15 Best Skateboard Brands 2023- You Should Try Out Today!

Skateboarding has one of the highly competitive markets around the world; it’s estimated to worth between $2.5 to $5 billion a year, with multiple new brands that arise around the world every now and then.

The competition between skateboard brands is enormous; even the best brands strive to stay on top of such a market.

Skateboarding has been around for a long time, and it's still going strong! In fact, more skateboarders are coming on the scene every day. With so many brands to choose from, which one should you go with? There are many great choices out there, but here is a list of the top skateboard brands.

key factors of raking best skateboards companies.

If you are looking to buy your first skateboard and want the absolute best skateboard brand beneath your feet – you need to review many things. Check the quality, durability, price, customer service and aesthetics of what brands with Skateboard company will offer and it should be a good starting point.

Quality: The Skateboard Brands can always give you the highest quality in skateboards. They never compromise with their products to earn more money and thus allow you to enjoy your ride without worry.

Durability: Skateboard company know how important it is as a buyer to have something that lasts long enough. Best Skateboard Brands can assure its clients that their products are built to last. The Brands will never let you down in terms of quality and durability.

Price: The brands have a reputation to uphold. company never disappoints its clients when it comes to delivering outstanding services and products at reasonable prices. Best skateboard brands can assure you that durability and quality never come at a high price.

Customer Service: The Skateboard Brands have the best customer service crew because of its professionalism and well-trained staff. Brands takes care of each client well, making sure that they get what they want in every way possible. Best skateboarding company can assure you that your every need will be met the most professional way possible. Skateboard company are always ready to serve when you call out for help.

Aesthetics: The skateboard brands have the best aesthetic design, giving it a bold and exciting look that is not only appealing to people's eyes – but also catches attention from others. Best Skateboard Brands has an appealing color combination that can make Best Brands look different from others. 

Accessories: Best skateboard brands can give you their customer's freebies with your purchase of skateboards beneath your feet. which means more fun with your new board from Best Skateboard Brands.

15 Best Skateboard Brands- You should consider to buy!

We’re reviewing 15 of the best skateboarding brands to help you with your selection between them.

1. Element Skateboards

One of the most well-known skateboarding brands; it has been in the market since 1992; it is listed on top of the “Best Skateboard Brands” list ranking first, and has been known for its highly durable skateboards.

Element skateboards are affordable; starting from $100 you can get a good quality complete setup.

Element Skateboards


  • The board is strong and lightweight
  • Made of durable materials
  • You can customize your board the way that suits you.


  • Stability may have been better with wider trucks.
  • The board arrives unassembled and you have to assemble it yourself.


The brand is good for all types of skaters, including beginners, professionals, females, and kids.

Element Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Element Skateboards

Are Element skateboards good?

Element skateboards offer a good value for the price; they are affordable; you can get a complete setup for $100; they are durable and have good quality.

What are Element skateboards made of?

Element skateboards are made of 7 layers of ply maple thriftwood; they are thick, strong, lightweight, and maintain minimal flexibility.

Who is the owner of Element skateboards?

Quiksilver is the owner of Element skateboards.

2. Girl Skateboards

Established in 1993, and contrary to what might be expected, the founders of the company are Rick Howard and Mike Carroll, not one of the famous female skaters, and the brand naming Girl Skateboards may have been a marketing ploy to overcome the intense market competition at its launching time.

Let’s know some of its pros and cons.

Girl Skateboards 


  • Their decks are solid, safe, and considered one of the best skateboard decks.
  • You can customize your deck and choose between graphics or the Girl logo.
  • The board is durable overall.


  • Their decks tend to be heavier.
  • The logo may not suit everyone.


The brand is good for skaters of all levels and is great for individuals who wouldn't like to modify their boards before getting on a ride.

Girl Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Girl Skateboards

Are Girl Skateboards good?

Girl skateboards are good for beginners and professionals as well; however, some professionals complain about flat concaves and mellow nose and tail.

