Best Inline Skates Review: Untapped Guides For 2023

Top 10 Inline Skates Reviews For Men, Women & Kids

Inline Skates, I guess you know from the name, are skates that are used for “inline skating” by a five wheel configuration assembled in a single line.

The varieties used for recreation are usually outfitted with a rubber stop at the back of the skate frame.

A little bit of history will suffice here. Inline skates came as a response to skating on roads and other surfaces, apart from ice. Russian and American athletes started using inline skates in the 1980s to prepare for the Olympic Games.

A number of inventors and designers have been credited with the development of the best Inline skates, – John Joseph Merlin and Louis Lagrange of France.

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The former is associated with the creation of single-to-many rowed devices that were widely used in the mid-1700s. Lagrange, on the hand, designed skates for use during warm weather.

Rollerblade Inc produced the first commercially available Inline skates, in 1987. The Inline skates made by Rollerblade Inc are top in the industry.

The company has a near total dominance of the North American market. Interestingly, Rollerblade Inc, made annual sales of close to 20million USD, with several hundreds of thousands of rollerblades sold, in 2008.

At present, Inline skaters range from those for aggressive/energetic skating, those for fitness / recreational use.

In addition, there are removable workable lines as well as those that have been adapted for young users.

2020 Inline Skates Review-The Latest Updated Products

A) Best Inline Skates for Men: Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT

The first inline skates review in this guide is going to be the Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT for men that is manufactured by Rollerblade. It has a composite frame that will help to increase the stability of the skate, which can be great for beginners. The outer shell provides additional support and makes it easier to balance. The interior lining of the skate cradles the foot so that you don’t get fatigued while skating. The wheels are 80mm with ABEC 7 bearings that are designed to help you get your speed up with less effort.


  • The straps are easy to use and secure.
  • The boot is snug feeling and comfortable.
  • It’s easy to pick up speed with the skates.


  • The wheels seem to wear quickly.

B) Best Inline Skates for Women: 5th Element Lynx LX

The 5th Element Lynx LX is an inline skate for women that is lightweight with a very comfortable feel. It has an aluminum chassis that will be useful when it comes to reducing fatigue so that you can skate for a more extended period of time. This skate has laces and a strap to make sure that you have the support on your ankles that you need. When it comes to looks, this is a sleek black skate that has gray and pink highlights. In addition, the ABEC 7 bearings and the 80mm wheel will help you to skate smoothly at higher speeds.


  • The skate offers a lot of support.
  • It has very comfortable cushioning.
  • The closure system is ideal for a snug fit.


  • The sizing seems a bit small.

C) Best Inline Skates for Kids: 2PM Sports Torinx

Any kid would enjoy a brightly colored inline skate to enjoy at the park. The 2PM Sports Torinx is bright orange and black, so it will look great with any outfit. It has an aluminum frame to give your child the stability that they need to learn the sport, especially as a child. The skate closes with laces and a strap, so your child’s feet and ankles will always be secure. The lining is supportive and does not lack in comfort. The brake can also be moved to either the right or the left foot to make it easier to stop and control the speed at which your child is skating.


  • The skate can be adjusted as your child grows.
  • They have a very comfortable fit.
  • These skates are great for beginners.


  • They scratch easily.

D) Best Inline Hockey Skates: Tour Hockey Code 9 SR

The next inline skates review is for the Tour Hockey Code 9 SR, which is an excellent option for anyone who enjoys playing hockey. The skate is black with gray and green highlights that will look great on your feet. It is designed with an aluminum frame that will offer stability and support to your ankles. Inside, the padding is designed to reduce the fatigue that your feet may feel during the game. There is no brake on these skates, which is why they are ideal for playing sports.


  • These are very lightweight skates.
  • The wheels are very durable.
  • They are great for fighting fatigue.


  • The comfort level of the skates could be better.

E) Best Senior Inline Hockey Skates: Tour Hockey Senior Fish Bonelite 225

The final inline skate in this guide is the Tour Hockey Senior Fish Bonelite 225. It is a black skate that has red and gray highlights throughout the design. It is a skate that has an aluminum frame that provides ample support during a game. It also has a comfortable lining that will help to fight fatigue so that you can play on them for a longer period. It is also a quick-dry lining, so your feet can stay cool when you skate.


