10 Best Longboard under 50 Dollars: Reviewed For 2023

If you'd sooner ride down the streets of your neighbourhood rather than taking your board to the park to perfect your ollies, you should most likely look into purchasing a longboard.

There are quite a few longboard options on the market, which you can see in our longboard guide; however, sometimes you need to find a longboard that is not going to break your bank.

We've scoured the market to find cheap longboard under 50 Dollars. Before we jump into the reviews, let's look into how to choose the best longboard under 50$.

Longboard Under 50 Dollars

Longboard Under 50 Dollars Review – The Best Products for Your Money

#A. The Best Board for All Levels PowerRider Longboard Skateboard

Our first longboard under 50 Dollars is a longboard that's great for anyone looking to learn a little more about the sport of longboarding.

It has entry-level applications because it sports a drop-through deck and has a strong set of heavy-duty aluminum trucks.

This is very important because this combination of features makes the longboard very stable.

This is also a cool board for kids – it has flashing wheels that light up as you ride. This not only has a cool factor, but it also provides a useful safety feature that makes your children more visible as they ride in low-light environments.

This flashing feature doesn't prevent this from being a quality board. For example, despite the LEDs in the wheels, each wheel is constructed of high-rebound polyurethane and features high-speed bearings.

As a result, this board works well as a downhill cruiser or as a simple commuter board.


  • It comes with an option of two deck designs.
  • The high rebound wheels make this a very forgiving board.
  • This is a board suitable for all types of skating and skaters.


  • The grip tape atop the deck could use a little more traction.
  • The LEDs within the wheels don't last long and aren't repairable/replaceable.

#B. The Best Board for Grip Defeilaisport Skateboard 7 Layers 31"x8" Pro Complete Skate Board

This board, which is a product from Defeilaisport, is a useful longboard for any rider that tends to skate up or down inclines.

The manufacturer used a high-friction anti-slip tape on the deck to ensure that there's a maximum degree of traction as you skate.

This material is also very durable; the tape should last through the years, if not decades of use.

 Like the previous longboard, this product is constructed almost entirely of maple, which means that it should have enough durability and flex for any level of rider.

This board also has PU wheels that provide a good amount of rebound yet are durable. This is absolutely critical for the long-term performance of the board.

This board's maximum weight load is 220 pounds, so this board should be more than adequate for an adult that's looking to learn to longboard.

The board is about 31 inches in length and almost 8 inches in width. This provides you with more than enough room for your feet, and since the deck is coated in that heavy-traction emery non-slip grip tape, you should feel a high degree of control as you shred.


  • This board is constructed out of seven layers of Canadian Maple.
  • It has a weight capacity of 220 pounds.
  • The board has a good amount of flex and has wheels with high rebound.
  • This board has excellent traction for inclines.


  • The bearings could be a lot better.
  • The wheels will need to be tightened.
  • The bearings have been known to blow out.

#C. The Best Board for Materials WL Skateboards Maple Deck Pro Longboard

This is another seven-layer maple board, but compared to the others, this board comes out on top.

The maple used in the deck of this WL Skateboards board is incredibly strong, and the aluminum that comprises the trucks also is both lightweight and durable.

The wheels are also constructed of high-rebound polyurethane to support heavier riders without losing performance. At maximum capacity, this board can be used by riders that are over 200 pounds.

Style is also a major feature of this board; it has a lightning design underneath the deck that is set on a blue night background. The lightning culminates into the shape of a deer that's near the back wheels, which is a design that'll have people talking.

When it comes to features, this board sports ABEC-11 precision bearings, which also tops many of the boards in this guide. Your ride will be extra-smooth, even when you're taking the board into rockier areas of your neighborhood.

These bearings are also excellent when cruising downhill; any rider will be able to speed along their favorite inclines without fear of the bearings seizing up at a crucial time.


  • This is one of the sturdiest longboard under 50 dollars.
  • The design under the deck of the board is particularly eye-catching.
  • The trucks and deck material are very high quality, and the top portion is grippy enough for extended riding.


  • The board is a bit narrower than many, more premium longboards.
  • Braking on this board can be difficult for beginners.

#D. The Best Board for Personal Style FACAIA Longboard Skateboard

When it comes to graphic design, this is a board that will guaranteed turn heads.

Along the base of the deck, you'll find red, yellow, and green colors, as well as a skeletal character that looks more than a little bit sinister.

Some spooky branches top off the art, so this is definitely a board with a theme that many will love.

This is a concave maple longboard, so it's designed to help keep your toe and heel in place as you ride.

As a result, this is also one of the best boards in our guide for overall control, so if you'll be riding to new areas under speed, this may be your board. As you ride, you'll feel locked in so that carving is much easier while navigating turns.

Unlike the other boards in this guide, which all have seven maple layers, this board has nine layers of the same material.