Why are girls called skateboards?

Girl Skateboards is a skateboarding brand company, the naming of it may have come like that for marketing reasons, as well as its logo, which is the symbol of women’s bathroom, to make it simple and remarkable for customers to remember.

Where are Girlboards made?

Girl skateboards are made in China along with its sister brand Chocolate, which is managed by the same distributor Crailtap.

3. Plan B Skateboards

The brand was first established in 1991, stopped after its founder Mike Ternasky died in a car accident in the late 90s, and re-launched again in 2005  by Colin McKay and Danny Way.

Now Plan B skateboards is rising back as one of the competitive skateboards brands on the market. Let’s know some about this product’s pros and cons.

Plan B Skateboards


  • Design is eye-catching and unique.
  • You have a variety of deck graphic designs to choose from.
  • You can get the board assembled or buy each of the parts separately and assemble them yourself.
  • The board is well known for performing technical tricks.


  • Spectrum is heavier at the end.
  • Complaints about board wears and tears.


The brand is good for casual rides, road cruising, and young skaters.

Plan B Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Plan B Skateboards

Are Plan B skateboards good?

Plan B skateboards is considered one of the good skateboarding companies. It has been in the market since its re-establishment in 2005. Many professional skateboarders use these boards to perform technical tricks.

Who makes Plan B skateboards?

Plan B skateboards is an American skateboarding company based in California, founded by Mike Ternasky and Brian Johnson in 1991, and re-launched by Colin McKay and Danny Way in 2005.

4. Blind Skateboards

Blind Skateboards was founded in 1989 by Mark Gonzales, with a marketing trend focused on hard-core skateboarding style, exposed in their graphics and decks.

The brand is now distributed by Dwindle Distributors and coordinated by Spike Jonze.

Let’s know some of their characteristics.

Blind Skateboards


  • Their decks are considered one of the highly durable because of the fact that it’s made of 8 layers of ply maple wood, which is unlike most of the other brands made of only 7 layers.
  • They offer a range of accessories including decks, trucks, wheels, and direction devices.
  • Their images and designs are distinctive and eye-catching and make their boards stylish.


  • The graphics they use may not suit everyone since they tend to be very violent and dark.


This brand is good for stylish skateboarders and suits all levels, from beginners to pros.

Blind Skateboards brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Blind Skateboards

Are Blind skateboards good?

Regarding Blind skateboards, their wheels are generally larger than the common size in other brands, they are faster, and have a nice grip; this gives them the advantage to skate tight corners, but they are not so good for slides.

5. Zero Skateboards

Zero Skateboards was created with the intention to expose the rebellious nature of the skateboarding culture. It was founded in 1996 by Jamie Thomas in California as a clothing company, and gradually started to make skateboarding accessories then good quality skateboards.

Now Zero Skateboards is disseminated by Dwindle Distribution, the American skateboard distributor in California, which handles the most well-known skateboard brands business.

Let’s see some of the pros and cons of this brand.

Zero Skateboards


  • The boards are stable, durable, and good in quality.
  • You have a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes to choose from.
  • The boards are shaped with good concave.
  • You can customize your deck.


  • The prints sometimes mimic religious topics or events, which may be controversial.


This brand is good for beginners; their boards are perfect for learning tricks and grinds.

Zero Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Zero Skateboards

Is zero a good skateboard brand?

Zero Skateboards is one of the top companies in the skateboarding field; it offers durable and high-quality skateboards that are mostly preferred for street skateboarding.

When did Zero Skateboards come out?

Zero Skateboards was founded in 1996 by Jamie Thomas in Carlsbad, California, United States.

6. Chocolate Skateboards

Chocolate Skateboards is one of the Crailtap distributor's most profitable brands, along with its sister company Girl. It was founded in 1994 by Rick Howard and Mike Carroll. Their boards are made of 7 layers of maple wood, and like other brands, they manufacture all kinds of accessories for skateboards. Let’s know some about its features.

