How to control a hoverboard?


So finally you have decided to learn how to ride a hoverboard, also are looking for a guide that will guide you to be a successful rider, and am I right? I guess so.

Learning hover-boarding is much easier than learning cycling or skating. You just have to pick up a few simple steps to be a successful hoverboard rider.

Remember that confidence is the key to the success in self-balancing hoverboard riding. Are you confident? Then, go through this guide on how to ride a hoverboard step by step to make yourself ready for the hover-boarding. before that you have to check which hoverboard sizes you need to start use.

How to control a hoverboard?

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How to ride hoverboard steps 

For your better understanding we have classified all the steps in three stages, these are.

1.    The Preparation stage.

2.    The riding stage.

3.    The get-off stage.

The Preparation stage

You need the best preparation to do something successfully. This preparation stage includes all the things you need to do before starting your riding lesson.  

a. Get a Hoverboard

It’s better to learn and practice with own hoverboard than others. When you have your own board you can concentrate solely on learning, instead of concentrating on the board.  So, if you don’t have a hoverboard you can get one for yourself checking our best self-balancing scooter reviews, if you already have one, you are smart!   

b. Get It Fully Charged

Before leaving your home for the ground, make sure that your hoverboard is charged fully. When the board has the full charge, you will get the best and longer performance from it.

c. Find out a Flat Surface

Remember that even a medium or top-quality self-balancing board gives the best performance on the flat surface. So at first, you choose a ground that is flat, smooth, and less populated. 

The learning stage

Here is the final learning stage. In this stage, you will get to know how to ride hoverboard as a beginner. Read the steps to know

a. Switch to the beginner mode

Most of the modern self-balancing scooters come with beginner mode. In beginner mode, the newbie riders get more balance and flexibility in controlling the board. If your smart scooter is featured with beginner mode then switch it on. If your scooter doesn’t have the mode, don’t worry, we prepared this guide remembering both types of users. 

b. Get on the hoverboard

When you are ready to get on the hoverboard, be confident and relaxed.

At first, keep your right foot or dominant foot on the respective footpad. Second, putting your body pressure on the right foot, place your left foot on the left footpad and vice versa. Remember these tips when doing these steps.

1.    Place your foot touching the wheel’s bumper, not in the middle. 

2.    Don’t try to move forward and backward, just be stable.

3.    Keep your body straight. 

4.    Be relaxed, relaxed, and relaxed, don’t be hurried!

5.    You can seek your friend’s assistance to be balanced on the board or can find something to hold.

6.    Keep practicing, and learn how to control a hoverboard by the feet.

c.    Moving forward

When you will be done with maintaining balance on two wheels, your next lesson will be learning forward moving.

To move forward, slightly lean your body to the front side, you will be moving. While moving….

1.    Hold on your body pressure on your feet.

2.    Don’t lean too much.

3.    Keep your arms and upper body flexible, don’t be like a robot!

4.    Look at your front, not your feet.

d.    Moving backward

Moving backward or backward riding is the inverse of moving forward. It’s all about controlling the body.

To move backward, you just slightly lean your body backward, then you will be moving to your back. While moving back…

1.    If you are in running, slow down your forward moving speed before moving to backward.

2.    Maintain you physique as mentioned in the earlier section.

e.    Turning

Turning to the desired direction with hoverboard is just a matter of ‘posture’, such as…

1.    When you want to turn left, tilt your right foot to the left.

2.    When you want to turn right, tilt your left foot to the right.

3.    Supple your body to respond with each turning.

The get off stage

A successful riding is finished with successful landing; in this phase, you will learn how to get off a hoverboard

Getting off from the electric hoverboard is not tough; you just have to follow few rules of landing. The rules are…

a.    Slow down your speed.

b.    Put off your right foot or dominant foot first.

c.    Then, put off your left foot.

d.    Don’t be hurried or get off by jumping, it may hurt you. 

Learning how to ride a hoverboard

Here, we prepared a list including the factors you should care about, during your initial session with your self-balancing electric scooter.

a.    If your scooter doesn’t have beginner mode or you feel nervous, you can practice balancing on the grass.

b.    Check your indicator LEDs position; keep them on your backside.

c.    If your hoverboard is not waterproof, stay away from water and riding in the rain. 

d.    Practice with little movement first, then go for speedy riding.

e.    Charge your hoverboard as mentioned in the manual.

f.    After all, follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Wrapping Up how to ride Hoverboard

You know what? A theoretical lesson becomes effective when it has a practical discussion too. To make your understanding clear on how to control a hoverboard, we attached here a hoverboard tutorial. Hope you will find it supportive.

Hoverboard tricks

If you are here, you already went through what you need as a beginner, so you can skip this section. 

This segment covers some popular smart scooter tricks that a rider does only when he becomes the master at hover-boarding!!

If you have interest in it, you can check this video, but as a beginner, you shouldn’t even try any tricks.


Hover-boarding is a great way of fun both for the adults and teenagers. People love this because it takes only a few short sessions to learn how to ride a hoverboard.  The learning becomes even easier when you have a theoretical and practical guide, like this!

 We hope, following our guide once you will be the master at hover-boarding. Also, let us know where your experience on the first session of hover-boarding. Wish you a safe and successful riding. 

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