Quest Skateboards Super Cruiser Longboard Skateboard Review

Easy Maneuverability: The Skateboard with Cool Kicktail

As a skateboard racer, I love that the Quest Skateboard's Super Cruiser is a great-looking longboard for just about any rider.

It features a strong maple construction that incorporates bamboo so that the board is aesthetically beautiful.

It even has some structural notes that make it a very sturdy board for a wide variety of skateboarding uses.

Quest Skateboards Supur Cruiser Longboard Skateboard

Aesthetic Beauty

There are few boards that look quite as unique as the Super Cruiser.

It has a banded design on its base and a black grip taped top that prominently features the quest logo.

Part of the reason that the banded bottom looks so amazing is because it is actually comprised of two kinds of wood; maple and bamboo.

These strong woods are also very attractive, and for this reason, the Super Cruiser really stands out.

The trucks are black and thin, and the wheels on the board look great as well.

There are three color variants that include a black banded version, a green banded version, and a purple version of the board.

Level of Durability

Fortunately for riders, this board uses two kinds of wood that are renowned for their strength.

Bamboo is the stronger of the two and is great for overall flexibility.

Maple, on the other hand, isn't as flexible or strong as the bamboo but is also known to be very strong in its own right.

In both situations, the board is comprised of seven plies so that there is a very strong reinforced feeling with this board.

The board's unique construction means that just about anyone can ride on it, no matter their physical weight.

I love how light this board is to carry. The trucks are constructed of aluminum, which is one of the strongest, lightest metals available.

What it's Built for

This is a purely cruising skateboard. I wouldn't expect to do a lot of tricks on this one, especially considering that it is 44 inches in length.

It does have a kicktail, so the option is there if you are so inclined.

On the other hand, if you need a great board to get from point A to B, then there are few that are better on the market currently.

The wheels are large enough for some very good acceleration, and the trucks are designed to provide a smooth ride.


Level of Maneuverability

This is a very maneuverable board, but if you want a board that is more advanced when it comes to maneuvering, I'd suggest grabbing another.

On the other hand, if you are just starting out in your longboarding adventures, then this really is the perfect board for a beginner to cut their teeth on.

The trucks are mounted so that the deck sits a bit higher off the ground than many other longboards, which in turn, provides deeper turning.

As a result, you may feel that turning with this board kind of feels like the turns that you execute on a snowboard or a surfboard. In any situation, it's very easy to get used to it.

  • Key Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • This board has a good turning system for a beginner to use since it's pretty intuitive.
  • It has a great length that supports riding stability.
  • The bottom design is one of the better designs of its type of board.
  • The larger grip taped surface is also good for maintaining grip during your trips.
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The Bottom Line

In my opinion, one of its coolest features is its kicktail, which is positioned along the front of the board itself.

This feature is important to the maneuverability of the skateboard and many riders, new and old, will appreciate it.

In fact, this feature makes this board easy to use when just kicking around your town. If this sounds nice to you, I suggest you give it a try.

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