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Hi, my name is Robert Key, and I understand that getting outdoors and having a little fun is a healthy type of activity that we should all engage in. With that in mind, I’ve worked for ten years on skates, skateboards, and scooters and have really gotten to know each so that I can help others learn about each activity.

My5Reviews.com was created to provide helpful and meaningful product reviews for popular internet products. There is so much sales hype and misinformation on the web today - our goal is to cut through the hype and give you the real scoop on all of the products you use today.

Our comprehensive reviews will educate you on every characteristic of an item and ensure you make an informed purchase.


We intend to ensure that all the outdoor enthusiasts of skates, scooters and skateboards benefit greatly from our reviews and buy items that they completely understand.

There are hundreds of outdoor & skateboard and scooter fans out there. Many of them enjoy performing tricks as they ride their boards all day, every day. In addition to that, they are always seeking to buy the latest outdoor, skateboard or scooter online.

Their interest is also fixed upon the latest accessories for their extreme hobby. From the latest skateboards to the most trendy accessories for scooters, we are here and fully equipped to review them and make it easier for our extreme skaters to get what they are searching for.

How do we do this?

  • Right Price - One of the elements which we consider as we create the latest reviews and opinion pieces on these equipment is their price. We make the reviews cater to all price ranges. We cover the items which are ideal for an economy budget and also those that are for shoppers who prefer expensive items.
  • Research - By scouring the Internet and all available published material on the items which capture the interest of our readers, we are able to bring you accurate, timely information. In this way, you can be sure of the features of the latest outdoor, skateboard or scooter as you purchase it.
  • Timely - We ensure that the reviews we provide you are timely. We are always the first to report about the latest decks or accessories in the outdoor & skateboarding scene.
  • On-trend - We make sure that every item we cover is currently on-trend. No one is interested in old items that are out of fashion.

By providing you with juicy, straight to the point reviews of the latest outdoor & skateboards and scooters, we capture your attention and inform you through comprehensive reviews of the items you love.

Sneak previews

Nothing is more exciting than knowing everything about a product before it is even announced to the general public. Having a sneak preview of a skateboard or a new accessory or a outdoor products before it is announced allows you to get the scoop on it and be the first to buy it confidently.

We are your ultimate source of sneak previews on scooters, skateboards and everything in between.We can get access to the latest items in this genre of extremes sports even before they are officially launched.

Our review specialists take these outdoor products likes skateboards and scooters for a spin and learn all about them before publishing exclusive sneak previews of the products.

Our sneak preview reports are spread across various categories of these sports items and help you to fully understand each new product before you buy it immediately it is launched.

At my5reviews.com, we are able to provide you with carefully picked items in the outdoor category & skateboarding and scooter industries. We make sure to focus on their benefits.

This ensure the you can find an item that is most ideal for you. Each item we review has its own unique description. This gives you a look into what makes it tick and helps you to make a quick decision in case you are scouring our website in a hurry.

After seeing and reading our review on an item, you can simply click on it to make a purchase. It is as easy as that. By covering the best outdoor products including skates, scooters and skateboards, we can confidently say that our website is the leading authority on this extreme sport of riding boards.

 If you want to buy some outdoor or skates, a scooter or a skateboard, our website will give you an unbiased report on the item of your choice. You can also see how it ranks when compared to others in our exclusive comparison reviews.

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