Fastest hoverboard-Megawheels TW01-1

Megawheels TW01-1 is the fastest self-balancing scooter on the market considering its price range. It is also said a budget scooter, that means you will get the taste of the fastest hoverboard at an affordable price! 

Mini smart scooters have become a craze in the recent past. People of all ages love doing hover-boarding, interestingly among these people, the majority are the teenagers! Undoubtedly, teenagers are more enthusiastic than other age group persons, and they look for more fun and adventure in everything they do.

So in hover-boarding, it’s normal that they look for the fastest self-balancing scooter to enjoy more with friends. See more self-balancing hover-board reviews

Megawheels TW01-1-hoverboard

Megawheels TW01-1-Hoverboard

However, if you love speedy riding and are looking for a safe, yet fast hoverboard with an affordable price, then Megawheels TW01-1 can be the right board for you. 

Here I have enlisted the key features of Megawheels ‘TW01-1, to help you understand why this one can be your purchase. 

The features are enlisted below, but before jumping to the features, read out some information about the manufacturer right here.

Megawheels Hoverboard Comparison

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Few words about the manufacturer

The Megawheels is known as an expert supplier of hoverboard, self-balancing scooter, electric scooter & electric skateboard since 2014.

The supplier made a great development in the modern personal transportation business during 2014-2016.

At present, they are processing over 150k sets hoverboards & self-balancing scooters per month!

 All of their products are made of quality materials and design.  Most of the products are available with UL, RoHS, and CE certification.

The Megawheels has earned a stellar reputation both in the US and worldwide for processing the devices of genuine quality and reliability.

Technical specification



Body dimension

23 x 7.3 x 7 inches



Wheel size


Maximum load capacity


Charging time

3 hours

Running distance

15-20 kilometers

Climbing gradient


Maximum speed



The design of this self-balancing hoverboard looks more elegant than its price. Here, the enhanced chassis and reinforced shell will give you the feel of a premium hoverboard. 

It’s a clearly solid product. A variety of color choices also let you choose your favorite color from the options of red, blue, white and black.

Megawheels TW01-1 design


The features that made this self-balancing scooter the fastest hoverboard on the market are given right below.

  • Materials

Megaeheels WT01-1’s external body is made of durable ABS case, which is anti-collision and scratch-resistant. So your board will be safe and intact even after accidental crashes.

  • Wheels

This TW01-1 has two 6.5- inches wheels. These wheels are wrapped with exposed tires. These tires are non-slip and enable a rider to be stable in the round.  In addition, the aluminum alloy wheel hub provides strength to the wheels to carry up to 120 kg loads. It also looks very solid and shiny.

  • Battery

This ‘TW01-1’ hoverboard is featured with CE, RoHS & TUV certified 4400mAh Samsung lithium-ion battery. The battery is mounted under a fireproof case so that it never gets damaged or initiates any explosion. Besides, a smart battery management system empowers the battery to perform well and last longer.  The battery takes 3 hours to be charged fully. With a full charge, a rider can ride 15-20 kilometers distance, depending on the loads.

  • Motor

The hoverboard has dual 350W motors for a powerful and speedy ride. 4400mAh Samsung lithium-ion battery supplies power to these motors. As a result, the motor can produce the highest speed of 7mph/12kmh for the riders.

  • High Intelligent chip

Megawheels TW01-1 comes with inbuilt high intelligent chip, which reduces energy consumption, improves operation speed, processing ability and stability.

  • Alarm

Apart from these technical and functional specifications, this self-balancing electric hoverboard also has an important highlight, which is an alarm system. The board will alert you by alarm when you ride it at over speed!

  • Speed limit

The 'TW01-1' automatically adjusts the riding speed calculating the weight of the rider. When the speed reaches higher than 12km/h, the front-end panel of the pedal will be elevated to avert further acceleration, and to prevent accidents.

  • Anti-tilt protection

The board has the climbing capacity of 25-degrees, but when the body tilt degree of hoverboard goes over 45 degrees; the motor automatically stops rotating to protect the rider. 

  • Stabilization gear

To ensure stability and prevent the rider from fall the hoverboard includes high-quality stabilization gear. So, with better stability and balance, you can enjoy every moment of your ride.

  • Traction Pads

The footpads of this board are also smooth and anti-slip. It offers grip and solidity so that the riders have good control on their foot. Because of these pads, getting on the hoverboard becomes super easy.

  • LED Lights

Two panels LED lights are embedded with this hoverboard. The upper panel LED displays the battery status and the side panel LED marks your appearance on the ground for the other pedestrians and the vehicles. 

  • Low power protection

The smart scooter sounds 'beep' when the power level is less than 15%. And, when the power level goes below 3% the front end panel of the pedal sink gradually slows down until the board stops!

  • Automatic Dormancy

When this self-balancing hoverboard is not in use for about 2 minutes, it will automatically go into sleep mode to save battery power. 

Durability and safety

To ensure solid durability, the manufacturer used anti-collision and scratch resistant ABS case to build the exterior of this hoverboard.

And, for the safest ride of the users, manufacturer mounted the lithium-ion battery under a fireproof panel. For the safe designing and build quality, Megawheels TW01-1 achieved CE, RoHS & TUV, and UL2272 certificates. So, you just enjoy the ride without worrying about fire and explosion.

Moreover, the Safety alarm, Automatic Dormancy, Low power protection, Speed protection, and Anti-tilt protection features will take care of your riding constantly. Check out how to control hoverboard.

Pros and Benefits

  • CE, RoHS & TUV, and UL2272 certificates.
  • The additional safety features.
  • 12 kmph top speed.
  • Waterproof.
  • Deals with inclines and rough ground easily.


  • No Bluetooth connectivity.
  • No speaker.
  • Not water resistant.

Additional gears

  • 1 Main unit (scooter).
  • 1 Charging cable/Plug-In adaptor.
  • 1 User Manual.

For Whom

Anyone irrespective of age and expertise who is looking for a good, speedy self-balancing scooter on the market with a reasonable price can pick this Megawheels MT01-1.

Frequently asked questions

Question-1: Does the board have a key?

Answer: No, it doesn’t have any key.

Question-2:  Does it come fully charged?

Answer: Not fully charged, it comes with 50%-80% charge.

Question-3: Where is it made?

Answer: It was made in China and passed all the necessary electrical tests also got UL 2272 certificate.

Question-4: Does it work well on inclines?

Answer: Yes, it works great on inclines.

Final words 

With the performance features like 12 kmph top speed and 15-20 kilometers running distance, and the safety features of  UL 2272 certificate, Alarm, Automatic Dormancy, Low power protection, Speed limit protection, and Anti-tilt protection, this Megawheels ‘TW01-1’ is the fastest hoverboard on the market considering the price tag.

you may check other option too. here is self balancing scooters comparison Swagtron vs Segway.

Actually, TW01-1 is a complete package of speed, performance, and safety. So if you really feel the need of a complete speedy hoverboard, you can pick the TW01-1.

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