ISLE Paddle Board Review | ISLE 11′ Airtech Inflatable Explorer Stand Up Paddle Board

Where do you go when you are exhausted, drained by the responsibilities of daily chores? Some like to go for hunting into the woods, some like to enjoy the vibe of water. About me, I am one of the latter. Standing up in a paddle, and feel the breeze passing and ruffling your hair, nothing can be more soothing.

When it comes to paddle boarding, people want mostly three things with their boards, durability, portability, and performance. The ISLE 11′ Airtech Inflatable Explorer Stand Up Paddle Board happens to fulfill every facet an enjoyable paddleboard should have. This one might not be the fastest out there, but this will take a lot of abuse and ride you through every type of waterways. Check out top 5 stand-up paddleboards & goplus-paddleboard-reviews.

About ISLE

ISLE, Also known as ISLE SURF & SUP, joined the market at 2004 and providing quality paddleboards ever since. The great thing about ISLE is, the company hasn’t confined itself to stereotype models and specifications.

Rather, it understood the market and came up with products for people of all sizes, skills, and needs. It is safe to say, ISLE has become one of the authoritative names in the field of world’s fastest growing water sport.

Let’s jump into ISLE paddle board review right away.

Constructed with Military Grade PVC
The Boss Board - Complete 22
ISLE Airtech Inflatable Explorer Stand Up Paddle Board
An elegant, high-quality ISLE Airtech Inflatable of the price.


  • The paddle board is durable and very strong.
  • The dual cargo system allows great space.
  • Lightweight, comparing to its counterparts.
  • Padded handle at the middle. 3 fins.
  • A convenient and compact backpack.


  • This is not a racing paddleboard. When loaded, it can feel a little lethargic.

Details Review Of isle PEAK inflatable paddle board

Technical Specifications
Length– 11 inches
Wide– 32 inches
Thickness– 6 inches
Capacity– 275 pounds
Weight– 19.1 pounds
Air Pressure– 15 PSI


1. Material

Run a car over the board and it will stay intact. This is what ISLE say about their product. Now, I am not going to do that, but I love to see such confidence of a company on their products.

The body is made of durable, military quality PVC materials. Upon inflation, you will feel the strength and stability of the paddleboard. The 6” thickness can carry up to 275 pounds of weight.

2. D-ring

ISLE 11′ Airtech features 14 D-rings distributed on the nose, center, and tail. There are 6 D rings on the nose and 4 at the tail used by the bungee system. Also, there are 4 D-rings in the middle in case you want to use a seat.

There is no D-ring at the nose and back separately. You can use the rings attached with the bungee for towing and tying with an ankle. Or better, you can buy them separately and attach using waterproof glue.

3. Rubber trackpad

The standing area is coated with diamond groove traction foot pad. This allows standing comfortably during the ride. The rubber trackpad made it easier to change direction in calm water and glide through larger waves.

The rubber trackpad isn’t the longest, especially due to the large bungee system at the front. But it is wide enough to stand, sit, even if you are with your dog.

4. Bungee System

I really like the bungee system the ISLE 11 provides. See, on a paddleboard, there is no other way to store your gears. A small bungee means you might not necessarily secure all the gears needed for a full day ride.  Delightfully, the ISLE Airtech comes with a front, big bungee system and a smaller bungee system at the back.

5. Rigid Construction

The construction of ISLE explorer 11 will immediately create a vibe of trust and stability on your mind. The stand-up paddle board is 11” long, 32” wide and 6” thick. The PVC material, rubber pad, and triple-fins will ensure the most enjoyable experience for the user.

The paddleboard comes with only 19 pounds of weight, which makes it lighter than the iRocker Inflatable Paddle Board.

You might not get the fastest experience, as the rigidity and durability compromise the speed slightly. But most of the people will prefer it because of the ROI it promises.

6. Fins

The board comes with 3 removable fins. Which is great, because most of its counterparts don’t come with more than one. The fins make the paddle truly maneuverable through different waterways.

The fins can be attached by simple screwing. Once attached, the work is pretty much done, there is no worry about losing any part. You can slide in and out the fins, depending on your needs.

If you are riding through deep and open waters, using the big fin will give you better maneuverability and performance. In shallow water, two smaller fins can be used to avoid collision with debris.

7. Air Valve point

The ISLE inflatable paddle board uses a Halkey-Robert style valve. This valve is not rare, rather typical and known for secure use. The chance of air leak is unlikely.

You can use the hand pump that comes with the package. Though, many people prefer their very own electric pumps, which does the task in an easier and more automated manner.

8. Carry Handle

3 carry handles at the nose, center, and the back has made the carrying of ISLE 11 really easy. The handle at the middle is a delight from ISLE with its rubber padding, which makes it comfortable to carry the paddle when bloated.

There carry handles at either side of the paddle are useful, although they are not padded.


The performance of ISLE explorer 11 is overall good. It will not excel in every sector, but it will not leave anything you want in your paddleboard either.

This paddleboard offers you a great stability on the water. Although there is a common notion that paddle boards are not for newbies, we can make an exception for ISLE Airtech. To me, this is the best stand up paddle board for beginners as it will assist them with necessary stability.

This board will not give the best speed, that’s the cost you have to pay in exchange for durability, lightweight and stability. But I think most people won’t mind that considering the security and long life this paddleboard offers.


The ISLE inflatable paddle board was made keeping durability in mind. It is very apparent at the construction. The PVC materials are of the highest quality and great seam connections. It hasn’t got any shaky, insecure look in it.

Those who are certain that their paddle will have to go through a lot of torture, including riding through rocky and narrow creeks, should go for ISLE explorer 11.

Inflating/ Deflating

Isle Airtech comes with a hand pump. While the pump is decent and will do a fair job, one drawback is the time. Those who like to go out with the paddleboard every day may find it annoying to hand pump the whole board.

As for quality, the hand pump is okay, but not top notch. However, it comes with a pressure gauge so that you can measure the necessary 15 psi level.

Unless you are looking to gain some serious biceps at the end of the season, you can go with an electric pump. It will do the work a lot faster, automated and without sweating. Check out how to use standup paddleboards.

Extra (Package included)

If the waterway is a little distant from your house, or you like to travel with your paddleboards, then ISLE 11 is a great choice for you. The paddleboard comes with two type of backpacks, regular and wheeled.

The regular one is, of course, used the most. The backpack is meshed and very breathable. There is a bungee tie system at the front part so keep water bottles or such.

The handle is padded with rubber and comfy to use. If you like your bags close to the body, shoulder and waist strap will help you with that.

The wheeled backpack comes with two wheels. This is a stand-alone type backpack to help you through the process of boarding.

The ISLE 11” Airtech package contains-

a.    Paddle

b.    Backpack

c.    Pump

d.    Repair kit

Best For (For whom and For what)

The paddle board will be the best choice for those who want it for recreational, touring, fitness purpose. The storage space this board provides will facilitate whole day outing for the user.

As this is suitable for different waterways, touring with friends are easier. The weight capacity allows taking your dog even.

Beginners will find it very convenient as the structure is stable and give them some margin of error.

However, the ISLE inflatable SUP 11 is not for racers, it’s not made keeping fast speed in mind.


Hopefully, this ISLE paddle board review has been helping you. This is one of the most tested and used products on the market. Yet, it has proven itself over and over. Users seem to be satisfied with the construction durability, and some even found it going for several seasons.

ISLE Explorer 11” is a great paddleboard with a decent price tag. That with a history of going for a long time, what more can we want, right?

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