Chocolate Skateboards 


  • They are durable, and their parts last longer.
  • Boards are having good concavity and easy to handle.
  • Their graphics and designs are cool and do not tend to violence.


  • Some of their boards tend to be heavier.


The brand is good for kids, specifically for its nice and colorful designs, and overall is great for beginners.

Chocolate Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Chocolate Skateboards

Who started Chocolate Skateboards?

Chocolate Skateboards come from the same family of Girl Skateboards. It was founded in 1994 by Rick Howard and Mike Carroll, and one of the skateboarding companies running by Crailtap distribution.

Where are Chocolate Skateboards made?

Chocolate Skateboards are made in China.

When was Chocolate Skateboards founded?

Chocolate Skateboards was founded in April 1994, by Rick Howard and Mike Carroll, in Torrance, California, United States.

7. Flip Skateboards

Flip Skateboards is one of the top-ranked skateboarding brands globally. The company has its British roots; it was founded in 1991 by Jeremy Fox and Geoff Rowley in England and moved to California, US. in 1994.

Let’s have a look at its features.

Flip Skateboards 


  • Flip decks are made of 7 layers of maple wood; they are lightweight, durable, and high quality.
  • The boards are made with a medium concave, which is more comfortable in using for high speed.
  • Designs are simple and cool.
  • The brand also offers Fingerboards, which is pretty cool.


  • Their medium concave may not suit all professional skateboarders.


The brand is good for street skating and for skaters of all skating levels.

Flip Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Flip Skateboards

Are flip skateboards good?

Flip Skateboards are perfect for technical tricks and street or park skating. They are good quality and durable skateboards.

Where are flip skateboards made?

There are two types of Flip skateboards, the Regular and the P2; they are made in China and the USA.

8. Almost Skateboards

Almost Skateboards started in 2003 by Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song and distributed by Dwindle Distribution. Their boards are made of 7 or 8 layers of carbon fiber decks; they started making only decks and then expanded and started to make different skateboarding accessories.

Let’s have their pros and cons.

Almost Skateboards


  • They are durable and good in quality.
  • Decks are made with perfect concave for higher ollies.
  • Their decks are great for high gaps.


  • They are not doing so well regarding their display (designs and logo are not that good).


The brand is good for kids and female skateboarders.

Almost Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Almost Skateboards

Are Almost skateboards good?

Almost skateboards are preferred by many skaters for their durability, higher pops, and lightweight, yet some hardcore skateboarders not considering it suitable for their use.

Where are Almost skateboards made?

Almost skateboards are made in Almost own factory based in China.

Who started almost skateboards?

Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song

9. Powell Peralta Skateboards

Powell Peralta Skateboards is one of the oldest skateboarding companies founded in the late ’70s of the last century by George Powell and Stacy Peralta. The brand’s name is well recognized in the skateboarding industry field. They are specialized in producing wheels and bearings along with the decks. 

Let’s have some pros and cons to this brand.

Powell Peralta Skateboards


  • They produce all their skateboard parts.
  • The brand sponsored many professional names like Tony Hawk.
  • Their wheels and bearings are of the highest quality in the market.


  • May comes at higher prices.


The brand is good for kids and adult beginners to learn skateboarding.

Powell Peralta Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Powell Peralta Skateboards

Are Powell Peralta skateboards good?

Powell Peralta is one of the best skateboarding brands; it’s perfect for beginners to learn skateboarding and durable for professionals’ use.

What does Powell Peralta mean?

Powell Peralta is the name of the American skateboarding brand founded in 1978 by George Powell and Stacy Peralta.

Who owns Powell Peralta?

Skate One Corp. is the owner of Powell Peralta skateboards.

Where are Powell skateboards made?

Powell Peralta skateboards are made in Powell Peralta factory based in California, US.

10. Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa Cruz Skateboards brand started in California in 1973 by Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman, and appropriated by NHS. It's also one of the oldest skateboarding brands that have been in the market for decades.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this old brand.

