Longboard vs Skateboard Which One You Needs?

Longboards and skateboards are not the same; with no experience, you may not be able to tell the difference between them, but in this article, we will highlight the main differences between longboards and skateboards.

Longboards vs. skateboards Comparisons 2021

  • Size

Longboards' average length is between 33-60 inches (84-152.5 cm) and 9-10 inches (23-25.5 cm) in width; which is longer and wider than the average size of skateboards that come in 28-32 inches (71-81 cm) in length and 7-10 inches (18-25.5 cm) in width. Although these are the average sizes for the two types, you can still find longboards at the same size as a skateboard, and here’s how to tell them apart.

  • Shape

The shape is the second factor to differentiate the two boards apart. Longboards are distinctive with their flat and narrow decks from the edges at the nose and tail, while skateboards have wider noses and tails with curves on them to enable the skater to do Ollie and tricks.

  • Trucks

The truck is the base that attaches the wheels to the deck of the board. Longboards generally have wider and more flexible trucks than the skateboards’ trucks to give the skaters smoother rides in long distances. They usually measure between 150-180mm in the hanger width.

On the other hand, skateboard trucks are not standardized in size, but generally, they are narrower and more rigid to enable the skater to perform grinds and sustain harsh landings.

It’s recommended for both types of boards (longboards and skateboards) to get the trucks of the deck’s same width.

  • Wheels

Longboard wheels are bigger and softer to suit longer and faster rides, while skateboard wheels are smaller and ideal for tricks and grinds.

  • Balance and usage

Longboards are much easier to balance than skateboards; that’s why they are considered an ideal choice for beginners who want to learn to skate for the first time. They are designed to suit long-distance rides and transportation, which makes them perfect for downhills and cross-country.

Whereas skateboards are made to suit another type of usage, they are lightweight to do the flips and tricks and designed to be great for tight turns and ramps, yet, these features make them uncomfortable for long rides and less stable.

People who participate or are rather extreme sports enthusiasts often have a hard choice to make when choosing between a longboard and a skateboard.

Although both can be used for recreational activities and some outdoor fun, both appear to be the same. For a first-time user, a first sight, one can never know the difference very much.

This article shows you which one best for you, Longboard vs. Skateboard.

Before you decide to buy a cruising board, I will give you the best information and reviews and recommend o you on what the best types of skateboard and longboard you should have.

To make the best decision in having one of these, you should be aware of what both sports have to offer, both the strong suit and the weak link involved in the sport.

The fundamental difference in the two types of boards is mainly associated with the structure of the two boards and the ease of use with each rider. Check out the discussion on Reddit.


Longboards have been found to exist since the early 50s among surfers in Hawaii. The surfers started using them as cross training tools when the surf was flat. The boards they used tended to be larger and have a bit wide stance.

This made it easier to change the foot position as well as allowing them to carve just like the way you would do on a wave. Long boards are significantly longer boards and are approximately 4.5 to 5 feet long.

The boards were made of solid plank wood instead of the standard maple and birch laminate, and they had metallic wheels.

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Skateboard become widely used in the 40s and 50s of the 20h century. Skateboard were discovered and built when surfers were looking for a more thrilling experience when the waves were flat and calm.

A Skateboard is often a smaller board that measures approximately 3 feet lengthwise and has a curved structure.

Although the longboard appeared later people tend to have much preference on it over the skateboard, maybe this might be because Longboards offers a variety of sizes to choose from as well as it can be used in different situations and terrains. you may check our longboard vs penny board article here.

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How to choose the best longboard or skateboard

Before you decide the right board to use there are a couple of things you should consider these are:

  • Cruising: longboards are typically designed for transportation. Longboard riders tend to enjoy more and more miles when cruising as well as having a more enjoyable, smooth and uninterrupted journey through the countryside or city. Skateboarders, on the other hand, enjoy it more when they are cruising or skating in parks. This is because a skateboard is lightweight and it is possible to flip it with even less effort and work. However, skateboard are very limited when it comes to, cruising long distances. This is due to their short nature as well as less ability.
  • Pumping: Pumping which is a riding technique which is best practiced by people who don’t want to have their feet touch the ground now and then. Skateboarding tends to use a lot of foot contact and effort to push the board or propel the board on cement. Long boarding does not require any foot contact to proper or thrust the board. The board is made to pump itself through its shape and design.it is impossible to have foot contact with the ground when cruising at very great speeds. Therefore the board propels itself by how well a rider shifts their weight back and forth while riding.
  • Balance: long board offers more balance and stability compared to skateboard. The length of the longboard makes it easier for a rider to position their feet on a wide stance. This offers great balance as well as comfort and makes it simpler to cruise. However, the skateboard is a bit shorter. Therefore, it requires great skill to balance the skateboard, and it does no offer much comfort due to limited board widths.
  • Length: the longboards are typically long in nature compared to the conventional skateboard. As I name suggest longboards do not follow any set or, formally length requirement .you can have a board as broad and as long as you want. The actual cut between a long board and a surfboard is 91 cm and 3 feet in length.
  • Type and style of the skate wheels: Both the longboard and the skateboard have a difference in the kind and nature of wheels they have. Longboards tend to have much softer wheels which are larger in size. The soft board has smaller and harder wheels. If you want a skateboard that you would use to perform tricks, then be sure of having much lightweight boards and boards with protruding wheels.
  • Ease of riding: Well this entirely depends on every individual preference. However, longboard tends to be more comfortable o ride and fun for use in activities like cruising at colossal speeds or even when you need to descend downhill with great speeds and in control of your board. Skateboard are also easy to use especially when you want to ride in a small park, over benches and perform some impressive moves and tricks. Therefore both boards have their set of differences which can be used to account for various levels of ease.
  • Safety: both boards are attached to some security risk. There is always some risk involved when you are cruising, and there is always a possible chance that you will hurt yourself. Safety depends on the type of activity that one is involved with. Never use the board for a wrong reason. For example, a longboard is suitable for, cruising at great speeds and particular downhill. Therefore if you try to perform some tricks such as going over benches and doing flips, be sure to hurt yourself as well as hurt others.

