Swagtron T1 Review-Safe hoverboard scooter on the market


The Swagtron T1 is the first ever hover-board that has overcome the threats of fire and explosion! This is one of the forerunner hover-boards that was available for the purchase satisfying all requirements of the UL standards.

So, if your main concern is safety while buying a hover-board, you can definitely go for this Swagtron T1 self-balancing board.

With the safety assurance certificate, the hoverboard also has all the necessary features that a well-performing smart scooter should have.

To know all the attractive features and benefits of this hoverboard, just be with our Swagtron t1 review till the bottom line.

Before moving to the features, read these below words about the brain behind this swagtron t1 self-balancing hoverboard. Check out More self balancing hoverboard.

Hoverboard Comparison 

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Few words about the manufacturer

Swagtron, formerly known as Swagway, is an American based sports products manufacturer. Swagtron is one of those brands who has witnessed rise-downfall-rise of the hoverboard. Actually, Swagtron is the pioneer of UL certified hoverboard.  

On 31st may 2016, Swagtron released first ever UL 2272 certified safe hoverboard Swagtron T1 on the market.  This self-balancing hoverboard was the successful replacement of their most popular hoverboard Swagway X1. Head over the manufacturer site and see more details.

Technical specifications

Name: Measurement

Dimension: 7 x 3.8 x 23 inches

Speed: 8mph

Riding Range: 7-12 miles

Power: 100 – 240 Volts

Charging time: 1 hour

Weight: 22lbs

Weight capacity: 44- 220lbs

Turning Radius: 0°

Climbing capability: 30°


As the Swagtron T1 came into the market as a game changer, Swagtron had to design this board keeping both style and safety in mind.  The stylish design and solid safety features of this board proved that they did a great job.    

The hoverboard comes in 6 different colors and has a glossy finish that really attracts people’s attention.  

T1 hoverboard designs

You can celebrate your individual style with your favorite color.  After all, the design and the features of Swagtron T1 will allow you to ride your hover-board in style and safely with your friends.


Taking place of a most popular product was not an easy task, but the Swagtron did this successfully, they add all the necessary features that a rider wants for an enjoyable riding. Check out details features & customers reviews. Here, the key features of “T1” are given below.

SwagTron1 infographic-30 reason why you choose

a. Materials

The ‘T1’ is made of a durable and tough ABS outer body case, which is fire retardant.  It also minimizes the chances of scratching and future damages on the external body of this smart scooter. 

b. Wheels

Swagtron T1 has two wheels; the wheels are made of aluminum and covered with rubber tires. The rubber tires provide more traction and less slipping. more hoverboard sizes here.

c. Training Mode

Training mode is another useful feature of this smart scooter, especially for the newbie riders. In training mode, the board provides more balance and less speed for the trainee, so that he can learn how to ride keeping balance on the board. This training ultimately enables a rider to ride at top speed without any fall.

d. Battery

The hover-board comes with the safest 36V/ 4.4 AH lithium battery system. A full charge of the battery will allow you to ride for 7-12 miles. It takes 1 hour to be charged in full.

e. Motor

This self-balancing scooter features 3000 Watt motor. A 36V/ 4.4 AH lithium battery supplies the power to this motor. This motor empowers a rider to ride at the highest speed of 8mph!  Furthermore, this motor paired with the gear stabilisation delivers better traction when gliding downhill and riding at top speed. 

f.  LED lights

Two panels of LED lights are mounted on the board. Upper panel lights will show you the battery level, and the side panel lights will mark your appearance to the wayfarers and vehicles. These LED lights make a teenager happy when he/she rides lighting up the LEDs.

g. Gyroscopic Technology

The self-balancing hover-board is also featured with gyroscopic technology, which makes this board easy to operate, controls and ensures smooth starting and stopping for the riders.

h. Footpad

Both left and right footpads of this board are solid and nonslip. These pads come up with the smooth grip, which helps a rider to get control, balance, and stability while riding.


Durability and safety

Swagtron t1 is one of the safest self-balancing scooters on the market. It has the UL 2271 certification of safety. Here, the solid design and premium materials ensure a safe journey for the riders.

The outer part of the hover-board is made of durable and tough ABS case which is fire retardant and safeguards the board from scratch.

The battery is featured with Sentry Shield, which offers multiple layers of battery protection and safety. The battery also features Smart Battery Management System (BMS). This BMS keeps a close eye on overcharging, overvoltage, over current flow, and over-temperature of the battery. It also provides short circuit protection.

Moreover, the safe stopping technology will warn you to get off from the board safely, when it finds any technical issue inside the battery.


Pros and cons


a.    Swagtron got both the UL 2272 and 2271 certificates.

b.    The safe stopping feature.

c.    Multi-layer battery protection.

d.    The Gyroscopic Technology.

e.    1-hour charging for riding 7-12 miles.


a.    The fireproof plastic is cracked easily.

b.    No inbuilt speaker system.

c.    No Bluetooth


Additional gears

a.    The Swagtron T1 itself.

b.    A charging cord.

c.    The instruction manual.

d.    A couple Swagtron-branded silicone wheel arch protectors.

For Whom

Along with fantastic performance and safety features, the swagtron t1 has an awesome weight limit of 220 lbs (100kg), so this is ideal for both kids and adults. Because of having a training mode, the kids and the beginners enjoy their ride from the first day of hover-boarding. check out how to control hover-board.


Swagtron T1 Hoverboard | Unboxing And Review

Frequently asked questions

Question-1: Will it Burn down my house?

Answer:  No, the hover-board got both the UL 2272 and 2271 certificates, so you can use this board safely.


Question-2: Is it easy to control for a 10-years-old girl?

Answer: Yes, it is easy to control for the kids as well as adults.


Question-3: Does it support European 220V and what kind of charger is included?

Answer: Yes, the charger supports 220V. It uses a 2-pin "figure 8" cable that you can replace or adapt to your wall socket type.

Wanted to see more option? full comparison Swagtron vs Segway. 

Final words

“One of the safest boards, ABS outer body casing, Training mode, Combination of 36V/ 4.4 AH lithium battery and 3000 Watt motor, Gyroscopic technology, LED lights, 8mph top speed, 7-12miles ridding.”

These are the words that summarise this Swagtron t1 review and sketch the picture of safety, durability and the performance of Swagtron t1 self-balancing board.

Our hangout, camping, riding and any kind of outdoor activities become more enjoyable when we have the safest way to do so. If you have the desire of doing hover-boarding or getting a safe and well-performing board for your kids, you can get this Swagtron t1 for your kids.

Swagtron t1 combines safety and performance, which is enough to make your kids cheerful.

Oh! You can also get one for yourself; truly, hover-boarding is such a great way of fun especially with this Swagtron T1!

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