How to Film Skateboarding with DSLR Like Pro

Hey, it is show off time! Perhaps you’ve finally perfected a difficult routine like the 360-toe flip or the 360 inward hardflips.

Now, you are ready to go bragging at your friends, so you’ve decided to adapt the marketing rule; show, don’t tell.

After all, only fools doubt proofs, right? (Yeah, you have our permission to use this as the caption for the when you finally upload your video)

Maybe your reasons are even nobler: you want to teach others how to perform routines that have become all too easy for you or you just want to become a skateboarding videographer. check here the best skateboard cameras on the market now.

Look, No one’s here to play judge.

Whatever your reasons are for learning how to capture Skateboarding with a DLSR, this short article will guide you on how to move your filming skills from puny to brawny. 

Nobody likes a wishy-washy video. And that’s true even when you don’t intend to share your videos with the world. You still want the quality to be top-notch and it’s smart to invest a small amount of time to learn how to film videos that you’ll be proud of.

How to Film Skateboarding with DSLR
How to Film Skateboarding with DSLR

Keep in mind that, this isn’t the typical how-to guide. It a simple guide on the essentials that you need to focus on in other to capture moments that you’ll be happy to re-watch and a proud to share with friends.

 Film Skateboarding Like a Pro 

let’s get into it.

The Key: Understanding your Camera Setting

Hands down, the key to capturing magical moments with the camera is to understand the basics of its functionality. DLSRs do a decent job with recording.

Good as it is, in the hands of an unskilled videographer, filmed videos are likely destined for a life of mediocrity.

This is why you must fiddle with a varied combination of the sharpness, contrast saturation, ISO, aperture and noise reduction settings until you find a combination that works for you.

Call it learning by trial and error. It sounds a little ridiculous, doesn’t it? You would be shocked by how effective this approach is. The more and more you practice the better you become.

That said, there needs to be some “method to your madness”. Understanding what it is you’re doing whenever you tweak any of those functions will make it far easier for you to create the video experience that you desire.

Invest a little bit of time into understanding the basics of excellent outdoor filming. For instance, that higher ISO is best for low light and lower ISO settings are for bright lights.

Learn how contrasts, sharpness, ISO, white balance, resolution speed all go to affecting output video quality.


Unlike skateboarding, filming is a more intuitive process. Even expert skateboarding videographers have often confessed that a lot of their discoveries came out moments of serendipity.

To some degree, it doesn’t matter much whether you have previous experience with filming. Once you have learned the basics, with consistent practice, you’ll become a pro in a bit.

Now, get out and start shooting.

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