K2 Skate F.I.T. 80 Inline Skates

K2's Best Fitness Skates on the Market

The K2 Skate F.I.T 80 Inline Skates are some great, beginner-friendly skates. I love that they have a unique-looking design, great support, and higher than average control. If you are looking for a pair of skates that are designed to last for years and will grow with your skill level, then these are the skates for you. They even have a high degree of comfort so that you can spend long hours perfecting your skills.


Aesthetic Design

When it comes to aesthetics, nothing says "fast" better than a combination of black and red. The F.I.T from K2 skates are colored this way and also have a few silver areas that add a cool looking accent. As soft-style skates, these may remind some of ski boots in their design, but there are also hard areas on the skate that add structure and support. In all truth, I find that these boots are very appealing to the eye. Even the laces look very good when you compare them to many of the modern skates out there.

What it's Built for

These are excellent skates for beginners, but they also work well for intermediate skaters who want a skate that has a good all-around level of performance. The reason that it's best for beginners is because of its smaller wheels. On skates, the wheels have a large impact on the speed and smoothness of the ride. Smaller wheels allow for a smooth ride in places that a beginner might practice in. The actual size of these is 80mm, and they also have an 80 hardness as well. More advanced riders have a tendency to prefer a higher level of hardness and at least a 90mm wheel diameter.

Level of Maneuverability & Control

Maneuverability and control scheme are traits that are especially valuable for a skate that is for beginner and intermediate skaters. The smaller wheel design makes these great skates for many different types of surfaces. These skates can tackle rougher asphalt or even the smoother concrete that's found in skate parks. I find that these skates also ride very smoothly, which will help new skaters learn the ropes without experiencing too must jostling. Additionally, the frames are made of composite plastic. Composite plastic is better than aluminum in some cases because it can reduce vibrations by a significant degree.

Level of Support

K2 has actually patented the soft boot tech, so you can expect that these skates will be very comfortable while you are out there learning. This also adds a lot of breathability to the skates so that your feet stay dry and comfortable. There is a cuff that is attached the hardened heel and extends to the top of the boot. This boosts the ankle stability, which in my opinion, makes these a good "best of both words" style of skate. The liner on the inside is comprised of neoprene, which is the industry standard. Neoprene really adds a high level of comfort and support to skates like these.

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  • Disadvantages
  • They have a tendency to run a bit big, so it might be a good idea to get a precise foot measurement before you purchase these online.
  • Due to a misaligned set of rollers, some riders may experience pain on the sides of the feet.
  • The insole has a tendency to wear out fairly quickly.
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The Bottom Line

If you need a cool looking set of inline skates, then these are a great option. While there are more advanced skater-friendly products out there, these are perfect for your beginning to intermediate levels of skaters. Personally, I really like the build, and even though I have years of skate experience, I think that these are worth a look by more advanced inline skaters as well.

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