2017 Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooter (Teal) Review

A Fuzion that will Make You Love Scooters Again

Kick scooters are great for cruising around town, but if you get the right model, then you can perform several sweet tricks on them as well.

I have a teenage son who thinks that he is a skater, but instead of popping tricks on skateboards, their ride of choice is a scooter.

His scooter was getting to be a bit too small for his needs, so he asked for a Fuzion Z250, mainly because that was the scooter that all of his friends were riding.

I agreed to the scooter because it has a lot of great features that are ideal for him. Let's take a look at why it is the most popular scooter on our block.

Fuzion Z250 pro Scooter

Aesthetic Design

I love the way this scooter looks. It features a black and teal design that is likely to catch the eye of anyone that sees it.
The tires are small, but they are the same teal color as the base of the scooter, so it adds more of a wow factor to the design.
The deck is covered with grip tape that is perfect for doing tricks, and there is a "Z" logo for Fuzion right in the center of the deck.

Ease of Transport and Storage

This scooter is designed to be light, which makes it easy to carry when you need it, but it does not fold up in any way.
There is also not a kickstand on this scooter, so if you are anything like my son, the scooter will end up lying on its side in the grass.

Luckily, the scooter is designed for durability, and the rain does not seem to damage the scooter in any way.
It is best stored in your garage, so if you decide to make the purchase, clear some space for it.

What it's Built for

This is a Pro scooter, which means that it is designed for tricks. It is excellent for riding around town, and it can ride well on the street, but it is really designed to be used at a skate park where you can perform tricks with ease.

It is great for individuals who are around five feet tall because the handlebars do not adjust for taller riders.

However, if you are a taller rider who is interested in this scooter, you will be happy to know that the T-bar handlebars that came with this scooter can easily be switched out for a taller option.

Fuzion Z250

Level of Maneuverability & Control

This scooter was designed to be used on nearly every type of terrain that you would ride a scooter on.

If you want to ride on the sidewalk, go for it! It is perfectly smooth on bumpy roads.

The tires are designed small, which means that they are going to be great for absorbing the impact of the bumps as you race downhill.

I tried out my son's scooter, and while going down the driveway, I could barely feel the bumps.

I also felt that I had complete control of the scooter, which is excellent because his previous scooter felt wobbly when you went too fast.

If tricks are your thing, then the wheels will also help to absorb the impact when you hit the ground.

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  • This is a very durable scooter that can handle a lot of stunt impact.
  • The small wheels and the sturdy handle make this an excellent choice for tricks.
  • It provides you with a really smooth ride, no matter where you are riding.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a scooter for someone who loves to show off and perform tricks and stunts for their friends, then this Fuzion Z250 is an excellent option for your needs.

It is a durable scooter that gives you a significant amount of control as you ride. The bumps are minimal, and the design is quite aesthetically pleasing.

If you have the chance to take this scooter for a ride, hop on; you'll love it!

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