Longboard vs Skateboard vs Penny board : WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENCES?

Skateboards have been the go-to outdoor boards for recreational, sporting, and fun activities until the longboards and penny boards evolved. Apart from the three, there are also lesser-known skateboards with varying specifications.

Some of them are the 6-wheel freeboards, the foldable stow boards; the all-terrain mountain board; the wheel-less snow skates, and the two-wheel wave boards.

There are probably still more types of lesser-known skateboards out there in the streets, each having its specific features. Hence, skateboarders – beginner especially – often ask the question: "what type of skateboard should I buy?" while shopping for one. 

The truth is, of the many skateboards around, the longboard, skateboard, and the penny board are the best. While selecting a board, how and where you're going to use it should help you decide what to choose.

I will analyze the differences in the skateboard, longboard, and the penny board to know what to chose.

As you will find out, these three skateboards' major differing features are their structures and the speed. While choosing the best skateboard for you, you should consider the following factors:

  • Safety
  • Length and width
  • Tricks allowed
  • The cruising ability
  • Required foot contact for pumping
  • Stability and balance offered
  • Comfort in riding
  • The skate wheels or casters

Longboard vs Skateboard vs Penny board Comparison:


Irrespective of the type, every board is generally called the skateboard. Because the skateboard was first used several decades ago before the recent production, marketing, and usage of other skateboards, it is the most popularly used board for skating until the advent of the longboards and then the shortboards.

Traditional skateboards are rectangular, with all four corners rounded. The length and width of decks of the modern skateboards vary. Most skateboards measure around 7 to 10 inches wide, while standard decks usually measure between 28 to 33 inches long.

 If you are a beginner in skateboarding, you should choose the skateboard over others as it provides its rider more stability and balance. I recommend that you choose the boards with more expansive decks if you are a big rider. Boards with smaller decks are often the best for street skateboarders.

Compared to the longboards vs. skateboard, the wheels of the skateboards are durable and harder but smaller. The wheels are often made of polymeric resin materials. They are designed to be different in shape for different skating types, skills, and tricks. The wheels measure around 48-85 millimeters in diameter. While shorter wheels range between 45- 55 millimeters, bigger wheels have a wheel size of 55- 85 millimeters.

If you’re a skateboarder who likes to cruise faster than when on the penny board, for instance, you should opt for a skateboard. Skateboards with larger wheels are known to roll quickly and efficiently. Meanwhile, boards with smaller wheels accelerate smoothly with less force but aren’t a fast cruiser. They are usable for urban rides and can be used in skate parks.

The average cost costs around $60-$400 depending on the brand, type, and market strategies. Check where to buy a skateboard.

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Penny Boards Vs Skateboards Great Video Below- I love it


Longboard, as the name rightly suggests, is the longest you can see in a skateboard. The specifications in the range of the longboards available are much more than standard classic skateboards. They are longer, faster, and with wider wheels.

Despite the skateboard being the earliest type of outdoor boards, the longboards are gradually phasing them out. The longboards are becoming the trending skating equipment among skateboarders—the mostly longboard length around 30-59 inches.

Longboards are the most versatile of all the three boards. They are the best use for cruising, long-distance riding, transiting, dancing, sliding, and downhill racing.

One of the significant downsides of a longboard is that they are too bulky, lengthy, and broader for trying out tricks such as the hard kickflips, heelflips, and the 'impossible'.

The longboard is the best skateboard for the entry-level rider with no necessary longboarding experience and skillful riders. A longboard is made of natural materials and is usually the most expensive of all skateboards. 

The most used materials for longboards are maple wood, bamboo, and carbon fibers. If you want to see more longboard like Drop through longboards, check this link. and hereunder 50$ longboard list.


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LongBoards Vs Penny Boards Video- Which one for you?


Initially developed by an Australia-based company, Penny Skateboards, the penny board is one of the latest skateboards to be introduced into skateboarding. It is a shortboard made of plastic and meant for short cruising. The penny boards were introduced in 2010, but it has gained pronounce among youth boarders.

The penny board's major talking points are that it is minimal in size, exceptionally lightweight, and portable than an adventurous border can easily pack it in your backpack.

The board weighs just around 4.2 pounds in weight, but it has the durability and capacity to withstand tremendous damage or pressure.

The penny board is usually used by skilled boarders looking for a small skateboard to try out tricks.

The significant upside of the penny board is that it can use to practice maneuvers. You would never have tried on a longboard or skateboard.

A penny board's length measures just 22 inches and is relatively easy to take on a ride.

It comes in ranges of graphics of more than 20 creative designs you can choose. Some of the methods include sweet fades, retro-prints, classic colors, and more for any of your choice.

One of the penny board's significant downsides is that it is so small that the rider has limited area for his feet. Another is that its size doesn't give balance to the rider. Hence, a beginner may find the skateboarding experience terrible and may have to learn with a few falls and bruises. check out details post about penny board vs longboard.

Skatro - Mini Cruiser Skateboard

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If you have chosen to go for a penny board, I recommend the Skatro - Mini Cruiser Skateboard. It comes in a cool print, and it is the perfect trick maker. It comes more expensive than an average penny board but knows that you’ll be laying your feet on such quality and creatively designed board.


Choosing a board in the market comes down on the purpose, level, and where you will be using it. Beginners looking to build confidence may start with either of the longboard or skateboard. At the same time, experienced boarders will find the penny boards easy to use and try out tricks.

The penny board is different from the longboard and skateboard in terms of length, width, production material, and cost. The penny boards are the cheapest among the three and are not consider professional.

Seeing that all three come with different specialties, it’s nothing terrible getting a brand for all the three products if you can afford them. That will give you a collection to pick for, depending on the purpose of using them.

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