7 Day Diet Plan: Our Group Of Testers Put Five Diets Through Their Paces

Our Dieter Team Tested Them All - This Is What We Found Out

Everyone wants to get slimmer fast. While there are an incredible amount of diet plans on the web, it could take months to try every one of them. And who has the time to do that?

There is a lot of information on the web about a 7 day diet plan, and we know it can be hard to find. A staff of testers brought together at My5Reviews.com hired a regular gals team that was excited to lose weight. Each dieter was weighed on the first day of the test and turned in their weight loss goal for the test.

We bought all five of the packages below and gave each at random to our dieter team. Each person had to follow the diet's instructions WITH NO EXCEPTIONS! Six weeks went by; we weighed each person and counted up how well the dieter's diets worked. We did our ratings of each diet by how many pounds were dropped since the test's beginning.

The testers expressed their feelings with the plan with ratings on Quality of Information, Ease Of Use, and Customer Service. Here is what we found:

Fat Loss 4 Idiots

Britt lost 26 pounds with FatLoss4 Idiots

Our competition winner, Britt's pounds melted off using FatLoss4Idiots.

Beginning Wt: 145 lbs

Ending Wt: 119 lbs

Percent Lost: 18%

  • This Program Works!
  • Easy To Follow Along
  • Based On Sound Science, Not Fads
  • No Unreasonable Claims Made
  • Easy, Step-By-Step Program
  • Good Customer Service
  • Kayla lost 18 pounds with Cheat Your Way Thin.

    A very close second place went to Kayla, with 18 pounds off in less than six weeks!

    Beginning Wt: 138 lbs

    Ending Wt: 120 lbs

    Percent Lost: 13%

    Kayla lost 18 pounds!

    Kayla's Quote:

    "I Feel So Much Healthier Now "

    • Good Quality of Information and Presentation
    • Well-Written - Motivating
    • No Unreasonable Claims Made
    • Easy To Follow Program
    • Good Customer Service

    Marcia lost 16 pounds with The Master Cleanse.

    She did not have any problem losing 16 pounds within our six week period!

    Beginning Wt: 159 lbs

    Ending Wt: 143 lbs

    Percent Lost: 10%

    Marica lost 16 pounds!

    Marica's Quote:

    "Very easy, I'm very happy "

    • Good Results - 16 lbs in 6 Weeks
    • Really Does Work
    • Information Difficult To Understand and Read
    • Took A Long Time To Get Response With Questions

    Meg lost 16 pounds with Strip The Fat.

    She thought she could do better, however.

    Beginning Wt: 162 lbs

    Ending Wt: 146 lbs

    Percent Lost: 9%

    MegMeg lost 16 pounds!

    Meg's Quote:

    "I'm ready to lose ten more! "

    • Low Effectiveness - Less Than 10%
    • No Response To Questions
    • Not Recommended

    Cheryl lost just 7 pounds with Eat Stop Eat.

    This program just did not work well for her.

    Beginning Wt: 148 lbs

    Ending Wt: 141 lbs

    Percent Lost: 4%

    Cheryl lost only 7 pounds!

    Meg's Quote:

    "Could not stop eating! "

    • Very poor performance
    • Poor Materials
    • No Customer Service

    Our Conclusion

    You are spending your hard-earned money, so get something that works. Don't waste your time on the others-
    take a look at Fat Loss 4 Idiots and Cheat Your Way Thin - they both work and will make you thinner, as promised!

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