Penny Boards Review: An Honest Buying Guides 2023

When you're a kid or an adult that's just looking to have a little fun, nothing is better than a nice penny board. Penny boards are compact, can achieve quite a bit of speed, and are usually very inexpensive. These miniature skateboards are perfect for men, women, and children and don't take up a lot of room during the colder months.

While I would say that penny boards aren't really for the serious skater, there is no better recreational item for people just looking to get around. In fact, these are perfect for simple cruising on a college campus or during a short commute to work. With all this in mind, what are the best penny boards on the market? In our guide, we're going to show you five of the better models so that you know what to look for when you're looking to buy.

Penny Boards Comparison

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Best penny boards review

Penny Boards Review – The Best Products for Your Money

5 Best Penny Boards for 2020

The first penny board in my guide is a board that also happens to be the cheapest of the boards I'll be reviewing. The Cal 7 is excellent for boarders on a budget and comes in more than 15 distinct colors, so it'll be easy to find a board to fit your own personal style. Despite how inexpensive it is, the board has strong aluminum trucks and wheels that sport ABEC-7 bearings.

The deck texture sports a crosshatch, waffled design that helps you maintain your footing, even when riding downhill. The wheels themselves are 60 millimeters and are designed to take a beating, so you or your children can be a little rough. The wheels also have a transparent design on some variations. This is eye-catching, and they are well-built enough to not wear down, even after years of trips to the skate park.

This is also a tiny board that will fit in some bags, and it's barely noticeable when carrying it since it only weighs a little over six pounds. The deck size is only 22.5 x 6". This makes it a very low profile board. It's recommended for riders under 176 pounds, so larger adults will have to purchase a sturdier board. For this reason, I'd say that this is really a board that will be best for kids/teenagers.


  • This is a very compact board for students that might want to pack it away.
  • It has 3.125" aluminum alloy trucks.
  • It comes in 16 unique color combinations.


  • It won't support larger riders.
  • The deck has a little too much flex to it.

You need excellent grip when you're on any skateboard, and when it comes to the level of traction, this Penny Skateboards penny board is definitely the grippiest of the products. I'll be reviewing today. Like the Cal 7, this board has a waffled pattern atop the deck, but the diamonds in these patterns are much smaller, so there's just more stability and traction when you're riding. Additionally, the deck is large with a wider design, so there's more surface area for you to grip to when you're out and about.

In addition to the high level of traction, this product's build quality is also very high. The trucks at the base are considered A-grade when it comes to their construction and are crafted of ultra-light aluminum. These are also powder coated so that rust and corrosion won't happen over time. The wheels themselves sport ABEC-7 stainless steel bearings and are crafted of 83A polyurethane, which is notoriously tough.

This board is slightly larger than some penny boards, but that doesn't mean it's unwieldy; it should fit in most backpacks. Still, if it doesn't quite fit, it's only 4.25 pounds, so carrying it under your arm should be very easy. The board comes fully assembled and is protected by a manufacturer's warranty.


  • This is a very lightweight board that's slightly over four pounds.
  • This board has a lot of grip.
  • The 83A durometer wheels are tough and generate good speed.


  • The tail has a tendency to lift somewhat during rides.
  • The wheels could be tighter.

A bit of flexibility is useful in a skateboard because, when a board can flex, you'll feel the unevenness of the road less while you ride. This also makes a board particularly useful for doing tricks since the board will have the flex you need for keeping control. This product is crafted from a special plastic blend, which provides a good mix of flex and stability. The deck is also incredibly strong; riders as heavy as 220 pounds can ride safely. As a result, this is definitely a product that even adults may safely use since it has a higher maximum capacity.

The trucks on this board are crafted out of pro-grade aluminum, which maintains a high strength level while keeping the board lightweight. The bushings on this are SHR-90A urethane that grants the board a good amount of rebound, which is another trick-friendly material. Like the other boards I covered, this penny board uses ABEC-7 bearings, which ensures a very smooth ride.

When looking at the board, one of the first things you'll notice is how large the trucks are and how far up the board is positioned. This provides newer riders with enhanced stability so that they can ride in comfort as they learn the ropes.


  • It comes in two different colors.
  • This is a very sturdy and flexible board.
  • It has a maximum capacity of 220 pounds.
  • There are personalized designs.