Santa Cruz Skateboards


  • They are made of 100% North American maple wood.
  • All parts of their boards are made in-house.
  • They produce longboards and skateboards.


  • May comes at higher prices.
  • Bearings are not high in quality.


The brand is good for skaters passionate about old school brands.

Santa Cruz Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Santa Cruz Skateboards

Are Santa Cruz Skateboards good?

Santa Cruz Skateboards is one of the oldest brands of skateboards; they are offering a wide range of great quality longboards and skateboards.

Is Santa Cruz a skateboard brand?

Santa Cruz Skateboards brand was founded in 1973 by Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman and distributed by NHS.

Where are Santa Cruz Skateboards made?

Santa Cruz skateboards are made in Wisconsin, US. They are made of 100% maple veneer.

11. SCSK8 Skateboards

SCSK8 is a skateboarding brand focused on beginner skaters and made exactly to satisfy the needs of newbies. They are super easy to use, available at affordable prices, and are good in quality. check more details review here.

Let’s have hints about their pros and cons.

SCSK8 Skateboards


  • Comes at cheap prices (around $50)
  • Designed especially for beginners.
  • Desks are wide and comfortable.


  • May comes at higher prices.


The brand is good for beginners.

SCSK8 Skateboards Brand

12 Alien Workshop Skateboards

Alien Workshop Skateboards was founded in 1990 in Dayton, Ohio, US. by Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Neil Blender. They make the usual 7 layers ply skateboards, which are known for their very lightweight and durability.

The brand pros and cons.

Alien Workshop Skateboards


  • Decks are strong and of high quality.
  • Very lightweight and durable.
  • Distinctive designs.


  • Pricey


The brand is good for pools and street skating.

Alien Workshop Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Alien Workshop Skateboards

Does Rob Dyrdek still own Alien Workshop?

Rob Dyrdek took Alien Workshop company’s lead until 2013 when he sold it to Pacific Vector Holdings. Since 2016 Mike Hill led the company after ending the brand business with Tum-Yeto and returning back to Miamisburg, Ohio.

Who skates for Alien Workshop?

Alien Workshop sponsored a number of skateboarders, including Jason Dill, Mikey Taylor, and Anthony Van Engelen.

13. Habitat skateboards

Habitat skateboards was founded in 1999; it’s a sister brand of Alien Workshop Skateboards. Their boards come in different styles along with the usual 7 layers boards, they have the Skylite lighter boards, the Terralone Earth clay boards, and the corrugated boards.

Let’s have their pros and cons.

Habitat skateboards


  • They are durable and of high quality.
  • Their graphics are iconic and eye-catching.
  • Their decks are light and come in different styles.


  • The brand is less well-known.


The brand is good for both streets and parks skateboarding.

Habitat skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Habitat Skateboards

Are Habitat skateboards good?

Habitat skateboards are known for their durability and strong grip. They are also having a great collection of apparel, which you can wear for skateboarding and casual hangouts.

Who makes Habitat skateboards?

Habitat Skateboards was founded in 1999 by a team of five amateur skaters.

14. Enjoi Skateboards

Enjoi Skateboards was founded in 2000 by Marc Johnson supported by Rodney Mullen, and distributed by Dwindle Distribution. The brand produces skateboard decks along with other skateboarding accessories, and has been known for its sense of humor in designs.

 Let’s have Pros and Cons

Enjoi skateboards


  • Their boards are lightweight and offer you great pops.
  • Offer excellent grip and stability.
  • They have a great collection of designs that are eye-catching and distinctive.


  • The graphic design on the deck may not last for a long time.


The brand is good for skaters of all ages and suitable for learning tricks and street skateboarding.

Enjoi Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Enjoi Skateboards

Is Enjoi a good skateboard brand?

Enjoi skateboards are solid boards that are good in quality and durable; their concave is great for comfortable riding and performing flips.