This extra thickness increases the durability and rigidity of the board, which can also improve overall control.

At maximum capacity, this board will support an adult that weighs about 220 pounds.


  • The board ships fully assembled.
  • It comes in a very unique and eye-catching design.
  • The wheels are PU material that won't wear down easily.


  • The bearings aren't high quality.
  • This can be a board that feels a bit too rigid.

#E. The Best Board for Beginners Qihan Skateboard 7 Layers Decks 31"x8" Pro Complete Skate Board

Our final product is a board that has all the hallmarks needed for a new longboarder.

It has a high-quality construction of Canadian maple and features wheels made of polyurethane with a good amount of rebound and durability.

The top of the deck is also covered in a high-traction tape that will ensure that you can maintain your grip as you ride. These wheels also have ABEC-11 bearings, so traveling over rougher terrains will still yield a very smooth ride.

The deck itself is almost 32 inches in length, so there's plenty of room to place your feet as you ride. The deck is also wide enough for downhill cruising if that's something you'd like to try.

If you want to use this as a commuter board, it has all of the features you need. For example, the board only weighs about 5 pounds, so carrying it under an arm or storing it in a bag is easy.


  • This maple board has seven layers of wood.
  • The wheels have ABEC-11 bearings.
  • There's a high degree of control on this longboard.


  • The top design isn't for everyone.

Type of Longboard

Different longboards are designed for different skate styles, so you need to make sure that you are choosing a board that fits your needs.

Most of the individuals who are interested in purchasing a longboard need a board that they can use as a mode of transportation to get them from point A to point B with ease.

If that is the case for you, then you will probably want to look into a cruiser. If you are new to the skateboarding scene, then a cruiser longboard is a great option for a beginner.

If you are more into racing down hills, then you will want a downhill board that is designed to reach much faster speeds than other longboards.

This type of board is often called a drop through longboard, and it needs to have a stable deck to accommodate high speeds. With the right board, you can reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour with ease.

Quality of the Material

Even though you are looking for a cheap longboard, you don't want to sacrifice the quality of the board that you get.

This means that you want a board that is built with a durable material. Maple is the most common option as well as the most durable, so is most likely going to be a go-to for most.

Bamboo is a type of material that is becoming more common for longboard construction.

Bamboo has more of a flex, so it is great for cruising from one location to another, but it is not the best material for speed.

Speed of the Board

Speed is important for most skaters. Whether you are looking for a cruiser to get to school or a drop through board for racing, you need a longboard that has a good amount of speed.

The smaller the wheels are, the more speed you will be able to pick up. Don't forget that high speed means that hitting uneven terrain can cause a wipeout, so you also want to think about the durometer of the wheel. Softer wheels are great for allowing you to glide over uneven pavement with ease.

Length of the Board

The length of the board that you choose is also important, especially if you are just starting out. Most longboards are about 28 to 46 inches in length.

The exact length will depend on your skate style and preference, but make sure that you do not get a board that is too short because it will make learning how to maneuver a longboard much more difficult.

The shorter range of these boards is ideal for beginners and younger riders. The mid-sized cruiser is the most versatile option because it is great for everyone.

The longest longboards are taller individuals or simply for anyone who wants to cruise down the sidewalk. Test out a few options before you decide how long your board should be.

Amount of Flex

Flex is important for a longboard. For a cruiser, the amount of flex that your board has will help to absorb the bumps in the terrain that you are riding on.

This is great because it relieves some of the stress that a bumpy road puts on your body. That being said, a lot of flex also makes it more difficult to learn how to ride, so if you are a novice, you should take that into consideration.

If you are purchasing a longboard for speed and racing, then you want a board that is more stable so that you have more control as you are racing downhill.

Longboard under $50 Comparison Table

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Longboard Reviews Under $50-Old Products

1) Rimable Freestyle Topmount Longboard – Best for Cruising

This longboard by Rimable is one of the best longboards for anyone looking for a genuine sense of style in their skateboard.

It has a maple construction that features a unique bottom that comes in eight different colors. This means that there are a lot of style options in this longboard.

This board is also about stability; not only is the grip tape on the top of the deck really grippy, but the trucks at the base of the board have a very wide design, which is there to give you added balance when you're going at high speeds. Additionally, these trucks are also made of aluminum and are low-slung, which means that you'll experience a very stable and balanced ride.

The maple deck is also very sturdy. In fact, it uses a nine-ply design that also has a slight concave that is designed to help you maintain your balance.

Playshion Cruising Longboard - Best for Beginners


  • The shades at the bottom of the deck are very vibrant; people will definitely notice how stylish this board is.
  • The trucks are made of aluminum so that they are both sturdy and lightweight.

  • This is a 42-inch long longboard. This means that it is great for street cruising and you can even use this board as a downhill racer


  • This board has ABEC 7 bearings, which are not as smooth as some other longboard bearings.