Reviews of Longboard

After doing some expert testing and spending a lot of time skating and cruising.

I am confident in recommending the best longboard and skateboard that is available in the market. This boards will suit your adventure needs as well as satisfy you in the long run.

Here are some of the best longboards

# The Atom Drop Deck Longboard

The atom drop deck 41 inches longboard is well enhanced to suit you as you cruise downhill. It is one of the perfect longboards that offer excellent service compared to its price.

This board is made to have excellent turning and curving powers which gives you both a thrilling and entertaining experience as you go downhill. Due to its small deck, it makes it easier for you to accelerate and push it with ease as you can create more thrust with your foot.

The board is packed with a 12-month warranty. With this, it relieves you from any worries and stress that you can have on the board. The board gives you excellent benefits.

For instance beauty, the board is beautifully crafted and designed. It has an eye-catching look which is sure of making everyone turn their heads around. The board has exceptional carving, which makes it the best option for you.

# The white wave bamboo longboards

The white wave bamboo 38 by 9.75 inches is the best board for both beginners and pro skaters. It is made of the finest and the hardest hardwood Canadian maple, which is covered with an elegant multiple-layer Bamboo texture.

It is very lightweight compared to its dimension, making it ideal for carrying around.

This longboard is fit for several requirements, and this is due to its shape, size, and weight. If you are a newbie in the surfing world, then this is the right board for you.

The board is made to last all your mishaps and falls without any damage done to the board can also help a time-to-time surfer hit the next level in their expeditions.

# Volador freeride longboard

The 42-inch longboard is made of Canadian maple hardwood with a photo heat transfer graphic. This longboard is ideal and fit for every occasion and test that you put it through.

Be it a simple cruise, a cruise downhill, or just roaming around the town corners. Be sure it will pass the test.

This board contains an Abec nine bearing with high-speed lubricant. These bearings can be adjusted with ease and at the time of need.

When you need to make very sharp corners, then this is the right board for you. my personal experience with the board is quite impressive, and I would recommend it to everyone

Reviews of Skateboard

# The Fly Bar 22 inches plastic skateboard

This skateboard is made to offer the ultimate performance. It is made of robust and quality material. Therefore, you never have to worry that it will not last.

The deck of the skateboard is made of non-slippery material and a non-slippery design. The injected molded plastic will surely give you the smoothest ride possible and ensure you don’t slip off the board.

It is an exceptionally remarkable product that has so many unique features.

# SCSK8 Pro Skateboard

The SCSK8 brand of the skateboard is known all over the world. The skateboard is cheap and very high quality at the same time. Its deck is made of very high-quality wood, 5 inches in the truck and 52 mm in wheels dimensions.

The skateboard has 5-inch Abec bearings and 1-inch hardware, and it is available with black grip tapes, ensuring that you have better control and mobility when cruising.

The skateboard is very lightweight as it only weighs 7 pounds making it very easy to flip and perform some tricks on the skateboard can be used by skaters at any level, and it is multipurpose.

Due to its flash colors and design, this board is trendy amongst the kids and the teen as it compliments their styles. See here details review.

# Boss board 22 inches vintage skateboard

This board is beautiful and suitable for children, teenagers, and casual riders. It is ideal for beginners as well as experts.

The board is very lightweight as it only weighs 4 pounds and therefore it is very entertaining as it can be carried anywhere.

The board has big wheels, making it ideal for skating even on sidewalks with ease and without any troubles.

Where comfort is an issue, be sure that the board will give you the ultimate level of it, the board has a high thickness deck made of plastic that offers a sticky grip and a sound base that provides excellent traction in particular between the deck and the deck shoes.

Why choose the recommended boards above?

Although I did carry out my tests, It was crucial to keep an eye as well as survey what the majority of people would go for and would recommend. Despite this, I also sought out help and carried out interviews a bunch of skating experts and sports bloggers.

  • Jewel R.H blogger at the website Skateboard lab,
  • James Highland, sports editor for livestrong.com

So, which is better, skateboard or longboard?

The answer depends on the purpose you need it for; Longboards are the perfect selection for long rides and cross-country transportation. They are designed to provide smooth rides on rough and smooth surfaces to ride them for longer distances without feeling uncomfortable.

On the other hand, skateboards are made to practice technical tricks like ollies, grinds, and kickflips; they perform great on flat hard surfaces like skateparks, so if you are more into this type of practice, you might consider having a skateboard.

Longboards are still an excellent choice for starting to learn skating for the first time as they are easier to balance than we said before.
You can also have the best of both types by having a short that enables you to perform some tricks and provides you with the same advantages as a longboard.

In the end, both types, skateboarding, and longboarding, are promising you a great experience and lots of fun.

Final verdict

After comparing the two both the long boards and the skateboard, they are both entirely different and also quite similar in various ways. Both have their set of benefits as well as downsides.

When you look at the skateboard, it is ideal for someone who wants to explore new thrilling experiences in tricks. With longboard, this is not possible, and they can only be used to cruise but with great speeds compared to skateboard. This is due to their weight and also size.

Choosing between the two is solely dependent on an individual needs longboards can be your travel companion or buddy while the skateboard can be your source of adventure.

Therefore if you get to decide what to get and buy, always be sure to get any of the boards recommended above, and I am confident that you will certainly get the best experience of your life.

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