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My name is Carl Ringwall, and I have been blogging about internet marketing and membership sites for several years. I've created dozens of membership websites for myself and clients, and I have found the absolute best solution be to use a WordPress blog with a membership plugin. I've tried them all, and these are the three best I have found.

When you are evaluating a membership plugin for WordPress, you need to ask yourself what functions do you need now - but more importantly, for the future. What payment processors do you use? Are you going to use a shopping cart? Will you need 'drip' content functions?

I firmly believe that you cannot go wrong with any of the 3 solutions here. A WordPress blog is by far the best and most flexible platform to start a membership site- these plugins are the missing link that will allow you to track paying customers for your blog content.

Here are my reviews:

Update: If you don't use a blog and need a simple, inexpensive membership script, here is a great solution.

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This one is the winner because it is so easy to use. Just unzip and install, and you are done. It has everything, and it is so easy to get up and running, you can't go wrong. You get almost all of the advanced features of the #2 rated plugin below, at a lower price. I like this plugin.

  • As many membership levels as you want
  • Free, Trial or Paid member levels
  • Sequential content delivery standard in the base price
  • Supports 1ShoppingCart
  • 'Sneek Peek' teaser content display
  • Tons of training videos
  • Superb support
  • Top of the line solution - $97 for 1 site


This is a fantastic plugin. It pretty much does it all. It even has an option to add a 'gradual content' plugin to 'drip' your content. It supports the 'first click free' concept to comply with Google PPC guidelines.

  • Four membership levels
  • Any WP theme is supported
  • Works with Rapid Action Profits system
  • Auto cancellation support
  • PayDotCom, eJunkie, 2Checkout support
  • Free trial version
  • It's just an excellent program
  • Prices start at $99.95


Not really just for WordPress, this is the Grandaddy of file protection scripts. With a free plugin, it turns into a WordPress solution. This is the best program out there for digital downloads, and it's ranked #3 here because it's not for the beginner.

  • Hide content from unregistered members
  • Only protects the whole blog, not individual posts
  • Everything else you would ever need for digital product sales
  • Supports nearly every payment configuration
  • Useful if you like to tinker

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