  • The board is very wide, which affects its portability.
  • The trucks and wheels will need to be loosened before riding.

When it comes to design and sturdiness, wood is usually a better material for a skateboard than plastic. This board, which is crafted from six piles of Canadian maple, is durable and flexible and is designed for tricks thanks to the double kick tails. The sturdiness of the wood is very apparent as you ride, and the wheels are also wide-set for added stability. For those concerned with grip, the deck has a sand-grit finish so that the board feels grippy as you ride to and fro.

The trucks on this penny board are made of gravity-cast aluminum, which makes them lightweight and sturdy. The board is also very small, so it'll be effortless to carry with you in a bag or just tucked under an arm. Unlike other penny boards, there are no actual plastic components on the Magneto Mini Cruiser, which is why it's the best product in this guide for overall build quality.

When it comes to looks, the Magneto Mini Cruiser also has four unique designs to consider. This means that it's much easier to find a board that fits you or your child's unique personality. Additionally, it has a maximum weight capacity of 275 pounds, so even larger riders can use the board to cruise around or do tricks. Most users will also love the asymmetrical kick tails; they make it very easy to corner and do tricks.


  • This is a very portable penny board.
  • Since it's crafted from six Canadian maple piles, it's very sturdy and has good flex.
  • There are no plastic components on this board.
  • The trucks use gravity-cast aluminum, which is ultra-durable.


  • The wood surface can get cracked over time.
  • The trunks aren't powder-coated, so they can become rusty.

This is another board that has tons of design options for your favorite rider. In total, the board comes in a total of 18 designs that change up the color and add design notes to the penny board's overall look. This is also a board with excellent stability; it has a 22-inch length and a six-inch width so that it's easy to maintain your footing. The deck is also very grippy; there's a molded "x" pattern on the top that provides heightened traction.

Like the majority of the penny boards that I've covered here, the Skatro Mini Cruiser is crafted out of plastic. Still, features like the trucks are crafted out of aluminum and come in a variety of colors. The total weight limit on the board is 220 pounds, so most adults will be able to ride with ease.

If you're looking for a trick-friendly board, the Skatro Mini Cruiser is a good option. Not only does it have strong trucks for grinding, but the proprietary plastic blend that the company uses is extra flexible so that there's more rebound and control. It also includes a gold T-tool, which you use to remove or loosen your wheels or tighten or loosen the trucks. The tool has some of the aforementioned gold design features, but it also has a body that will match the coloration of the board.


  • The board comes in 18 different colors and styles.
  • It has a deck with a high degree of traction.
  • It comes with a complimentary T-tool.


  • The wheels don't spin as freely as some other boards.
  • The bearings could be better.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Penny Board

So, we get into our five products, what should you look for in your next board? In this part of the guide, we're going to take a look at three aspects of a penny board that you'll NEED to consider before you grab one. See penny board vs longboard details.

The Deck Surface is Critical

The deck is where you contact the board, so it's critical that you purchase a product that will have the right traction and allow you to keep control of the board at all times. Most penny boards are crafted of plastic – it's what makes them so inexpensive. For the board to be responsive, it's essential that it has a textured surface so that you can get the right amount of traction while you're riding.

You Need Good Wheels

When it comes to the penny board wheels, it's safe to assume that there is going to be a wide variety of wheel profiles to consider. Some wheels will be oversized so that they have a bit more acceleration and handle rougher terrains easier, and others will be smaller so that they have a higher top speed and are good on paved roadways. The wheel type that you pick should directly reflect on the penny board's use, so take extra time to decide.

The Trucks are Essential

I can't emphasize this enough: avoid plastic trucks when you're purchasing a penny board. The trucks on the board are the small components that affix the wheels to the board. Plastic trucks can snap when you're riding, which you obviously don't want. None of the products in my penny boards review use plastic trucks because they really aren't trustworthy.

Penny boards

Penny boards design

Should you Buy a Penny Board?

Final Thoughts

Penny boards are a great go-to style of skateboard for people that need an ultra-portable means of getting around. The boards that I selected are reliable, made of great materials, and have the right amount of traction for just about any rider. Still unsure about which are the best penny boards for you? Take another look at the "Things to Consider" section, and it should be easier to find a product that'll best fit your needs. you may check our longboard vs skateboard article.

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