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What can be a better plan for your coming holidays than seeing the sunset with your dog, floating on the water?  Paddle-boarding on holidays is like a dose of refreshment that revives body and soul. Choosing right paddle board is the first condition of getting such refreshment.  If you care more about the performance, rigidity, and durability of a paddleboard than the weight, the iRocker 10’6 stand up paddle board can be a right pick for you. By the end of this iRocker sup review, you by yourself can evaluate why this is the right pick for the performance and durability lover.  Its solid construction and design will ensure your happy touring even on the rough water condition. Check Out Top 5 standup paddleboards.

iRocker started their journey and reflected their enormous experience and knowledge of manufacturing water sports through producing water sports gears, From the beginning, they believed that top quality products will always drive a cultural following that stands the test of time. Today’s iRocker inflatable paddle boards are the result of their experience and belief.  iRocker’s sup boards are manufactured with the finest available materials on the market. The design of the boards is robust that enables a rider to handle diverse water conditions without sacrificing the speed and performance. The sup boards are likable, durable, stable, speedy and able to carry more than one rider at once. Check out goplus standup paddleboards here.

Technical specification of 10’6” iRocker Cruiser:

Length     10’6’’

Wide     33’’

Thickness    6’’

Weight    25lbs

Weight Limit    350 (up to lbs)

Rolled Up    36″ Wide 12″ Diameter

Features of 10’6” iRocker Cruiser stand up paddleboard

In the beginning, iRocker promised us to manufacture well-crafted products. And they remained true to their promise producing an excellent product named 10’6” iRocker inflatable cruiser. The features, built quality, durability and the performance make this paddle board a well-chanted name among the riders.

Here is an in-depth iRocker cruiser review on why 10’6” iRocker is so popular to the riders.

Rock-solid Build Quality

a. Building Materials

iRocker is committed to manufacturing their products with the best available materials. They used triple layer PVC military grade drop stitch materials to manufacture the body of 10’6’’ iRocker sup board. That makes this board one of the toughest boards on the market. No dent, ding, or drop will damage this board.

b.Rigid Construction

The triple layer construction, elastic design, and mighty 6″ thickness give this i-sup board excellent rigidity. The fully inflated 10’6″ iRocker cruiser can hold up to 350 lbs.! Because of the solid rigidity and superb performance on the water the board is no less than hardboard!

c.Traction Pad

The top panel of this paddle board is covered with a tri-colored branded EVA foam traction pad. The pad is comfortable and provides good grip that helps a rider in keeping balance on the board even in soaking condition. The sturdy grip and easy balancing facility make this board perfect pick for the beginner also.

d. D-ring and Bungee System

The D-Rings allows a rider to strap his necessaries with the board.  At the board’s nose end, there are 6 stainless steel D-rings and a large bungee cord storage area which is perfect for securing flip-flops, backpack, clothes, water bottles, lunch box, etc. Other than these, the board also has four additional stainless steel D-rings located near the middle, along with the rails, two on the right rail, and two on the left.  A rider can use these D-rings to strap belongings that won’t fit with the front bungee cord storage area or to attach iRocker’s optional kayak seat.

e. Fins

The flip side of the cruiser features ‘two plus one’ fin navigation system, where two small fins are on two sides and one large is in the center panel of the board.  The small side fins are fixed and the center one is removable. The motive behind this removable facility is some riders think two fins provide better tracking and some think three fins do so.

f. Air Valve and lashing points

At the tail panel of the board, there is a premium air valve and an additional D-ring. The air valve is for pumping up the board and the additional D-ring is for leashing up rider’s ankle with the board.  This leashing ensures the rider’s attachment with the cruiser when the rider loses his balance and falls into the water.

g. Carrying Handle

In the middle of the rubber traction pad, there is a Nylon carrying handle which makes it super easy to carry the board when it is fully inflated.  The handle is strongly mounted with the board so no worries about it detaching.

Performance and Durability

Performance and durability will be the two core factors if I had to write iRocker sup review even more concisely. The riders also love this iRocker sup cruiser basing these factors.