Are Enjoi Skateboards good for beginners?

Enjoi Skateboards offers pro decks with non-pro branded parts, which is a great solid option for beginners to start with.

Who owns Enjoi Skateboards?

 Globe International owns Enjoi Skateboards.

15. Birdhouse skateboards

Birdhouse skateboards is the last brand with us on this list. It was formed by the iconic professional skater Tony Hawk and Per Welinder in the early ‘90s.

This brand skaters team had the best skateboard professionals of all times, including names like Lizzie Armanto, Willy Santos, Buckey Lasek, and David Loy.

Let’s check the pros and cons of this final masterpiece.

Birdhouse skateboards


  • The decks are highly durable and thicker than other brands.
  • Decks are made to provide you with high-quality professional performance.
  • They can pop higher than other brands.


  • The brand doesn't offer individual parts; you can only get either a complete skateboard or just a deck.


This brand is good for huge air nailings, great for vert and park skating, and made by professionals for professionals.

Birdhouse skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Birdhouse Skateboards

Is birdhouse a good skateboard brand?

Birdhouse skateboards is a great brand, it was founded by Tony Hawk and Per Welinder, and it has one of the most professional skateboarders team ever.

What board does Tony Hawk use?

Tony Hawk uses a Birdhouse skateboard, which is the skateboarding brand he founded with Per Welinder.

Does Tony Hawk own Birdhouse?

Yes, Tony Hawk is the owner of Birdhouse skateboards, he founded the brand with Per Welinder in 1992.

Best Skateboard brands for beginners

It’s pretty challenging to make your first choice of a skateboard as a beginner and pick a decent selection at a reasonable price. But we are here to help you out and guide you to the best 5 Skateboard brands for beginners.

1. Stoked complete skateboards

Stoked Ride Shop is one of the best brads for pre-built complete skateboards you could have as your first choice. You can get it on a budget, it offers you the stability you need as a beginner, and its quality is way better than non-branded skateboards.

Stoked offers you a great beginning to cruise the streets and start learning some basic tricks. Compared to coming choices, Stroked has the best value for money.

2. CCS complete skateboards

CCS is a good choice for you as a beginner once you’ve learned the basics. Its pre-built complete skateboards offer you pretty good quality. The issue with it is that it comes with small wheels, which are great for learning technical tricks on them but with less grip and stability than the first option with wider wheels.

CCS is an excellent choice as a beginner street skateboard, and in general, it’s favorable by lots of skaters for beginners. 

3. Enjoi complete skateboards

Another great pre-built complete skateboard for beginners is Enjoi; the brand has one of the best well-built street skateboards, offering great value for money.

With Enjoi, you can have cool graphics and colors, unlike the other two previous choices. The only issue about it is that it’s a little narrow as a beginner skateboard but other than that, it’s an excellent option for you to start with.

4. Element complete skateboards

Another excellent option for gorgeous graphics and well-built street skateboards is the Element pre-built complete. If you’re looking for a board that gets you stoked to ride, then it’s Element with its cool professional look.

Element skateboards offer you a tremendous pre-built complete collection for beginners. You can also get suitable skateboards for kids to start learning some technical tricks without spending too much.

5. Santa Cruz complete skateboards

One of the oldest skateboard brands and the best quality you can get. Santa Cruz’s pre-built complete setup is among the best choices you could have as a beginning in your skateboarding journey. They are well-built and can last with you for a while, depending on how often you use them.

Santa Cruz decks are large enough to give you the stability and comfort you need to ride easily and start popping some tricks.

skateboard brands for beginners

Quick Beginner Skateboarding Tips:

The best skateboards to start with as a beginner are street skateboards; although they are not the best for long rides or riding on hard surfaces, they give you the best of both ways to test yourself on riding and performing tricks.

Small boards are not ideal for beginners and are more challenging to balance on; instead, you should have wider boards (of eight-inch at least) to get more room for your feet to stand on and better balance and stability while riding.