  • These skates are incredibly sturdy.
  • The skates have a very comfortable fit.
  • The wheel and bearing combination provides more than enough speed.


  • The wheels feel a bit sticky on some surfaces.

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Things to consider when buying inline skates:

I know that for the first time inline skating enthusiast, buying your first skates will pose somewhat of a challenge.

For starters, I understand that you would not want to splash huge sums for new roller skates and I understand that it could prove tough getting a pair to rent.

It is important that you start out right with your inline roller skates so that you are not discouraged and end up quitting. If I were you, I would consider that I should avoid ill-fitting skates so I don’t get blisters and a sore ankle.

Therefore, the most important rule for purchasing your own Inline Skates is the rule of fit. The rule stipulates the following:

  • My toes should lightly make contact with the front part of the boot when I am straightened out.
  • Conversely, my toes should not make with the boot when my knees are bent.
  • My ankles should be firmly but adequately supported during the course of a skating session. The rule of thumb here is not too tight and not too loose.

Inline Skates Reviews

1) Best Inline Skates for Men: Rollerblade Spark 80ALU

The 80ALU from Spark offers one of the best Rollerblades on the market with a lovely mix of control, comfort, and good quality components.

The Spark overtime has gained its reputation as one of the top manufacturers of ice-hockey skates for professionals. This Spark 80ALU has 80mm wheels that are tested and trusted for durability.

It is known for being able to attain the speeds needed for racing and maneuvering sharp turns.

I believe it’s properly equipped for the task if you’ll be using your inline skates on professional skating rinks or rough outdoor surfaces, these wheels are fitted with SG5 bearings and rated at 82A.

It features a premium grade aluminum frame that has an additional axle on it meaning you can remove the brakes at any point should you feel it is necessary.

The quality of the soft boot sitting atop the frame is also a marvel. Also, the quality of the lining of the shoe is also lovely although I feel the bling on the outer surface isn’t very necessary.

One hallmark of this skate is that it fits snugly no matter the size and it doesn’t constrict the leg inside.

Ultimately and most importantly, its Velcro strap provides extra protection and the skate offers the best blend of utility and speed.


  • For professionals, speed isn’t a problem
  • It has a premium grade aluminum frame
  • It is durable
  • It has a comfortable and soft liner


  • The bling on the outer surface is unnecessary
  • Can be a bit noisy

2) Best Inline Skates for Women: Rollerblade 90 Activa Inline Skates

If you were looking for a lightweight and maneuverable skate that offers great control with every stride, then I recommend the Rollerblade Activa 90.

This model is developed essentially for those that look to enhance their strides, regularly have a good workout or even just having fun.

It is a high-performance inline skate and it offers comfort, stability, and precision. The way it is designed, it’ll enable you to have cardio pumping workout with a comfortable and smooth ride for prolonged training minutes.

It fits so well on the feet that it’s comfortable in all the key areas and it can also be adjusted.

It features a power strap, adjustable buckles and an asymmetrical lacing system that ensures that this inline skate feels very natural to your legs.

For fitness and fun, the larger wheel size and SG9 bearings will help you experience speed with ease and enhance your stride and glides. more details here.

It comes with a comfortable liner that is specialized 5-star fit and has a memory padding that ensures all-around comfort. The Activa 90 is also very durable due to its Lo-Balance magnesium frame.

No matter what your demands are, this frame is tough and will serve demands without any unnecessary vibrations like other inline Overall; this is one of the best inline skates you’ll find on the market.

you may also consider K2 Skate Women’s Kinetic 80 Inline Skate and Rollerblade Women’s Zetrablade 80 Skates


  • It is a comfortable, soft and breathable boot that fits the foot
  • It fits and feels natural to the legs.
  • It enhances strides for efficient energy use
  • It allows efficient cardio pumping workouts


  • Not very good for beginning skaters

3) Best Kids Inline Skates: Rollerblade Spitfire LX ALU Inline Skates

The Rollerblade Spitfire skates look very cool and are a great way to give your kids a trendy pair of skates. Its adjustable features are an added advantage because it allows you the freedom to change anything if it isn’t the way it should be.