The solid design of 10’6 iRocker inflatable sup is the parameter of excellent performance. Yes, the design makes this board a well-performer of the market.  The board is 10’6” long, 33” wide, and 6” thick which is the perfect dimension of a paddle board to float on the water with supreme balance and stability. Even a beginner will be able to keep his balance while riding the board. The military grade PVC sheet makes it stronger and rigid to ride with fast speed and movement even in harsh water condition. The board has an amazing weight aptitude of 350lbs! That means you can do yoga, ride along with your dogs, kids, and foods for a day-long trip.


10’6’’ iRocker sup paddle board is also among the winners when you talk about the durability. The manufacturer used top-notch materials to ensure the survivability of the board even in a tough water condition over the time.  The reason behind this supremacy of the build quality is the military grade PVC sheet which is sturdy by nature. It doesn’t matter how rough the situation the iRocker will pass the test.

Inflating/ Deflating

How to inflate

Inflating iRocker rigid sup board is as easy as ABC! You will have a dual-action pumper along with the board, using this pumper you can bloat up your board.  To inflate open the air valve; attach the pumper with the valve, and keep pumping.  Within 5-7 minutes you will get your board fully-inflated! See more details.

How to Deflate

Deflating takes no time! You just have to open the valve and push in a little pin in. When you are done roll the board up and store in the backpack. more details here.

Learn how to use paddle boards

Pros and cons


a.    Solid build quality and rigidity.

b.    Extreme stability and balancing.

c.    Mighty 350lbs weight capacity.

d.    Adjustable fiberglass paddle.

e.    Wide space for doing yoga and riding with dog and kids.

f.    Best pick for this price range.


a.    No color variation.

b.    25lbs weight

Best For

This inflatable stand up board is suitable for all skill levels especially beginners who require much balance and stability. The dimension of the board is 10’6” X 33” X 6” that provides an extreme level of stability for the newbie rider. If you love doing yoga in the middle of the water or riding with your kids and dogs then the board can be a great purchase for you too.

Frequently Asked Question

Question-1: Is there an attachment for the paddle?

Answer: The paddle can be placed under the front bungee cord area when not being used.

Question-2: What is the backpack size with all the gear loaded?

Answer: The dimension of the loaded backpack is 37″ Long x 14″ Wide x 11″ Deep.

Question-3: Can a kayaking seat go on this?

Answer: Yes you can, this board is equipped with the required mounting D-Rings used to attach a kayak seat.

Extra Gears

Usually, the purchase of iRocker sup board includes some extra gears, those are


The paddle comes with iRocker 10’6’’ board is made of fiberglass, adjustable, and float on the water. It doesn’t matter whatever you height is it will adapt to your height.  It can be adjusted from 67 to 79 inches!


Carrying a paddle board without a backpack is quite hard. The paddle board is manufactured for traveling so it should have a backpack! Yes, the iRocker understands you need and provides an excellent backpack with the board. The bag features large space, adjustable straps, waist support and cushioned back support which make the carrying easy and comfortable.  Other than traveling, the backpack keeps all the riding gears arranged and protected.


iRocker also provides an extremely efficient double action pumper with the board. Double action means in both pulling and pushing the board gets the flow of air inside it. So you need less time and labor to inflate your board! There’s also a built-in meter in the pump which indicates the PSI of pumping when you pump. The pumper is lightweight and easy to store inside the backpack.

Ankle Leash

To keep yourself glued to your paddle board when you are apart from the board the iRocker offers an ankle leash. This comfy leash is 10’ long with a super strong 7 mm cord.

Final Verdict

If you are reading this verdict I am sure you already gathered sound information in your mind from this iRocker sup review. However, whether you are a beginner or a skilled rider this 10’6 iRocker inflatable sup will be the best deal for you if you want to sacrifice the weight issue to enjoy the awesome performance, durability rigidity, and the wideness. Furthermore, it is also one of the best affordable sup boards of this quality on the markets.

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