The mentioned skateboard brands are not all the brands out there, and of course, you can find many others, yet they are what we think the best skateboard brands for beginners.

Best Skateboard brands for Street

If you are into performing tricks and skateboarding urban obstacles like street benches, stairs handrails, and planter boxes, you portray street skateboarding. The skateboards of this style should have several advantages, such as small wheels and narrow decks, which you can get from these brands that offer the best street skateboards.

  1. Baker Skateboards

Baker Skateboards is our first choice as one of the best street skateboards you could have. Most Baker boards are popsicle-style shaped, which makes them perfect for street skateboarding. They are built with high quality and offer a wide range of sizes to choose the best for you.

Baker Skateboards are suitable for all skateboarding levels. Although they are more expensive than other brands, they offer you excellent advantages for street skateboarding that are worth what you’ll pay for.

  1. AntiHero Skateboards

Antihero Skateboards is known for its durable, stable, lightweight skateboards; they have been in the markets since 1995, and have a good reputation for the high-quality materials they use to make their boards.

Antihero skateboards are suitable for skateboarders of all skill levels, from beginner to pro. These boards come with gorgeous designs to pop on the streets, and they are perfect for skating parks and street skateboarding.

  1. Alien Workshop Skateboards

Alien Workshop Skateboards offers you well-built, durable decks that can last with you for a while. These boards are of an advanced level for skateboarders. You can have them as complete setups and customized skateboards.

Alien Workshop is an excellent choice as a street skateboard. It also comes in cool graphics and stylish colors that make your board pop in the streets. The only disadvantage is the price, which is quite expensive compared to other skateboard brands.

  1. Impact Skateboards by Almost

The Impact Skateboards series from Almost is one of the great choices as street skateboards for its well-known durability that stands longer than the regular Almost series. These boards are made for hardcore skating, which makes them great on the streets and urban obstacles.

Impact Skateboards has wide loyal skateboarder fans who praise their durability, trust their 8-ply maple wood boards, and choose them over other brands.

  1. Everslick Skateboards by Santa Cruz

Everslick Skateboards sires from Santa Cruz are our last choice in this list of best skateboard brands for the street. Everslicks boards are made of 7 Ply of 100% North American Maple wood. They are five times stronger than regular boards and known for their fast sliding slick boards that enable you to slide over urban obstacles even without rails or wax.

Everslick Skateboards are durable, strong, and responsive street skateboards. Their graphics are long-lasting, and overall, the board is ready to stand high-impact riding.

best-skateboard-for Street

Quick tips for choosing the best street skateboard from any brand:

To select the best street skateboard, you should look for these main features:

Deck size should be between 8.0” - 8.5”

Wheels should be between 50 - 54mm

Wheelbase should be between 13” - 15”

And boards should be shaped in popsicle stick-shape

Watch the latest video What are the best skateboard brands?


This was our list for what we think are the best skateboard brands. Are there any other brands we didn’t talk about? Of Course, there are. Didn't we talk about them because we think they are bad?

Well, of course not, yet we cannot gather all the skateboard brands in the world in just one topic!

In the end, the differences between each brand may not be noticeable to casual skaters as the general standards for manufacturing them are the same; you could get two skateboards from two different brands, put them in comparison, and still, you find both boards are almost identical.

Usually, as long as you buy your skateboard from a well-known brand,  and avoid purchasing the cheap ones, you will get a good quality skateboard; other differences in weight, concave, and accessories are matters of personal preference depending on your skating style.

In the following table we summarize our classification for each brand according to the type of skaters we think it suits the best.

Our skateboarding brands classification according to skating style and personal preferences

  • Beginners

  • Kids

  • Females

  • Learning tricks

  • Higher pops

  • Street & park skating

  • Nice graphics & design

  • Chocolate
  • Element
  • Girl
  • Plan B
  • Powell Peralta
  • SCSK8
  •  Zero

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