One thing that makes this inline skates one of the best includes the fact that there’s no fear of outgrowing them. It is unbelievably adjustable for up to four sizes as your child’s foot grows.

These online skates allow your child to grow with them meaning if they’re well taken care of, they’ll last longer than many other inline skates. It allows for comfortable summertime outdoor cruising due to the breathable material it is made with.

It features a Junior 5 Star Fit Liner that ensures comfortability even during prolonged use. The Rollerblade Spitfire LX ALU Inline Skates have a Lo-Balance Alu frame that ensures durability and makes sure no energy is wasted with each skate stride.

With this inline skates, for sure you’ll be giving your child a reliable and comfortable pair of skates that will enable them to enjoy their time outdoors and grow in skating confidence.

In all, this is a great all-round inline skates choice for kids and the fun that goes with it.


  • Perfect for outdoor use
  • It’s adjustable for up to four sizes
  • Comfortable, durable and reliable


  • The material used isn’t very breathable

4) Best Inline Hockey Skates: Tour Fish Bonelite Pro Skates

This inline skates due to its qualities are in my opinion one of the best and finest Rollerblades on the market. Whether you need an inline skate for women or men, it is very clear that this is one of the best.

It fits very well and even when heat fitted, they remain incredibly comfortable.

The durability is evident in the fact that even after heavy handling and prolonged use, they don’t seem like used or old rollerblades.

Although this professional pair of inline skates has wheels that get dirty almost very quickly, they are easily replaced when you feel they need to be changed.

Manufactured in both black and white color, the BoneLite Pro skates provide excellent ventilation and performance. It has an outsole that’s made of graphite and Labeda Hummer Eviction frames meaning these inline skates are lightweight.

You’ll experience giant strides based on its 80mm Labeda Addiction wheels that provide grip on any type of indoor surface and excellent speed for professional users.

It boasts arguably the lowest center of gravity for any inline skates on the market. When it also comes to comfortability, the new Accu-Aire liner used is top of the game. Ultimately, it features an In-Step honeycomb system that allows for excellent airflow all-round.

This means the skates have an extended lifespan.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • It offers all-around breathability
  • Perfect for outdoor and indoor skating
  • Lowest center of gravity in an inline skate


  • Its wheels get dirty quickly

5) Senior Inline Hockey Skates: Mission Inhaler AC3 Inline Skates

These are most likely the inline skates pair you should purchase if you’re ready for a high performance and well detailed Rollerblade.

As one of the best inline skates, this Mission Inhaler brand of hockey Skates are designed with different materials that ensure comfort, speed, and stability.

At a good price, these rollerblades deliver quality performance. The Mission’s Inhaler technology used in this product allows air to freely pass through the toecaps while blowing hot air out to keep your feet cool and dry.

It uses a comfort liner with brushed nylon and a two-piece white felt-tongue that delivers an awesome and comfortable fit. In designing Inhaler AC3, the tendon guard has been lowered compared to other models for a better range of motion. This provides longer, more efficient and powerful strides.

It features a redesigned aluminum frames that are stronger and lighter and bearings that ensure maximum durability, speed, and grip.

While it isn’t a must, the manufacturers suggest that you perform a heat fitting when wearing these for the first time. Doing this will make your new inline skates feel very comfortable, just like sneakers.

With these, you’ll have purchased one of the best and most comfortable, durable and high-performance inline skates.


  • Natural and perfect fit do any leg size
  • Soft and comfortable brushed Nylon liner
  • Aluminum frame that ensures maximum durability, grip, and speed
  • Perfect for beginner to intermediate skaters


  • Arch support might feel insufficient for some people

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Final Conclusion

In this review, I tried to pick my best Inline Skates product in 2020. I have included top 10 products. So you can pick which one fits for you. check out the benefits of skating. let me know if you have any suggestions or else? waiting for your valuable comments.

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