Penny board vs Longboard-Best 2 Comparison

Born back in the 40s, skateboarding is a sport like no other. This amazing sport has returned to the streets in the 21st century and its rocking. If you are among the sports fanatics, then you will know about the four-wheeled skateboards. But with the evolutions of longboards and penny boards on board, it may become a little tricky to choose the best board.

Every board comes with its distinctive features, functionality, and form that are different from the other. From their overall features to their advantages and disadvantages to the technical details of each, we present to you everything that you need to know about penny boards and longboards. Our ultimate goal is to help you choose what's best for your ride. Here we go!

What is a Longboard?

In simple terms, longboards are just skateboards that come in a larger length than the classic skateboards that you already know. It a modified form of skateboards—with more wide wheels, faster, longer, and more versatile. Its decks range from 30 inches to 44inches, except for some longer ones.

Most longboards are made from natural materials derived from elements like study oak, bamboo, or maple wood. The most popular and cheap longboards you will find in the market are made from maple wood. But if you were to get the best longboard that will ensure more flexibility and durability, go for the bamboo-made one—they are flexible with spring-like features that ensure minimal breakages but are a little expensive than the former. These wooden longboards are crafted into various shapes and sizes. check the longboard reviews here.

There are the one-directional boards that are only meant to move forward. On the other hand, there is a two-dimensional board which feels the same no matter the direction that you are facing. Longboards are the best when it comes to cruising, long-distance cruising, dancing, slalom racing, as well as a means of transport. see longboard vs skateboard here.


From children to adults, there're various type of longboards available through the online platforms. Here are the two most common types:

Hudora Children's Cruisestar Longboard

This kid cruisestar is suitable for all weather cruising and carving. Going for only around $39.9, the longboard is just what your child is missing. Here are some of its features

  • Fibre reinforced
  • Anti-skid deck top
  • Big cut-outs
  • PU-wheels

Osprey Pintail Complete Longboard

 it doesn't matter if you are a pro-skater or a novice-skater but this complete longboard is all you need. Produced by the famous Osprey Skate, this type of longboard has cut its own niche in the skating industry. With only around $140, grab your Osprey Pintail Complete Longboard today and experience moments like no other.

Osprey Longboard Features

  • 7 inch aluminium truck
  • 7 play Canadian maple with high quality board
  • Streamline and sleek

That said, what are the advantages and disadvantages of longboards?


  • It's a Multi-purpose skating attire
  • Has a wider area for your feet
  • created with great wood craftsmanship


  • Its wider area means more weight hence less portability
  • They might be expensive depending on the type of wood they are made from.

What's a Penny Board?

Springing from the 1980s boards is a new type of board known as penny board. Even though it came into the limelight in 2011, the board has gained more and more popularity among the millennials. This may be from the fact that penny boards appear as lighter and more portable among the adventurous youth riders.

Ben Mackey, the company behind this board highly focused on bringing back the old style of skateboarding which they have successfully achieved. They have preserved the novelty as well as the standard built of the traditionally known boards but modernized it with the inclusion of some industrial-strength plastic materials. here you can check our penny boards review.

penny graphic complete skateboard

Its plastic composition makes the board lighter but gives it more capability to withstand a tremendous amount of damage. For instance, if you crash into a curb with your longboard, most likely the chip will fly off or you will have some scratches on your wooden board. But if you were riding on a penny board and the same situation comes your way, most likely there won't be any damage to your board. The top-notch plastic decks coupled with trucks and cruiser wheels makes the board extremely strong.

After you fall for the great looks of the standard waffled-deck penny, the next thing to pop into your mind is the size and type that will fit your skating style. There are three main types of penny boards. Penny original and Penny Nickel are almost the same with their main difference lying on their lengths.

Penny original come in 22-inch sizes and Penny Nickel comes in 27-inch sizes. This means that Penny Nickel has 5 more inches for more underneath space for your balance. This is why it's referred to as the Nickel.

If you are new to skateboarding, then Penny nickel can be a great choice for you as it offers more space for your feet's stability. But if you are a seasoned skateboarder, you can go with the penny original.

The third type of penny board is the 36-inch longboard that features larger wheels as well as reverse kingpin trucks inviting you for an easy ride.

Penny boards come in an array of designs and varieties that are suitable for all. You can choose from over 20 creations ranging from classic colors, sweet fades, retro-prints, and some inspiring artworks. If you know the perfect place to look, you will get cheaper penny boards that will never sacrifice quality for cost.What are the different types of Penny Boards?

