Best Ice Skates Review: Untapped Products for Child & Women!

Ice skates are assembled as boots that have blades attached beneath boot soles, thereby enabling an individual to move along the icy ground.

The first ice skates produced were from the leg bones of certain animals. They included horses, oxen, and deer. These primitive skates were attached to the shoe soles with leather strings.

Another interesting addition to the skates was the need for a sharp metal pole, which pushed the user along. check out how to choose ice skates for beginners.

Modern ice skates are made differently and come in a number of varieties. The many variants of Ice skates that you can find include figure skates, hockey skates, bandy skates, and racing skates.

Others are racing skates, recreational skates as well as double runners.

Figure Skates: These skates are used in Figure skating. In my estimation, figure skates differ from other skates because they have toe picks at the front part of the blades.

Hockey Skates: Hockey skates find application in the game of hockey/ringette. The skates’ upper hood, especially for active hockey players, is not made from molded plastic. This is in order for the players to have greater mobility

Bandy Skates: The skates in this category are used to play the game of bandy. I can state that the material used to make these skates is synthetic leather.

Racing Skates: Racing skates are used by players involved in speed skating. The blades are extended, length-wise, far beyond the hood above it.

Touring Skates: Touring skates enable you to travel great distances across large expanses of ice. The skates have blades that are 1 to 1.5mm wide and are approximately 50cm long.

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Things to consider when buying ice skates

Once again, I must state that the number one consideration when you want to buy an Ice skate is a comfort. The ice skates must not be too tight, so your feet have room to breathe. Neither must they be too loose, so that your ankle if not well shielded.

In addition to the above rules,

I will also suggest that you observe the following as well:

  • Consider the weight of the potential user of the Ice skates
  • If you are buying for kids, choose a size that fits when they put on the skates. However, because such kids will outgrow the boots, I will advise inexpensive, second-hand Ice skates
  • For adults, I will suggest that he/she buys a skate that is a size and a half smaller than your normal shoe size.
  • Choose a pair of Ice Skates that offer you great comfort.

Ice Skates Review: Best For 2019

1) Best Ice Skates for Girls: Lake Placid Cascade Figure Ice Skate

This Lake Placid Cascade brand of ice skates is arguably the best Ice skates selling now on the market. Its major selling points are its strong ankle support and woven liners for extra comfort.

It has good ankle support, which will benefit both veterans to beginner skaters. You will not find this ice skate stiff to use because it provides a good balance. It also has strong lacing hooks for you to tie the boot firmly to your feet.

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The waterproof sole at the bottom of this ice Skate ensures that you get to spend more time on the ice without fear of your feet getting wet.

It features warm woven liners having comfort padding to give you maximum comfort regardless of the number of hours you wear this ice skate shoes. This comfort feature lets you glide through the ice as comfortably as you need to be.

The stainless steel blade of this product allows you to move effortlessly on the ice with amazing twists and turns. You can sharpen the blade is strong and will not break when in use.

The Lake Placid Cascade Girls Figure Ice Skate has a sturdy design and the outer upper part of the boot has a synthetic material, which gives it an attractive look.

These Lake Placid Cascade Girls’ Figure Ice Skates feature a sturdy and comfortable design with stainless steel blades. They have a vinyl exterior, extended counters that provide extra stability and velvet lining.


    • It is available in many sizes.
  • It provides optimum comfort.
    • It is great for beginners.
  • It offers good balance due to its lace hooks and ankle supports


  • You will have to sharpen the blade yourself before using because the blade is flat on delivery.

2) Ice Skates for Boys: Lake Placid Adjustable Ice Skates

This is another innovative ice skating boot by Lake Placid that grows with the user. It can expand up to four sizes, thus allowing you or your kid to continue using it while growing older.

It is size-adjustable using a push button to fit in many sizes of feet. This is one of its biggest features, which make it a customer favorite.

There is a waterproof sole at the bottom of the Lake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Ice Skate, which allows you to spend more time on the ice without your feet getting wet.

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The warm woven liners incorporate comfort padding which gives you maximum comfort regardless of the number of hours you have this ice-skating boots on. With this feature, you can ride smoothly through the ice as comfortably as you want.