2) Playshion Cruising Longboard - Best for Beginners

The Playshion Cruising Longboard is a 42-inch board with a pintail design that is great for beginners.

This board has trucks that are top mounted so that the board gets the height that it needs to turn with ease as you cruise down the street.

It also has bearings that are incredibly responsive, which help you maintain control of the board as you ride. You can also use the tail to make it easy to turn the corner as you need.

The first thing that you might notice on this nine-inch wide board is the beautiful graphics that are on the deck. The sun setting over the ocean is quite amazing on the bottom of the board, and the top fully covered in a grippy material that displays the company logo. Insofar as the wheels, they are 70 mm in diameter with a durometer of 78A, which means that they are soft and large, which is perfect for a novice who needs a bit of impact absorption.

Playshion Cruising Longboard


  • The grip tape covers the entire board, which is ideal for a beginner so that you do not lose your footing.
  • This longboard is easy to turn, even for a beginner who may be struggling with balance.

  • This board has a wide wheelbase, which makes it easier to balance on it as you ride.


  • The board has a decent amount of flex, so it may not be the best for racing.

3) Aeroactive Longboard Skateboard Cruiser – Best for Tricks

If you are more comfortable on a longboard with more length, the Aeroactive Cruiser is a 45-inch skateboard that is made from seven layers of hardwood maple, which means that it is a durable board that will last for years.

The board has a beautiful deck design that that is gripped with clear sandblast to give you the grip and the look that you want on your board.

The heels are 62 mm in diameter, which is not as large as the last board that we reviewed, but it still offers the grip and the terrain absorption that you'd want out of a longboard. This board even has a kicktail that makes it more convenient to do tricks while you skate. This longboard is not specifically designed for speed because it is a cruiser, which means that it is ideal for travel instead of racing, but the bearings on this Aeroactive are great for maintaining stability at high speeds.

Aeroactive Longboard Skateboard Cruiser


  • The seven-ply construction makes this a very sturdy board that will last for years of use.
  • The wheels are soft, which makes them great for gripping the pavement as you cruise down the street.

  • Balancing on this board is simple, even while you are grinding on your skate box at home.


  • The board does not have a lot of flex.

4) SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Complete Longboard – Best for Maneuverability

SCSK8 is one of the quintessential brands of boards that just about everyone has heard of and this longboard really shows their dedication to quality.

The first thing that you'll notice is that this board has a pintail design that tapers somewhat like a surfboard. This design is very unique and is aerodynamic enough to really provide some top-notch speed.

In addition to the shaping, SCSK8 has also really delivered on some of the color options for this longboard. There are seven in total, and some of them, like the blue variation, simply look stunning. When it comes to riding, this is a stable board; it has seven-inch aluminum trucks and ABEC 9 bearings that allow it to really pick up speed without any wobbliness.

SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained Complete Longboard


  • The SCSK8 Pro Black grip tape at the top of the board really is great for helping you maintain your footing.
  • The board uses 70mm PU wheels that provide a good level of acceleration.

  • The deck is stable; it uses a seven-ply maple construction that allows for some flex but also remains sturdy.


  • The paint at the base of the deck has a tendency to really start to chip away over time.
  • The wheels are soft, which makes them good for carving, but these tend to underperform when you're power sliding.

5) MAGIC UNION Drop Down Longboard – Best for Speed

One of the first things that you'll notice about this Magic Union board is the cool-looking racing stripe that splits the grip take at the top of the deck.

This really makes this board look fast, and you can even use it as a downhill racer. Additionally, the bottom of the deck also features one of three unique graphics that really look great.

This is a drop down board, which means that its trucks actually go through the top of the deck. This means that this board is much lower to the ground than most longboards so that you can get maximum stability. This is particularly useful during downhill racing where you don't want to wipe out.

Finally, this is also a very sturdy board that features a nine-ply Super-Flex maple deck. In fact, with this construction, this board can support a 330-pound adult.

MAGIC UNION 41-Inch Drop-Down Longboard


  • You can definitely achieve some high speeds with this downhill racer longboard.
  • This board is also versatile enough to be used as a cruiser.
  • Magic Union used ABEC 11 bearings in the design of this longboard, which means that it's very fast.


  • The heat transfer design at the base of the deck really can pick up scratches.
  • The trucks aren't the best, so don't be surprised if you have to replace them.

Final Thoughts

A longboard can be a great mode of transportation that does not cost you a fortune. All of the longboards that we have reviewed here are great options, and each of them has a relatively low price point.

Which longboard under 50 dollars is right for you? Hopefully, this guide has helped you decide. 

If you are still having trouble deciding if a longboard is ideal for your skating needs, you can check out my Longboard vs. Skateboard article to help you make a decision. We have other skateboarding articles as well, so don't be afraid to look around.

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