Rollerblade Men’s Twister 80 Urban Skate- Best for 2023

Twister in the City: The Best Rollerblade Men's Skate

Those skates are actually some of the most popular on the market currently. They have a great design, a hard shell outer that's very supportive when you are traveling at high speeds, and also have a very smooth ride.

Overall, as a skater who's been in the game for decades, I wish I had these inline skates when I first started out because they feel very advanced for a low price.


Aesthetic Beauty

Aesthetically, the Twister 80 Urban has a unique, solid look that highlights the hard shell construction.

I really like how futuristic these skates look; there are some cool-looking shapes, a secure strap system, and neon laces that tie relatively tightly.

Underneath the hard shell covering the skates have a mesh inner surface that lets your feet breathe as you blade.

The frame at the base is made of aluminum and is very angular, which adds to the overall value of the skate's aesthetic design.

Additionally, the toe of these skates comes to a nice point that reminds me of a standard pair of sneakers.

Overall, these are unique and attractive inline skates.

Level of Maneuverability and Control

Not only are these skates designed to be used in an urban environment, but they are also designed to be used in the hockey rink.

For an inline skate to be able to be used this way, they have to be maneuverable.

With these skates, you'll be able to turn fairly quickly, ride smoothly, and brake without too much effort.

While there are more maneuverable inline skates out there, for the price, you won't find many skates with as much turning ability or a smoother ride.

Personally, I feel that stability is one of these skate's most effective features, which can lend itself to a strong ability to turn and maintain control.

What it's Built for

The name "urban" says it all. These skates are great in a city environment due to their wheel size and their ability to manage the sometimes uneven ground of city streets.

With excellent shock absorption, you will probably fall less as you skate through the city.

Additionally, these are great skates for those who want to pick up a little speed and have excellent maneuverability, which is perfect for urban lifestyles.

For those who live outside the city limits, theses are pretty good on most terrains in general, which is why you can find these skates just about anywhere.

Level of Support

Those are stable, supportive skates. Firstly, you have the hard shell that surrounds the mesh of the skates.

This hard shell helps you to make sharper turns with ease, and it also protects your ankles.

With these skates, you shouldn't have too much issue maintaining your balance because the hard shell casing is almost like an exoskeleton for your feet.

Additionally, the shock absorbing helps you maintain an even, smooth ride so that you are well supported.

Insofar as closure, these have a good lacing system and feature a two strap system so that you can have a snug fit.

Rollerblade Twister 80 Urban Inline Skates 2020 Video

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  • These are great skates for the money. They have several excellent features for a very reasonable price point.
  • The support of these skates is top notch; the hard outer shell is part of what makes these very popular.
  • Speed isn't a problem for these skates; you'll be able to accelerate quickly and maintain high speeds without wobbliness.
  • These tend to perform very well on just about any pavement due to the high-quality shock absorption.

The Bottom Line

If you need a pair of inline skates that is both beginner-friendly and friendly to the speed skating lifestyle.

Then the Rollerblade Men's Twister 80 Urban Skates are a great choice for you.

They feature several excellent skating-friendly features that make them an excellent buy. Here is more discussion on the forum.

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