Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard Review

A Great Look: The Dragon from Powell

Powell-Peralta is one of skateboarding's oldest manufacturers. In fact, this brand of skateboard has been around since 1978.

With this kind of pedigree, you can be assured that Powell-Peralta knows exactly what kind of skateboards work best for beginner to advanced boarders.

 The Golden Dragon has some nice aesthetics and some great functionality for any type of rider, which is why I chose to write this review.

Aesthetic Beauty

The Powell Golden Dragon has a unique look that embraces the feel of fiery dragons, which is a cool graphic for the skatepark. 

While I love a great screen-printed base, this particular board really sticks out to me as very impressive. 

Combine this with the fact that it's great for tricks and you've gotten an attractive board to kickflip with. 

The top of the board is covered in grip tape but at the center is another dragon, this time centered in a diamond pattern. This is coolly understated and looks very cool in my opinion.

Level of Durability

This is a very durable board due to its unique production process. The board is crafted using an AirLam process that presses the material together at a high level of pressure. 

The result is a board that can withstand riders upward of 200 pounds. As a result of this unique process, the deck is considered one of the toughest produced in Asia. 

Also, any boarder will tell you that one of the most important components of a good board is its trucks. The Golden Dragon has cast aluminum trucks that provide a good amount of durability at a light weight.

What it's Built for

The Powell Golden Dragon is clearly designed with tricks in mind. 

Some of its more trick-friendly features include a grippy surface along the top of the board, carbon steel axles for reinforced strength, and a concave deck that keeps the feet more easily positioned in the places on the board for tricks.

Additionally, the wheels are smaller and the truck places the skateboard closer to the ground, which I find is a superior configuration for the skate park. This is because smaller wheels accelerate quicker, which translates into more explosive tricks, especially when on the half pipe.

Powell Golden Dragon

Level of Maneuverability

This is a fairly smooth skateboard. The wheels are made of high-rebound and hand-cast polyurethane. The result of this material composition is that this board seems to have a good roll performance.

When it comes to turning, this is a pretty good board for general maneuverability. I wouldn't compare it to a cruiser's level of turning and smoothness, especially considering that the wheels are best suited for the flattest surfaces,

but for general use, it's a good board. Since this board is definitely aimed at beginners, I would say that most children and adults can learn to turn on it pretty easily.

Powell Golden Dragon1
  • Key Advantages
  • Disadvantages
  • The durometer of the wheels are of a higher hardness, which makes them great for tricks.
  • At a 54mm diameter, the wheels are also great for beginners to get a nice balanced feel.
  • The deck has a high amount of pop and stiffness.
  • This is a very grippy board; a feature that trick enthusiasts will love.
  • It's rare that you'll find such a complex design on the base of your board for such a competitive price; it really is attractive.
  • My Rating
96 %
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Dragon Skateboard

The Bottom Line

If you need a well-balanced board that has some cool looks, then the Golden Dragon might be perfect for your boarding needs.

I really also love how grippy the top portion is; this makes it a near-perfect board for executing tricks like ollies and kickflips. check our penny boards review article.

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