A locking buckle strap allows you to put this boot on easily and ensures it stays on firmly on your feet when you wear them.

The stainless steel blade of the Lake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Ice Skate allows you to glide effortlessly on the ice. You can sharpen this blade to give you the sleek finish you want.


    • It is expandable in size, as the user grows older
  • It fits firmly on your feet
    • It is very comfortable to use
  • Its locking straps work well


  • There have been some complaints about it not fitting well with some people

3) Best Womens Figure Skates: Riedell Figure Skates 110

The Riedell Figure Skates Model 110 Opal is a one-of-a-kind ice skating boot that I recommend for you to buy for yourself and your kids. It has light support and has an attractive appearance.

The Riedell Figure Skates Model 110 Opal has a traditional style, which fits well on your feet and lets you glide easily on the ice.

The inner foam quarter padding gives you comfort while skating. The soft padding cushions your feet well into the boot and protects it from pains and sores.

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Its stainless steel blades are chrome plated. This feature allows you to skate smoothly while turning and twisting because it gives it a smooth edge.

It has maintenance free PVC sole, which keeps water away from your feet. No matter how long you spend on the ice, your feet will remain dry.

An uppers support keeps gives your feet more comfortable and it has a boot support level 20. With these features, you will experience great comfort while using this boot.


    • It is available in all sizes for children and adults
  • It provides good comfort when in use
    • Its sole has a waterproof design and it is maintenance free
  • The blade of the boot comes pre-sharpened


  • It does not expand as users feet grow

4) Best Ice Skates for Boys and Girls: XinoSports Premium Adjustable Skates

The XinoSports Premium Adjustable Ice Skates offer you a safe and adventurous way to get your family together to enjoy a nice time outdoors on the ice. The biggest benefit of this ice skating boot is that both sexes can use it.

This ice skating boot has a size adjustable feature that allows your kid to use it for many years to come. This feature is accessible by pushing a user-friendly button on the side of the boot while pulling the front of the boot.

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The already sharpened stainless steel blade of high quality that comes with this ice skating boot has a protective cover to ensure safety when the boot is not in use. This protective cover sheaths the blade and thus prevent accidents like cuts.

It features an ankle support, which promises maximum comfort all through the time you have it on. Its soft padding provides better stability and lets you enjoy your skating experience

The moisture resistant feature and the insulated lining help to keep your feet warm during the period you wear this boot. Your feet will remain dry at all times


    • The stainless steel blade comes pre-sharpened
  • It is comfortable
    • It offers No-Questions-Asked 60-day money back guarantee
  • It is adjustable and can grow in size as the user grows
  • The stainless steel blade has a protective cover for safety


  • The blade can rust if you do not clean it dry after each use

5) Ice Skate Blade Guards: Supergard Ice Skate

The Supergard Ice Skate Guard exhibits the most important attributes of an Ice skating boot. Its stainless steel blade is highly durable and has a protection feature to ensure the blade does not cause injuries when not in use.

There is a non-slip strap at the exterior, which holds the Supergard Ice Skate Guard firmly on your feet. This boot will never fall off when in use.

The drainage holes on the side of the boot ensure any leftover moisture on the boot drains off. This extends the lifespan and durability of the boot.

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Unlike most ice skating boots, the steel blades that come with the Supergard Ice Skate Guard do not need regular sharpening. This saves you the extra cost of sharpening the blade.

The blade has a serrated bottom to ensure stability and grip while walking. It also has a wider stance to give more stability.

The blade guard that comes with the Supergard Ice Skate Guard has a design, which ensures that the blade does not touch the bottom of the guard. The blade floats in it, hence keeping it edges sharp as well as protecting it against rust.


    • The blade does not need regular sharpening
  • The protective cover of the blade keeps the blade off the bottom and thus maintains its smooth edge.
    • The drainage holes keep water off the boot to prevent rusting of the blade
  • The boot has a good grip and keeps users comfortable


  • there have been complaints that the blade ate through the protective guard after walking on them for long

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