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Tao Tao Thunder 50: Traveling has never been more stylish

Everyone likes to be fashionable in every aspect of life that they would want to be part of including traveling, schooling, working as well as socializing. The good news is that the Tao Tao deal just got better with the new Thunder 50. At the mention of the Tao Tao Thunder 50, what comes to mind is the ease of stylishness that is pulled by this scooter in every place that it goes. 

Traveling has been taken to another level by the presence of the Tao Tao Thunder 50 in the sense the manufacturers themselves admit that it is one of the safest scooters ever discovered. Keep in mind that its average speed is 35mph creating the impression that it can be able to move at the same rate for close to 100 miles without developing any complications. Below are further descriptions.

Aesthetic Design

The Tao Tao Thunder 50 is a stylish scooter that comes in a wide variety of colors to give the imprint that for those that like bright or dull colors, the body can be customized to fit in your exact choice of colors. The good thing about this customization is that as a client, you will not have to deal with the feeling of having to sacrifice your best color just because the manufacturing or purchasing store does not have your preferred color choice.

Additionally, it has a fantastic helmet and a riding glass that come with it as a complete package when you get a chance to purchase it from the right dealer. It has soft rubber handles that provide you with ideal comfort when driving at a slightly higher speed. Its deck looks impressive and has the objective of offering beginner riders with guides such as speed limits and light indications.

Storage and Transportation

The ease of moving this scooter from one location to the other is quite manageable since it is not very heavy. Kindly note that it is not a convertible ride but, it can easily be assembled into a complete scooter even when it has been delivered to you in a box. It does not consume much space but, it is better to understand that forcing it into a smaller place may complicate its functionality. It is capable of transporting relatively large commodities but, not too much that confuse its kickstand when putting it to a stop.

What it is built for: Purpose

The Tao Tao Thunder 50 has the objective of safe travel for the average adult. Its 35mph speed means that its chances of getting involved in grizzly accidents run low. An adult that weighs 200-250 pounds can very well work with this scooter.

In yet another perspective, as much as this scooter is safe for the typical adult, those that have a weight that exceeds 300 pounds would be in potential danger riding this bike. It is because it is weight capacity is a maximum of 300 pounds.

Control and Degree of Maneuverability

The wheels of this scooter are 12 inches but, slightly thicker than its initial version. The thickness of its wheels allows it to grip the road well to minimize instances of probable accidents. The good thing is that it can go up to 350 miles but, that will mean that the fuel will have to be consumed at a higher and faster range as opposed to if it were traveling at the average 100 miles. The design of this scooter is by far worth every dollar that you will spend on purchasing and delivering it to you successfully. See assemble Tao Tao Thunder 50.

My rating

In a personal perspective, the Tao Tao Thunder 50 deserves a 90% rating. 


• It is safe

• It is stable

• Pocket-friendly

• Relatively silent Engine

• Comes with protective gear



• Cannot be converted to fit into smaller positions

• Quite slow for quick movers

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, if you are looking for safety and are not in a hurry to get to your preferred destination, look no further because the Tao Tao Thunder 50 is here to make your transportation dreams come true. In a health perspective, the merit of this scooter is that you get to worry less about arriving safely and focus more on how to increase your productivity once you get to your destination. To sum it all up, it improves your decision-making skills as it helps you focus your attention on vital matters.

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