this board without too much issue.
  • The designs on this board cover every taste
  • Cons

  • The trucks on this board aren't the greatest, and if I replaced one aspect of this board, it would be them.
  • Also, the bearings can be a bit iffy. Both components can cause the board to wobble.
  • This is best used as a starter board
  • The Bottom Line

    I love the SCSK8 Natural Blank and Stained longboard. It has all of the features a skateboarding cruiser needs to commute to work or school or go for a ride through town.

    While it is somewhat long to be stored away very quickly, its speed and superb design make it an excellent choice for longboarders.

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    • Genuine alluminium 7-Inch reverse kingpin trucks are adjustable as 50 or 45 degree, and take to you great maneuverability.
    • Durable 70mm 80A PU wheels work with ABEC-7 presion bearings, letting you enjoy an unsurpassed smooth ride.
    • Geometric graphic makes you board stands out from crowds.
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    • MORE FUN TO ENJOY:The longboard skateboard is equipped with LED light up wheels for a nice effect. When riding, the wheels are bright and colorful which adds more fun. Boys and girls would have loved this. You don't have to worry about charging them or changing the batteries, they will automatically stay on when you are riding. The LED lights can also safeguard you during night travel.
    • SOOMTH AND STEADY SKATING EXPERIENCE:The cruiser skateboard with PU wheels and PU damping features excellent shock absorption performance. It can absorb street bumps and sidewalk cracks, providing you with a smooth riding experience. Equipped with an all-in-one skateboard T tool, you can tighten up or repair the skateboard when needed.
    • READY FOR SKATEBOARDING ANYTIME:The skateboard comes fully assembled and and you can enjoy your cruising journey any time! It weighs 3.5 pounds and is easy to carry around. It can be easily put in a suitcase or placed in a backpack. It's designed for all ages, toddler, kids, teens, beginners or adults and pro.
    • 100% SATISFIED:The mini skateboard has a vibrant and beautiful graphic galaxy design, a perfect gift for your family and friends. We always focus on our customers' benefit. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us - someone from our team will be sure to take care of you!
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    • Durable 65x51mm 80A PU wheels
    • Rugged & lightweight Black 6 inch aluminum trucks
    • Smooth riding and responsive reverse kingpin trucks
    • Precision ABEC7 bearings and Hollow 4mm risers

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