Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard Review

The Penny Board Favorite from Yesteryear- Penny graphic complete skateboard

The penny board's originators are always steady at work, providing some great boards for skateboarders of any skill levelpenny graphic complete skateboard reminds me of my childhood because of the distinct 1970s era styling that it has.

This board very much is reminiscent of the first skateboards that were invented in the 1950s. Because of its composition, this board is also straightforward to carry.

Aesthetic beauty of penny graphic complete skateboard

The old-school vibe of this board is its best aesthetic feature, in my opinion. If you like to switch things up from time to time, this is an excellent option because it is inexpensive and comes in various 23 different colorations. 

Penny graphic complete skateboard include cool options that are one color on the deck and have different colored trucks and wheels like the red, white, and cyan model. 

If you like a more multicolored variation, Penny also has more rainbow-themed options like the Jammin Painted Fade option and the Rasta Fade variant. 

There's even a tie-dye choice called Woodstock. Go to the manufacture website and see more details.

Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard-side

Level of durability of penny graphic complete skateboard

While many skaters love a fully wood or carbon fiber-constructed board, the primary defining aspect of Penny cruisers are their plastic constructions.

This Penny cruiser is made of vital plastic components that may bend but will never break under stress. The material used in its construction is vinyl plastic that can hit without showing too much battle damage.

I like this construction because it gives new riders a tough, inexpensive choice to learn to ride on. When you know on a Penny board,

you'll never have to worry about accidentally splintering the board. Also, vinyl boards never get razor tail, which can happen to wooden board edges.

What it's Built for

Penny Complete Skateboard cruiser board, so I wouldn't do a lot of tricks on it. Despite this, it's also a mini-cruiser, which means that it is shorter, so if you want to do an ollie, it does have a kicktail for that use.

I find this an excellent choice for those who want to skate to work or school because of its compact design.

It will fit just about anywhere, and if you want to not draw attention to the fact that you are skating to work, then you can even serve this 22-inch longboard in some bags.

Level of Maneuverability

Despite the vinyl plastic construction, you'll find that the ride and turning on this Penny board is very smooth.

The trucks are seemingly designed for easy turning, which is why I'd recommend this skateboard for anyone who wants to start their kids up in skateboarding.

Penny Complete Skateboard is because its smooth turning and handling of pavement make it a very safe choice for a beginner who is starting to learn the ropes.

Also, there is a greater degree of board flex on this board than many similar ones, which adds to the controllability.


  • There are many styles for this skateboard, so if you want to express yourself, this is an excellent board for you.
  • It is a very durable board, so new riders can quickly learn the ropes without ruining their board.
  • It's also very a very inexpensive board, so it is a perfect gift for a youngster.
  • While it's not the fastest, you can get where you're going at a reasonable rate on this mini cruiser.


  • Some riders might not like the look of a plastic board.
  • You can't get dedicated graphics on these; unless you get a set of stickers.
  • You're not going to be able to do too many tricks on this board.
  • The deck can be a little too bendy for some larger riders.

Infographics for Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard.

infographics for Penny Graphic Complete Skateboard

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for an inexpensive, light board, then the Penny Graphic Complete skateboard is an excellent option.

It's also very beginner-friendly and is small enough to fit in a gym locker or even underneath your desk at work.

Add to this its distinctly soft wheels, and you get a smooth-riding board that most people will love. Check it out for yourself.

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