Money Making Guide: How to Make Dropshipping Work for You

Today, there are a lot of opportunities to make money online. E-commerce drives a lot of business, and smart people are finding ways to capitalize on ever-growing platforms like Amazon, Shopify, and eBay. One of the better ways to make money off of these platforms without much overhead is using dropshipping. Dropshipping is a fulfillment method where the store doesn’t actually keep the requested items in direct stock, and one great way to do this is dropshipping from Amazon to eBay.

Dropshipping in a Nutshell

This type of fulfillment can work well for your platform. Your store won’t have to keep products in stock. Instead, the store merely needs to purchase the item that’s being sold on a platform from another platform. The shipping is managed by the third party platform and fulfillment is managed by the store itself. This results in the merchant not needing to store the product itself; in fact, the merchant never sees the product at all.

How to Make Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay Work for You

With dropshipping, the merchant simply identifies products on Amazon and sells them through their store on eBay. In this model, Amazon is the third party that handles shipping. The chief advantage of this is that Amazon frequently has free shipping, which is a value that can be passed on to you and your customers. Here’s how to make it work:

  • Establish an eBay Seller profile on the platform.
  • Go to
  • On Amazon’s page, find an item that’s on sale that has high quantities in stock.
  • Cut and paste the title of the item from Amazon.
  • Paste the item into a fresh eBay page; on there, you can see whether the item is currently being sold by other sellers. You can also see if it’s trending or not.
  • Also, take a look at how many listings for the item there are.
  • In most cases, the price on eBay will be more than on Amazon.
  • Post the item onto eBay. When doing this, you can change the item description to use keywords. This way, it’ll come up at a higher eBay search ranking than cheaper versions of the same product. Using this method, you can actually mark up the price much higher than it would be on Amazon.
  • For example, for an item that’s displayed like “Brand Name, Product Type, Dimensions,” you could instead mention the product type first because that’s what potential buyers will type in on eBay when they do their searches. Also, include uses in your description as well.
  • In situations like this, you can actually mark the product up significantly, which will increase your profit margin.
  • Copy the images, item descriptions, and details from Amazon for use on eBay. Remember not to include things like warranties in the information that you are placing on eBay. You can use notepad or another text-based program for copying so that it’s not recognizable that it came from Amazon.
  • Save the Amazon ASIM number for later use so that you can find it once it’s been ordered from eBay.
  • Once the item has been purchased from your eBay seller’s page, search the ASIM on Amazon, fill in the customer’s information, and send it through Amazon with the free shipping.

How to Make $16,000 A MONTH Drop Shipping on Ebay Using Amazon

We Rate The Most Popular Services

There is perhaps no area of e-commerce where there is more consumer confusion than the site of drop-shipping. Many services and directories advertise on the web promising to be 'the source' for dropship suppliers and information.

Our crack team of editors and reviewers spent 5 weeks reviewing many of these services to find a solution that you can use to build a profitable eCommerce business.

To review each service, our editors first identified 12 different companies that were providing some kind of dropship supplier search services. We subscribed to them all, running them through the paces of finding products, researching markets, and contacting suppliers.

We scored each service on the following criteria:

  • Comprehensive - Did the service have a large selection of drop-ship products at competitive prices?
  • Training Resources - Did the service provide training in eCommerce, dropshipping, AND clear instructions on how to use the site?
  • Research Tools - Did the service provider market and competitiveness data for the products?
  • Customer Service- We contacted each vendor's customer service with similar questions and rated their responses.

What We Found

Some of the information in the directories was old and out of date. This was the case for a majority of the services we tried. After compiling all of our data, we were a little surprised that only 3 services even made the cut for this review page - only 3!

Why such low scores for most of the directories? There were two major reasons: 1.) Out of date listings and 2.) Lack of seller resources, research data, and training. Some of the services were nothing more than a PDF document with some names and addresses - most of which were out-of-date!

To sum up, there were only 3 services we could recommend. The good news was that our number one pick was absolutely a fantastic service that lived up to all of its pre-sales claims. Here were the results:

  • SaleHoo

This is going to shock a lot of people. SaleHoo normally comes in second on most review sites, but our team decided to rate them number one. Why? Simply, it's a value proposition. SaleHoo is quite a bit less than the normally top-rated WorldWide Brands and offers nearly the same functionality.

You get real contacts from real suppliers on SaleHoo, along with lots of helpful resources. SaleHoo does a real nice job of keeping its database current, with new vendors being added all of the time.

We were amazed at the resources and amount of suppliers that SaleHoo had in its directory. This 'sleeper' does not get the attention that some other services get, but SaleHoo has had thousands of satisfied customers for many years, a testimony to the quality of its service.

If you want to get your feet wet in dropshipping and product sourcing, you simply can't go wrong with SaleHoo. For value, completeness, and service, this service can't be beaten.

  • Accurate Database
  • One-Time Fee, Lifetime Membership
  • Easy To Navigate - User Friendly
  • Good Value
  • Strong Guarantee
  • Very Good Customer Support

  • Worldwide Brands

It's really no surprise that WorldWide Brands OneSource was near the top of our list. They maintain a very large database of dropship suppliers, light bulk wholesalers, liquidators, and direct importers.

You cannot go wrong with using WWB as your primary source for drop ship products. Their OneSource application is fantastic, with robust search and research tools.

The WWB tool even evaluates the likelihood that the product you have selected will be successful in the marketplace! No other provider goes to the lengths to provide excellent resources and education that WWB does.

Unlike many other services, WWB provides you with the basic contact information - directly to the vendors of the products. This is a significant distinction, as this is the 'acid test' to see if a drop-ship source directory is truly a directory or simply a directory posing as a middleman. WorldWide Brands Is The Real Deal

  • Massive Database Of Dropship And Wholesale Products
  • One-Time Fee, Lifetime Membership
  • Unparalleled Research Tools and Educational Offerings
  • The Market Leader For Many Years
  • More Expensive Than Most
  • Excellent Customer Support

  • Doba

Doba is billed as a one-stop-shop for those new to dropshipping. While you can run your whole business with Doba, you will find it difficult to be competitive on price because Doba is essentially a middleman. While they are collecting a monthly fee from you, they are also charging you more for your merchandise.

They do have an amicable interface and some pretty good training resources, but the bottom line is Doba charges higher prices for merchandise, cutting your profit potential. I would avoid Doba.

  • Easy To Navigate - User Friendly
  • Monthly Fee
  • Higher Prices
  • Essentially A Middleman
  • Free Trial
  • Good Customer Support

Final Thoughts

This type of dropshipping is a neat way to make money. Most people see at least a $5 profit on each item sold on the eBay platform, which can add up to thousands of dollars in a month. If you have any questions about this method, leave a comment below, and we’ll get back to you.

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