How Much Does a Razor Scooter Cost? Updated for 2023

Scooters have become more popular amongst kids and adults, and Razor has many different types of scooters that are adored by all.

So the big question: How Much Does a Razor Scooter Cost? They have traditional kick scooters that are designed for any age, they have electronic scooters that make riding simple, and they have Razor Jr. models that are specifically designed for kids.

With all of these different types of scooters available, there is a good chance that someone in your life has been asking about getting one for a special occasion.

Before you decide which Razor scooter is good for your loved one, you probably want to know “How much does a Razor scooter cost?”

Let’s take a look at the different types of Razor scooters and see the price of each one.

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Razor Scooter Comparison

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Kick Scooters: How Much Does a Razor Scooter Cost?

Nothing is more entertaining than cruising across the pavement or doing tricks in the park on a kick scooter.

The classic style scooters that are designed to accommodate different weights have a price range that slides slightly as the scooter accommodates more weight.

The A series ranges from about $25 to about $55. The original A model is designed for younger individuals and those who weigh less than 140 pounds, while the A4 can accommodate an individual who weighs up to 220 pounds.

Kick scooters can also be designed for a specific type of riding. Cruisers are typically a bit more expensive because they are built with more material, which makes them more durable for racing.

If you are looking to purchase a scooter for racing, then expect to spend between $60 and $80.

A trick scooter is designed to handle hard landings, but many Razor kick scooters that are designed for tricks are priced between $40 and $80.

Big Wheeled Scooters: Razor Scooter Cost

Big wheeled scooters are great for someone who is looking for a smooth ride. The eight-inch tires are designed to absorb the shock that you would typically feel when the scooter comes in contact with the pavement.

These scooters can ride on sidewalks, driveways, or even off-road terrain, which makes them a hot commodity for a lot of teenagers who like to ride to school.

Some models go for around $60, but if you want a big-wheeled scooter that can take all types of terrain, then you can expect to pay $100 or more when you purchase one of these scooters.

Electric Scooters: How Much Does a Razor Scooter Cost?

When it comes to Electronic Razor Scooters there are quite a few options that are pleasing to both adults and children.

In fact, designs like the one on the Spiderman scooter are actually a big hit with youngsters; it only goes about 10 miles per hour, but it costs about $120 to purchase.

As the speed increases, the price will increase as well. The E200, which can go 12 miles per hour, is about $150, while the E300 is nearly $200, and it comes with a speed of 15 miles per hour.

All-in-all, this type of scooter does not cost all that much considering that it runs on battery power.

Razors for Toddlers Costs

Scooters are not only designed for teens and adults; in fact, Razor has a large variety of scooters available for toddlers to enjoy.

There are traditional three-wheeled scooters, models that light up, and even models that are designed to help your child use their imagination while they are playing on the scooter.

Regardless of the scooter that you get for your tot, the three-wheel design is great for helping them with their coordination.

Most of the Razor Jr. scooters that are available for purchase fall into a price range of about $30 to $40.

Once your child has learned to maintain their balance on the three-wheeled scooter, they can graduate to two wheels.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of Razor scooters on the market, so if you are looking for a new razor scooter, take a look at the build and the price of the scooters available, and then decide which one you want.

Don’t forget to take the number of wheels, the speed, and the wheel size into account before you make your purchase as well.

If you go into the store with an expectation of what you will spend, the budget won’t be an issue.

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