PortPlus EZY! Skateboard

This amazing cruiser board is one of the best products from SportPlus. It is a very stable board made from durable polypropylene. Some of the features include:

  • Powder coated aluminum trucks
  • 70 mm polyurethane wheels
  • High quality ball bearing
  • Color matched dampers

Ridge Retro Board

Another one from Ridge! Ridge Retro Board deck is great in its overall construction. You will enjoy the maximum stability and flexibility. One of the best features is that it's wheels are rubber made for more shock absorption. Features include:

  • Perfectly designed for right flex
  • Rubber wheel
  • Iconic 1970's plastic design

So, what are the main advantages and disadvantages of penny boards?


  • Their light-weight quality and compactness makes them highly portable
  • Authentic boards made from durable plastics
  • Comes in myriad designs—a variety to choose from


  • They may be not stable at high speed
  • Features small rider's feet space

Are Longboards and Penny Boards the Same?

In the world of skateboarding, there is various options to choose from, which can be a bit confusing for starters. For tricks and fun, seasoned skaters have lots of skateboards to choose from but if you are out for a board to get you around, you will be probably looking for a longboard or a penny board. But are these two the same? No.

Longboards and penny boards only share a standing deck and four wheels—apart from this, you won't get many similarities. With the longboard, you will have a great cruising experience through the larger foot space which is easier to stand on and also for great stability.

On the other hand, penny boards are mainly crafted from plastics featuring a very small stepping space with the primary goal of making it as cheap as possible for the youth.

Longboards VS Penny Boards Comparison

Penny boards are a fantastic choice for a budget skater who is out for a nice as well as the useful commuting board. This is because they weigh much less than the longboards and they can perfectly fit into your backpacks. You can also leave it just hanging—and it won't be that bulky.

If you are a pro skater who enjoys flipping and doing all the fancy tricks, then you will have lots of fun on a penny board. The board is well designed to accommodate all your daunting rides that entail even the zippy moves as well as the sharp turning radiuses.

On the other hand, if you are a complete novice, you might find penny boards more challenging than the longboards. Their deck sizes are comparatively smaller. Thus, if you are going to enjoy skateboarding and have the best of fun, longboards should be your best option.

For the beginners, wider space is definitely great—gives you the highly-needed support while enjoying the fun that comes with the sport. You will have the easiest learning curve and enjoy the ride.

Longboards are suitable for almost all riding sports for almost every skater—you'll gain more skating experience and performance with a longboard than a penny board; there's a larger space for your feet, greater stability, and traction that are provided by the larger wheels. Check more details Longboard vs Skateboard vs Penny board.

Penny Board and longboards are both simply suitable for skaters who would like to ride boards as means of transportation, they are both for that need, yet they still have differences that set them apart, which will be highlighted in this article.

The price

The first noticeable difference between Penny Boards and longboards is the price. Penny Boards were made to keep them cheap and don’t cost a lot of money; the best board should not exceed a hundred bucks. This, of course, comes with advantages and disadvantages discussed in the following points, but generally, Penny Boards are cheaper than longboards.


The shapes of Penny Boards are kind of limited due to keeping it at a reasonable price; that’s why you may not find a variety in their shapes.

In contrast, there are so many different shapes of longboards to choose from to fit your skating style. For example, you have kick tails, drop decks, mini cruisers, drop throughs, pintails, and many other shapes to choose from.


The standard set of Penny Board wheels is smaller to offer a less expensive board’s overall price. This, of course, affects the board’s performance by making it slower and more difficult to ride downhills; still, you can replace them with a larger set in most cases.

On the other hand, longboard wheels are softer and larger than the Penny Board wheels and offer the skater higher rolling speed, much control over the board, and better grip on the ground to cruise and slide on hills with ease.


The bearing is the small metal ring within the wheel that keeps it rolling. Due to the same reason for the budget, the bearings on Penny Boards are cheaply made, which affects their durability and slows down the board.

While in longboards, the bearings are more durable and perform better in terms of speed.


Generally, in trucks, the wider they are (in proportion to the board’s width), the more control they give you over the board, keeping in mind that it’s not recommended to exceed the deck width.

The Penny Board trucks were made narrower to keep them within the budget of a lower cost, which leads to less stability and lower control over the board. In contrast, longboard trucks are wider and offer much more stability and control over the board, which makes them safer to ride at higher speed and easier to learn for beginners.

In the end, the choice between Penny Boards and longboards is yours; still, the most important aspect to keep in mind when choosing your board is to pick the one that keeps you safe and gives you more control on your rides.

The Penny Boards may be a good choice for your budget if you have enough experience that enables you to know your board’s limits and which parts to replace to get the best from it. While if you are a beginner, a longboard is an excellent choice to start with to learn and keep yourself safe.

Final Thought

If you are not sure which board to go with, consider your reason for either penny board or longboard. If you are an adventurer who's yet to discover your capabilities with the skating boards, play it safe with a longboard.

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