Best Skateboard Under 50 Dollars: [ 2023 Guides & Reviews ]

Skateboarding is a great way to get around town, enjoy time at the park, and enjoy doing ollies and other tricks, 

but not everyone wants to spend a lot on a new board, especially if the board is for a beginner. 

There are many great skateboards on the market that you can purchase without spending over $50

Before we begin with the reviews of the best skateboard under 50 dollars that we found,

let's take a look at some considerations other than price that you should make as well.

Skatesboards Comparison

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Best Skateboard Under 50 Dollars

Type of Skateboard

When you consider purchasing a skateboard, you will need to select from a shortboard and a longboard. A shortboard is designed for tricks, making them the right choice for a skater who prefers street skating. 

A longboard is designed more for cruising and going downhill at fast speeds, so if you are looking for a skateboard as a means of travel, a longboard may be an excellent option for you to consider.

If you need more help deciding which type of board is best for you, check out our comparison article to help you make a decision.

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Skateboard Size

It is essential to consider the size of your skateboard as well. The width of the deck will vary based on the shoe size of the skater.

A person with a size five shoe is not going to need as much board as a person with a size 13 shoe to ride comfortably.

The length of your skateboard deck will vary as well, but it will depend more on your skate style than your body type, though shorter boards are designed for children to enjoy. 

These boards, which are called micros and minis, are designed for children up to eight years old.

Once they reach that age, they should be ready to move to a mid-size board, which is only slightly smaller than a full-size model.

Best Skateboard Under 50 Reviews

1) Rimable Complete 22-Inch Skateboard – Best for Children

This skateboard, which is a 22-inch board that is manufactured by Rimable, is designed to accommodate up to nearly 200 pounds.

This ability to bear such a large load makes this a great board for children who are growing because it will remain a durable option well into their teens and possibly into adulthood.

The plastic board is designed with quite a bit of grip, which makes it easier to cruise on the street. The trucks are made out of aluminum, which will add some durability and ride stability to your board.


  • It is available in a number of styles and colors.
  • The deck has quite a bit of grip, making it great for tricks.
  • The board is very lightweight.


  • The brushings seem a little stiff.

2) Punisher Skateboards 31-Inch Butterfly Jive Complete – Best for Control

This double kick kickboard, which is 31 inches in length, is a durable option that has a deck made of Canadian maple.

The deck of this board is also mildly concave, which gives you more control as you are cruising down the street.

This design is also great for doing tricks. The top of the board has a lot of grip to make it easier to perform tricks, 

and the bottom sports a beautiful graphic design that has a bright background and a few colorful butterflies.


  • The graphics on this board are stunning.
  • The grip on the wheels and the board are amazing.
  • This is a very durable skateboard.


  • The bearings are not the best.

3) MAGIC UNION 41-Inch Drop-Down Longboard – Best for Speed

The next skateboard that we are going to look at is a 41-inch longboard from magic Union that is built to last.

The deck is made from nine-ply maple, which means that it will take quite a bit of abuse; in fact, it is designed to be able to support up to 330 pounds.

This board is built to travel downhill quickly, so the bearings are great at absorbing the shock that you may feel when you are cruising. It has a wide turning radius, so make sure that you can make your turns.


  • It's a very durable board.
  • It picks up speed quickly.
  • It supports quite a bit of weight.


  • The bearings could be better quality.

4) PUENTE 31-Inch Complete Skateboard – Best for Tricks

This 31-inch skateboard is a great option for a skater who likes to hit up the skatepark and do some ollies.

This board is an eight ply Canadian maple board that is not going to break easily, and the board has five-inch trucks that can support nearly 400 pounds of weight.

Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the double kicktail design of this concave board gives you a lot of control so that you can stop when you need, perform tricks, and enjoy a smooth ride.


  • It has a very durable design that supports a lot of weight.
  • The grip tape on the deck is quite strong.
  • It makes turns exceptionally well.


  • It's not the fastest skateboard.

5) Playshion 39-Inch Freestyle Drop-Through Longboard – Best for Beginners

The final skateboard that we are going to look at is a39-inch longboard from Playshion.

It has a great design that is appealing to the eye and a lot of grip on the deck so that you can keep your footing with ease as you cruise down the street.

The deck is made from maple that is nine layers thick, and the trucks are seven inches, which will give you a smoother ride on the board.

In addition, this skateboard can support up to 250 pounds, which is sufficient for most adults.


  • This board offers great balance and speed to a skater.
  • The design on the deck looks great.
  • It's a very durable board.


  • The bearings could be better.

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Skateboards under 50 dollars Products

Final Thoughts

A great skateboard does not have to cost more than $50. If you are in the market for a new board, hopefully, this guide will help you find the brand and the board that fits your budget.

If you are still having issues finding the best board for your skating needs, take a look around the site,

we have plenty of information about skateboarding that may be able to help you find what you are looking for.

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  1. The Magic Union skateboards I found are best when you use a washer from Home Depot under the first bolt fitted on the trucks to prevent the washer from bending from the small sized bolt. 🙂


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