Goplus Inflatable 11′ Cruiser Review- Best for 2023

If you need more free space on your paddleboard, if you want to do things more conveniently on your board, Goplus inflatable board can be the right pick for you.

This 11-feet length and 30 inches wide board will provide you with more breathing space. Thus, your every riding will be more adventurous and enjoyable.

Read standup paddleboard review here. I am going to write Goplus Inflatable 11′ Cruiser Review now.

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Technical Specification :

Parameter    Measurement

length         11 feet

Wide          30 inches

Thickness      6 inches

Weight      22lbs

Weight capacity    330lbs

Paddle Size      68″ – 83″


Goplus inflatable paddle board is the right purchase for those who want more from their paddle boards. Dig down to the Goplus Inflatable 11′ review to know why.

Build Quality

  • Building materials

Goplus paddleboard is made of the best military-grade drop stitch materials. These military grade materials are the best available materials that are used for the construction of paddle boards.

So you don’t need to be worried about the solidity and shock absorption power of your paddle board. Also, your board will not experience any dings and cracks easily.

  • Rigidity

Rigidity or the rigidness of a paddleboard is measured on the basis of building components and the thickness. The GoPlus board is strong in both sections of the measurement.

It has been constructed with military drop stitch materials and has 6-inches stiff thickness. Furthermore, this kind of rigidity works best for the newbie riders; it reduces the wobble and helps the learners in keeping balance on the sup.


  • Traction Pad.

A large portion of the board surface is equipped with an extra soft EVA textured foam deck pad. The pad ensures proper grip and comfort for the riders even in an unusual condition, mostly when the board is soaked with the splash.

Your child and pup will be secured and snug on this pad; you will also get extra relaxation while doing yoga on the board.

  • Fins

Fins improve the tracking at the time of riding. This board is featured with one fin navigation system, that one is placed in the center of bottom nose panel.

The fin is removable; you can remove or install it without using any tool.

  • D-rings and bungee system

Goplus cruiser featured with 5 D-rings. Among 5 rings, 4 rings are mounted under the bungee cord area; additional one is located in the tail end near the air valve.

The bungee area is covered with rubber ribbons; you can use the bungee cord area to secure your food, clothes, extra gears, backpacks, etc.

The additional ring is used to tie up the ankle with the board, this tying ensures your regular attachment with the board whether if you lose balance and fall in the water.

  • Carrying handle

A carrying handle is mounted in the middle of the board. Using this handle you can transport effortlessly along the shore.

You should use the handle to carry the board only in the inflated condition.

  • Air valve

The air valve is used to inflate and deflate the sup.  Goplus sup board comes with a high-quality air valve; it is placed on the tail end of the board.

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Goplus paddleboard is a good performer in any water environments; you can take this sup through oceans, lakes or rivers.

Moreover, the rigidity makes this board stable, so any skill level riders are able to achieve more balance and stability during riding.

Also, the removable center fin provides the board extra stability, that’s why it performs well in the surf and flat water.

The extended deck pad allows you to do water surfing, yoga, and fishing conveniently from the sup board.



High-end building materials and stiff thickness made this board durable enough.

The exterior design of the board is tough enough to stand against the drop on the rock, hitting with the lake edge, and any kind of torture.

So, you have nothing to worry about the strength of the board. see how to use paddle boards.

Goplus Inflatable 11′ Cruiser SUP StandUp Paddle Board Video Review:


  • 11’ large length.
  • Made of durable military grade materials.
  • Goplus 11 has solid rigidity.
  • Good performer in any water situations.
  • 330lbs weight aptitude.
  • 22lbs weight.


  • No extra D-rings for kayak set.
  • Limited bungee cord area.
  • The pump is not good enough.



How to inflate

Inflation of sup board has just 3 simple steps. At first, connect the pump with the air valve. Secondly, keep pumping. Finally, remove the pump when the board is fully inflated.

How to deflate

Deflation is super easy, to deflate Goplus sup board, just push and turn the valve lock, and wait for the full deflation. You can also check the user manual for further details.

Best for Goplus Inflatable 11′ Cruiser

Goplus sup inflatable board is best for the riders who need more free space on their board, who want to ride along with their partners, who seek more freedom in fishing, sleeping, doing fitness works on the board.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question-1: Is the board comfortable to use while kneeling?

Answer: Yes, the board is. Even you can adjust your paddle length with your height while kneeling.

Question-2: Is this board good enough for cruising in the choppy Ocean?

Answer: It depends on the nature of the ocean’s wave, as it is a paddleboard, a clam Ocean is preferable.

Extra gears of Goplus Inflatable 11′ Cruiser

Goplus inflatable board comes with some essential gears such as a paddle, an air pump, a backpack, an ankle leash, and a repair kit.

An aluminum paddle is provided with the board. The paddle is adjustable to 63” to 83”. So, you can adjust the length of the paddle according to your height. It also floats on the water for 4-5 minutes.

You will get a manual hand pump with PSI gauge to inflate your board. The manual pump is not top notch for this kind of board; it may take a few extra minutes to fully inflate the board.

A high-quality comfortable backpack is provided with the Goplus paddle board. You can carry your sup board and belongings inside the bag and travel wherever you want. The bag stores the things arranged as well.

Here also, you will get a neoprene ankle soft cuff along with the board; the ankle leash fits with any ankle size.

Final thought

Some people love to ride by themselves, some love to ride with their youngsters, pets or with partners, if you are among the latter, you can go with this Goplus 11 inflatable paddle board.

With 11’ length, 30” width’ 6” thickness, and 330 lbs weight aptitude; you can do more than just floating on the water.

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